How to Legally Reduce Your Business Taxes

The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets. – Will Rogers

Whether on ideological grounds you’d prefer to donate your extra money to charity, or you simply would like reinvest as much as possible into growing your business, it’s prudent to consider legal options to protect as much as your wealth as possible.

By moving your money offshore in a safe, intelligent and legal way, you can employ the same strategies that the global elite does to reduce your tax burden. Every day, people like you and me are saving money on their taxes by employing offshore strategies.

Consider the following case studies:

Arthur is a client who came to me interested in saving money on his taxes. He was finally earning a respectable income after toiling away for the last 18 months.As a self-made man he was frustrated to see a large portion of the money he’d earned through sweat and perseverance be suddenly taken away.

He was expecting to pay 20% of the 300,000 pounds that he’d earned in 2015 to taxes and wanted to find another way so that his business could continue to thrive.

Working together on a tailored plan, Arthur not only became a tax-non resident of the UK, but also obtained residency in a different country where the tax laws were more in his favor. He is still able to spend time in the UK, and is not obliged to spend more than a couple of days every year in the country of his new residency.

With the money that he’s saved, he’s been able to hire two full-time employees, so he can focus all of his attention on the business’ core competency.

As easy as this sounds, finding on the ground relationships and being able to complete the process of residency, incorporation and opening the right bank accounts was not something A.J. had the time to do while focusing on his business.

Like him, you may be an entrepreneur that needs a trustworthy partner that he can outsource this process to and save you the time, money and mental frustration that often comes with creating relationships and dealing with governments across the world.

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From legally reducing your business tax bill, to banking offshore, becoming

a dual citizen, and investing in the world's "next big things", we've helped

hundreds of high achievers do it all. Learn how we can help you.

John is an American expat who splits his time between Penang, Malaysia and an Andalusian village in Spain. Spending more than 6 months a year in Spain makes him liable to pay Spanish income taxes even though none of his income is derived from business in the country, and as a US citizen he is also required to pay taxes to the US government.

Although John doesn’t want to give up his US citizenship, he is at a point where he is spending less than 30 days a year back home. I worked with him to create the best-tailored plan for his lifestyle. He still pays minimal taxes to the US government, but he’s paying as little as possible while not breaking any laws and explicitly reporting every single bank account and company that he owns.

Sometimes the best solution for you is one in which you can breathe easy that you’re doing everything the safe, legal and RIGHT way while still saving money and living the international lifestyle of your dreams.

John was already correctly following many of the steps of a successful flag theory strategy, but to make sure that he was doing everything the most efficient way, safely and legally, he decided that he needed the help of an expert.

Anna is a 26-year-old digital nomad who runs a successful e-commerce business. She’s a German citizen, and has been traveling the world for a couple of years already. She never stays in one place for longer than two or three months.

For a long time, she assumed she doesn’t owe taxes to any government, since she did not spend much time in any country. However, she had been using her family address back home in Germany, which she had listed on official forms, used for bank account openings, and for any mail that needed to be sent to  her.

What might seem like a small detail made her bound to pay taxes in Germany as she was still considered a resident by the government.

In the plan I created for her, I laid out the steps she would have to officially become a tax-non resident of Germany. I set up an offshore structure for her, to optimize her business and banking. This process took a matter of days and she no longer has to worry about how long to spend in a particular country and what to do when tax season comes around.

If you’re ready to explore options to lower your own tax burden, keep reading.

I want it to be easy for you to get started. Are you ready to go it alone, or worse waste thousands of dollars and years of your life trying to figure out and employ the right strategy? Or are you going to give yourself every advantage possible in the modern economy by working personally with me, an expert with proven success that lives offshore strategies every day of his life?

By clicking the link, you’ll be able to apply for a Strategy Call, where you will be able to create your own plan for reducing your tax burden.

Go Where You're Treated Best

From legally reducing your business tax bill, to banking offshore, becoming

a dual citizen, and investing in the world's "next big things", we've helped

hundreds of high achievers do it all. Learn how we can help you.