The World Has Changed Forever

Nomad Capitalist has personally helped hundreds of people go offshore, keep more of their wealth, and enjoy an unprecedented level of global freedom…

…and we are on a mission to inspire the millions of people who come to this website each year to go where they’re treated best, too.

My name is Andrew Henderson.

I’m the founder of Nomad Capitalist

I want to tell you a quick story, because I suspect we have a lot in common.


I’ve been a lifelong entrepreneur, I started my first business after dropping out of Arizona State University. By the time I was 22, I was making more money than I had ever expected

…And I was also paying a lot of money in taxes.


You spend years dreaming about starting a really successful business, making a lot of money, and having total control over your life, only to find out

… You have to give half of it away to your government.

No one talks about that part.

Reducing my Tax Rate from 43% to 1%

When my first business became successful, I started traveling a little. Within a few years, I had my business running on autopilot and I was traveling at least half the time.

But even though I was spending over 6 months outside of the US…I was still paying 43% in taxes.

The money I wasn’t giving to the government or spending on travel, I reinvested into other businesses in the United States. Those became profitable too and, as you can guess, cost me a lot more in taxes.

Our Secret Sauce: We’ve Actually Done This Ourselves

I’ve put my time in as the taxman’s punching bag, same as you. I know the feeling. Nomad Capitalist isn’t giving you theory, far removed from the experience you’re actually going through.

For me, it’s personal.

I’ve spent the past 12 years traveling to over 100 countries, looking for and experimenting with the best places around the world to employ offshore strategies.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years…Mistakes that have cost me a lot of time, and a lot of money. It was an expensive journey, getting to this life of near-complete freedom (and a 1% tax rate). That’s because, when I started, there wasn’t a Nomad Capitalist to show me what to do.

There wasn’t someone who could give me a plan tailored to my exact situation.

Why Thousands Of People Want To Work With Us Every Day

Over the past 12 years, I’ve been meticulously traveling the world with the purpose of finding the best legal strategies and the best on-the-ground knowledge that actually works.

With so many moving targets in the offshore world, and so many people looking for help, I knew I had to expand.

Over the past few years, I’ve been putting together a team. We now have more than 50 people that work full time to keep Nomad Capitalist at the cutting edge of global trends.


The Nomad Capitalist team does research and development on a full-time capacity to find the best, current places for your situation.


Our team is dedicated to ensuring every part of your puzzle fits together the way it should.

Tax Planning

We are committed to ensuring you’re in full compliance and maximizing your tax rate reduction.

Our Home-Grown Trusted Network

The full-time team isn’t the only tool helping Nomad Capitalist take hundreds of people like you offshore successfully. It’s also the extended network we’ve curated over the past 15 years.

It’s a network of the best CPAs and other professions around the world.

It’s a rolodex of people we trust, who we’ve done business with repeatedly, and who we’ve sent people to in the past. People we know are honest and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The first part is building your plan and cultivating your transformation.

The second part is employing this vast network of people who are constantly tracking the moving targets of the nomadic, offshore lifestyle. People who are living it.

You get the help of people who have been in your shoes, or have helped others like you.

The Strategy: Where To Plant Your Flags

When I started Nomad Capitalist, I was still looking for ways to take back more control of my business and my life. I was looking for places and business structures that would let me live a life of true freedom. I wanted to choose how I spent my hard-earned money. I wanted places that would let me pay less in taxes. Places where I could diversify my risks and ensure my well-being, even if my home country’s economy crashed (again). Turns out the best bet for me was planting flags all over the world. A good country for one flag might be bad for another.

It’s easy to get caught up in just lowering your taxes, and that’s important, but it’s not everything. I’ve been doing this long enough and actively enough (now with the help of my team) to be able to talk you through all parts of the plan you need to consider.

Flags deal with all aspects of your life, and the strategy really embodies our idea of going where you’re treated best. When you plant your flags intelligently, you’ll be diversifying, optimizing, and taking control over all aspects of your life.

