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Portugal Golden Visa: The Ultimate Guide

    Portugal may be famous to the rest of the world for its Port wine and soccer superstar, Cristian Ronaldo, but here at Nomad Capitalist, Portugal is much more famous for offering one of the best Golden Visa programs in the world. As an EU member state,...

Form 8865: Tax Returns for Foreign Partnerships

As readers of this site know, the United States taxes its citizens (including expats who live and work abroad) and  legal permanent residents (LPRs) on their worldwide income. No matter where in the world your income is derived from, the US government wants its piece,...

Form 3520: US Taxes on Gifts and Inheritances

You’ve probably heard the expression that the only two things certain in life are Death and Taxes. The United States’ Internal Revenue Service (the IRS) works very hard at making the second item in that short list true, especially for expats and US foreign taxpayers....

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