Nomad Lifestyle Design:
Live life on your own terms


How does your perfect day look like?

What about your perfect week? Or month? Or life?

Now, how closely does that picture line up with the reality you’re currently living?

You’re here, so it must mean you aren’t living your dream life–yet.

I get it. There are factors that are working against you. Maybe you want to travel more, have more free time, spend more time with your friends and family. But “the grind,” or your business, or some other part of life gets in the way. Maybe you’re still caught in the retirement snare–that’s the fun-deferment idea that seems to trace back at least to the puritan times.

But there’s a new concept that’s gaining traction. And it doesn’t involve waiting until you’re at least 65 to start enjoying your wealth and seeing so much more of the world.

It’s called nomad lifestyle design.

It’s a way to craft and live your ideal life, an escape route from the standard life (work 40 hours a week for 40 years and then retire and finally try to enjoy yourself).

Once you taste the freedom offered by nomadic lifestyle, you won’t want to go back to the old standard.

There are plenty of excuses that can stand in the way of designing the perfect lifestyle for you. I challenge you to override them. You have the freedom to live your life exactly how you want.


What is Nomad Lifestyle Design?

Lifestyle design gives you full control over how you live your life. It’s about doing what you want to do, going where you want to go, and enjoying your wealth and your life todaynot in 30+ years.

Nomad lifestyle design will look different for everyone.

Maybe you want to work for yourself in a quiet European apartment for half the year…and rub elbows in bustling Hong Kong for the other half.

Maybe you want to log your 3-5 hours of work early in the morning, watching the sun come up through the 8-foot windows in your lodge…then you can spend the rest of the day skiing down your favorite black diamond trails.

Maybe you want four different houses in four different cities around the world.

Maybe you want to live like a true nomad, with no permanent residence. Visiting 30, 40, or even 50 countries in a year. Experiencing new cultures, trying new foods and drinking whatever the locals want to buy for you. Or maybe you want to enjoy the world’s most incredible secret beaches and sip a beverage while you watch the sunset every day…all while living in a home that you’re legally paying zero taxes on, earning an income that you’re legally paying single-digit taxes on.

Maybe you don’t care where you are…as long as you can have a fresh cup of coffee whenever you wake up, before you start a new day of adventure-seeking.

Saving money, experiencing the world, having the freedom to travel wherever (whenever!), living the life that you want–this is the power of living life as a true Nomad Capitalist.

In a few months, you want to fly your parents out to visit you at your home in Montenegro, as a way to celebrate their anniversary.

You want to spend a couple weeks exploring parts of Europe you haven’t been to yet.

You want to wake up smiling because you genuinely enjoy every single day of your life.

When you live the nomad lifestyle, you aren’t stuck in your home country working a 9-5 job. You aren’t stuck trying to save your money and your vacation days, hoping someday you’ll be able to travel. And you aren’t stuck paying 40% of your earnings to the government.

All of the “dream lives” above become viable opportunities.

And all it takes to live the life of a Nomad Capitalist is the right plan.


How I’ve Designed My Nomad Capitalist Lifestyle (Your Design will be Different)

We’re different people, you and I, so our visions for the perfect lifestyle could differ.

In past few years, “The Four Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss has popularized lifestyle design,  but I’ve known since I was 20 years old that I wanted to define my own reality.

I didn’t want to feel beholden to anyone. I built my own successful businesses, and I was able to set my own schedule. With control over my time, I had the freedom to go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted–and I took advantage of that.

A couple years ago I visited 30 countries in just 12 months. It was a jet-setting whirlwind–365 days of life-changing experiences.

When I think about my favorite places to shop, I’m not thinking of nearby strip malls. I’m thinking of cities in a country that I’m not even in at that time. I’ll fly to a different country to celebrate my birthday. Every 3 or 4 months I’ll fly to a new continent and spend 12-16 weeks there.

The concept of nomadic lifestyle design is gaining traction, but it’s still something that most people will just talk about doing. The majority of those talkers will keep pushing off making any moves until, before they know it, they’re 65 and retired. With knees too sore and health too poor to feel like traveling.

But you’re here…So you’re already taking action. That’s vitally important to be able to live the life of a Nomad Capitalist.

Thomas Jefferson once said “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act. Action will delineate and define you.”

Action will let you live the life you want right now.


Different Ways of Living the Nomad Lifestyle

The nomad lifestyle can mean living out of a suitcase, but it doesn’t have to. There are a number of ways to live as a Nomad.

There are plenty of motivations for redesigning your life: wanting to travel more often, wanting a second passport, wanting to pay less in taxes, or just wanting to live somewhere else, legally.

