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Why We Hire in Eastern Europe

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Globalization has made it possible to exchange cultures, ideas, skills, and talents easily. The business landscape of the world continues to change on a drastic scale. One of the biggest and most apparent changes has been with the hiring process of Eastern European people.

Traditionally, hiring only took place within the geographical ranges of a company. However, now with the advent of technology, borders have just become a physical limitation. It is easier to cross-culturally exchange talent, income, skills, and everything considered when hiring in the workforce. 

The workforce today is global. It means that your skills and qualifications are not confined to a specific border. Instead, you can work from anywhere for anyone. You do not necessarily have to be located in a certain place to work for a multinational company. 

The understanding has also been made clear for employers. As the workforce gets more global, there is a diverse range of people such as Eastern European people you could hire who can work for you. 

Many international companies have dug into the perks of hiring an international workforce. They have managed to tap into this power and made the most of it.

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Why Are Foreign Workers in Demand?

One of the reasons why international companies hire foreign workers, such as Eastern Europeans, is that they get affordable labor. 

When you have a homogenous workforce of employees who all come from the same background, sometimes creativity within your company can become stifled. 

Hiring foreign employees brings people into your business who have different perspectives since they come from entirely different places. 

The blending of ideas and perspectives from various cultures is the best possible recipe for creativity and innovation to take your company to new heights. 

There is also the benefit of cultural inclusion. 

Companies benefit from making a name both locally and internationally. They benefit from having a stronger ground in the new areas which they seem to explore. That is why companies are always exploring.

What to Look for When Hiring Eastern Europeans?

There is no such thing as an ideal candidate. There are many things businesses look into when they are hiring people. Every job has a list of specifications and requirements which need to be met at all levels. However, certain things are very basic. 

The first is that companies look for recruits who are self-assured and confident. Hiring managers look for individuals who know what their game plan is. Eastern Europeans are responsible and skilled individuals who can get the job done. 

These are some of the very basic things to look at. Other than this, businesses look for qualified, skilled employees and utilize their talents to the maximum capacity

Eastern Europeans keep their composure while simultaneously showcasing their problem-solving skills and are often better prepared to work well under pressure. 

They also work hard to do the best they can in their position and often think of ways to improve their work and be more efficient.

Reasons Why You Should Hire in Eastern Europe

Over the years, Nomad Capitalist has hired many employees from Eastern Europe – and for good reasons.There are a lot of reasons why one should tap into the Eastern European economy and workforce.

Multilingual Workforce

Eastern Europe is very diverse. The biggest perk of hiring someone from the Eastern European sector is that they speak multiple languages. 

In addition to French and German, they may also speak Arabic, Russian, and other Slavic languages. The Eastern European workforce offers a diverse and dynamic language skill set that connects the business with the broader world. It brings the opportunity to expand businesses in other countries. 

Diverse Workforce

All Eastern European countries have distinct cultures. Some countries may even exhibit more than one. This tends to provide an increased sense of diversity. 

The more diverse the workforce is, the more creativity there is. A culturally diverse workforce means more opinions and uniqueness could be added to various business projects. 

You can benefit from the various skill sets, talents, and creativity that each individual can have. 

High-Quality Internet Connection

Most countries in Eastern Europe have stable internet connections, which is crucial for a digital nomad or a company with remote employees. Georgia and Romania are two such countries in Eastern Europe with speedy internet connections.

Compatible Time Zone

If you hire Eastern European people, you are more likely to ensure better time management through the crossover between you and your new Eastern European team members. Time compatibility is hard to find. However, the Eastern European time zone is compatible for all. 

If you are based in the USA, it’s tough to find a convenient time for Asia-based job seekers. However, it’s much easier to arrange a time to speak and work with Eastern Europe-based jobseekers. It can easily be comprehended. 

Strong Work Ethics

Eastern European workers have strong work ethics. Unlike some other places, Eastern European people are value-driven. Each individual has a sense of personal values which they tend to live up to. 

There are numerous character traits in all job seekers. However, it is this sense of personal value that is different.

Adaptable Workforce

Eastern Europeans can easily relate to both Western and Eastern cultures. They have exposure to both worlds – no culture shock to overcome.

One of the most important factors while hiring overseas is adaptability, and you’ll find that Eastern Europeans are pretty adaptable. You won’t be disappointed to have them on board. 

Honesty And Integrity

All employers look for employees who you can trust. No one wants to hire an individual who is not honest about their work. Often, employees aren’t able to speak about tasks they can’t do. They are unable to disagree with their employers and bosses. 

This is not the case with Eastern European people. They will not be afraid to speak their minds. If they do not agree with something, then they will not be afraid to let you know. They will always tell you if there is something wrong. 

Eastern European people do not make false promises. They deliver –  and if they are unable to do so, they will let you know.

Affordable Labor

The amount of money you spend on hiring workers can be a big decision for companies. For some businesses, it might be a burden. That is because money contributes to the total cost. Due to the exchange rate, hiring foreign workers, particularly from Eastern Europe, is very affordable.

Unlike the Western world and other powerful economies, labor can be expensive. A plummeting dollar and euro can make it difficult for companies to pay large amounts to their employees. To avoid all these difficulties and problems, hiring labor from Eastern Europe can be the best idea. 

You can provide them with an affordable amount as a salary which is convenient for you and, simultaneously, a handsome package for them.

How Hiring Overseas Can Help With Establishing Residency?

Company formation is one of the most common ways to establish residency in many countries – Asian or European. However, in many such countries, the requirements don’t stop just at company formation. You’re also required to hire some locals to boost the employment rate and economy.

Many Eastern European countries also offer this residency route – making it a win-win situation for you. Not only will you get the residency you want, but you will also have the golden opportunity to pick from a pool of talented people.

The Bottomline

At Nomad Capitalist, we don’t preach what we don’t practice. Eastern Europe has long been our favorite hiring spot. Our team is a diverse mix of different nationalities from Georgia to Serbia and many more.

If you, too, want to add immense value to your workforce, you should hire overseas. And if you’re a Westerner, you should definitely take advantage of the Eastern European talent.Wondering how to hire, invest, or form a company in Eastern Europe? Set up a call with us today, and we’ll guide you through the whole process.


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