Banking flags

Social Flags

Citizenship Flags

Digital Flags

Second Residence Flags

Business Flags

Tax Residence Flags

Investment Flags

Become a Citizen Of The World

Strategies: Second Residence and Second Passport

Having a second residence in another country is a great way to diversify away from your home country, pay less in taxes, and possibly obtain a second citizenship. It means you’ll always have some place to go if things get bad at home. (Imagine how many people throughout history would have loved to have an escape hatch.)

Getting residency isn’t hard, and if you’re looking to truly escape your home country, residency is an affordable path to a second passport. With a second citizenship, you’ll guarantee yourself the freedom to travel where you want and to divorce your government.

Second citizenship can also be obtained through an investment in a country’s economy or through your ancestry. You may qualify for a second passport right now and not even know it.

Move Your Money To a Safe Place

Strategies: Offshore Banking and Offshore Gold Storage

While casually dropping “my Hong Kong bank account” into conversation at a party may make you sound like an international man of mystery, keeping some of your assets in offshore banks and offshore vaults is the important first step in internationalization.

If all of your money is in one country, all it takes is one angry bureaucrat to push a few buttons on a computer and seize or freeze your cash. And while banks in the western world insult you with their tiny interest rates, many foreign banks actually pay high yields as high as 10%.

Having money in another country also allows you to reduce your sovereign risk by holding multiple currencies. It’s not just sexy, it’s good diversification.

Reduce Your Corporate Tax Bill

Strategy: Offshore Company

An offshore corporation is your ticket to building a real business that pays reasonable tax rates – if it pays any tax at all. As a global entrepreneur, you can choose where to set up shop based on the free market, not arbitrary geography. You don’t have to base your business in your home country if it doesn’t make sense.

Plenty of countries are rolling out the red carpet for entrepreneurs. You can enjoy many of the offshore benefits big corporations do completely legally. I believe you don’t owe any country a claim to your business if they haven’t earned it.

You can legally and easily move your entire business overseas, from bank accounts to merchant accounts to web hosting. Plenty of consultants, e-commerce businesses, and digital nomads do this to pay zero in tax where they live… and it’s all 100% legal.

Live Where You Want
(or Nowhere)

Strategy: Living Overseas

Living the expat lifestyle is one I personally enjoy. As a perpetual traveler, I’m free to spend time in some of the best countries on earth… then leave to go somewhere else. Along my travels, I’ve spent time in a lot of places that made me say, “I could live here.” Additionally, I’ve spent extended time in multiple countries and found the experience more enjoyable than life in the US.

Beyond living away from your home country is the issue of your citizenship. There may come a time when the citizenship you were born with – the one you were brainwashed to believe was a gift from the heavens – becomes an albatross. This is when the idea of “expatriation” or citizenship renunciation comes into play.

If you’re an American, there are already countless tax laws that make being a US expat more difficult than it should be. When that’s the case, I don’t believe you’re under any obligation to pay homage to the country where you just so happened to evacuate a birth canal.

Become a Global Entrepreneur

Strategies: Foreign Business and Investment

In medieval times, merchants sold their goods and services to their neighbors in the town square. Eventually, horse and wagon allowed them to transport goods beyond the town borders. Soon, the Industrial Revolution came and broke trade wide open.

In the 21st century, you don’t have to be constrained by silly borders. So many entrepreneurs in places like California could grow faster and keep more of their profits by moving overseas. It’s even easier to start and succeed at a business in countries where the competition is far less fierce. Countries like Chile are welcoming entrepreneurs with open arms… and free cash. That’s how badly they want entrepreneurial talent.

Why spin your wheels in a place like the US when you could achieve faster growth, greater market share, and have cheaper labor and fixed costs in another country that values your innovative spirit?

With Nomad Capitalist, you’ll have access to even more help.

After over a decade of research and experimentation, we are proud to be able to help you prepare a cohesive and comprehensive Plan to:

  • Minimize your tax rate to o%
  • Secure multiple second citizenships (and assist with renouncing current ones as required)
  • Get you the freedom to invest in what you want, where you want
  • Secure your personal banking
  • Secure your business banking
  • Travel as often as you want
  • Live the lifestyle and flexibility you’ve always wanted