The most glorified approach is becoming a perpetual traveler. This means you have no permanent address and no permanent home. You live out of your suitcase, you’re highly mobile, and you can experience many, many places around the world.

Then there’s the “base cities” approach, where you plant flags in a few places. Then you stay in these different parts of the world for a few months at a time. Hate the cold? Travel to your house in South Asia to wait out the winter. Love visiting England, Scotland, and Ireland? Find a cottage near Cork or Dublin and put yourself in a position for easy travel to those other destinations.

If you’re not interested in owning and renting real estate in more than one place, you can modify the “base cities” strategy: Pick one “home base” and then choose a few “focus cities.”

This “base city plus focus cities” approach to the nomadic lifestyle gives you just one place to worry about, one place to keep all your stuff, one launching point for all of your travels. From your base city, you visit your “focus cities.” These are cities you love spending time in and get to know really well.

If you want something even more tame, there’s the expat strategy. With this strategy, you’ll settle down in a country that’s different than the one you’re originally from. This strategy might be the least adventurous, but going where you’re treated best doesn’t have to mean living out of a suitcase. Nomadic lifestyle design doesn’t mean picking the most extreme nomad lifestyle because it’s what “everyone else” is doing (or talking about doing). Besides, the expat strategy still gives you opportunities to travel whenever you please. And the permanence makes it easier to open bank accounts, start companies, and obtain travel visas.

An important thing to remember is that these strategies are nebulous decisions. The plan that sounds perfect to you now might not be a plan that works for you in two or three years (and that’s ok).

As you experience more of the world and as things change over time, it’s natural for your preferences and needs to change

I spent time as a perpetual traveler, but I’ve since adjusted into the base cities approach. I’m constantly experimenting and tweaking my strategies to find what works best for me at the time.

Currently, I’m working on a new “Trifecta Strategy,” where I split my time between three main bases, spending about three months at each. This leaves a month in between for travel–not just to my next base, but to nearby cities and countries (it’s much easier to travel to Columbia when I’m already in South America instead of Europe, for example).


Need Help Designing Your Lifestyle?

If you want to live the life of a Nomad Capitalist, we can help.

Here at Nomad Capitalist, all of our plans are customized and personalized to your specific needs.

Your plan depends on your business and your goals, but we also take into account the kind of lifestyle that you want. We can’t craft the best plan for you without considering all three of these factors (and more).

Putting together the best nomadic lifestyle plan for you sometimes means talking you out of decisions.

A client of mine, Bryan, has a thriving online business and can comfortably travel around the world (and do it in style). He wanted a plan that would reduce his taxes to 0% for as long as he was living the nomad lifestyle. He also wanted a second passport.

We set up a plan for him that reduced his taxes, and he’s already saved 50k in the past year (he’s on track to save even more as his business grows). But I talked him out of the second passport–at the time, it didn’t make sense.

After more recent success, he’s planning to sell his business for eight figures in the next five years. Now we’re looking into second passports–otherwise, he’ll lose a chunk of change to the US government when he sells his business. He’ll keep way more of his hard-earned wealth because of reduced taxes, and he’ll have an easier time traveling to all of the countries he wants to experience.

Nomad lifestyle design isn’t all about taxes. Yeah, saving money is great, and paying less in taxes is great. But some of you want to enjoy the complete freedom that comes with being location independent.

You’ll like the peace of mind that your business is secure in a low tax country, but really you just want to travel and enjoy that “limitless” feeling. You’ll enjoy the comfort and security of a new residency in your favorite country, but really you want to try new restaurants, meet new people, and explore your new world.

Living the nomad capitalist lifestyle is easier when you’re a lone wolf. But if you have a spouse and kids, you’re still in luck: the nomadic lifestyle works for families, too. Sure, it takes extra planning and coordination to make sure every family member has what they need to make it work, but it’s 100% possible to live the nomad lifestyle with children.

Whether you are looking into living overseas, want to open an offshore account, or just want to enjoy some real freedom,  getting the help you need to do it right the first time will prevent major headaches.

Here’s a cautionary tale:

I had a client that hired cut-rate help when opening his business and a bank account in Hong Kong. It seemed great–he could save nearly $200k in taxes!

But then he found out his new bank wouldn’t allow him to process credit cards…No credit cards means no way to accept customer money. No customer money means no business. No business means no money to buy Advil for the headache this “great price” help caused…

Get good advice the first time and focus on your specific needs.

If you’re serious about it, I can help. If you’re ready to set up a successful nomadic lifestyle plan, then schedule a call.

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