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Traveling to Antigua: Our Favorite Luxury Hotels

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This article discusses traveling to Antigua and our favorite luxury hotels there.

The two sister islands of Antigua and Barbuda have everything you need for a luxury vacation. Namely, all-inclusive resorts with direct beach access, exceptional spa experience, and high-cuisine restaurants.

But how can you choose your perfect escape when Antigua and Barbuda have 365 flawless beaches and an endless list of premium resorts?

That’s why we did it for you.

Our Nomad Capitalist team compiled a list of the best luxury hotels in Antigua and Barbuda. Whether you’re planning an exclusive vacation with your family, as a couple, or solo, these are the high-class hotels you can choose from.

If you want to hop one step ahead and live in Antigua, you’ll be glad to know that the country offers the cheapest citizenship-by-investment program for a family of up to four members. Living in Antigua can also mean great news for your taxes as the country is a well-known low tax jurisdiction with no capital gains, wealth, or inheritance tax.

Whether you want to establish residency or citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda for legal tax reduction or a tropical home, set up a call with us today. We will advice you on how Antigua fits in your offshore Plan.

Why Traveling to Antigua and Barbuda 

Reasons for Traveling to Antigua and Barbuda
Snorkeling, diving, or soaking up the sun on the beach – Antigua and Barbuda has it all.

The mix of authenticity, first-class beaches, and comfort makes Antigua and Barbuda exceptional.

Just imagine yourself relaxing under the palm tree overlooking the Caribbean Sea in your hammock. No worries. No hurries. Just pure joy. According to our Nomad Beach Index, Antigua and Barbuda have one of the finest beaches in the world.

For those who prefer an active vacation, there are plenty of water sports activities like snorkeling, private boat tours, deep-sea fishing, and scuba diving.

With its rich wildlife, national forests, and multiple hiking routes, Antigua and Barbuda has numerous options for adventurous souls. It’s also a safe destination. So, if you’ve been dreaming of Antigua solo travel, feel free to go there.

This Caribbean country is loved by celebrities and wealthy people, which is why it’s not the cheapest. Rest assured you get a truly luxurious experience for what you paid for. Both islands are English-speaking, and you don’t need to worry about the language barrier.

For high-net-worth individuals, that’s also an excellent place for relocation or investment. Antigua and Barbuda is one of the most tax-friendly countries that have the cheapest citizenship by investment program.

Its official currency is East Caribbean Dollar.

Luxury Hotels in Antigua and Barbuda

And now let’s go back to where we started – luxury hotels in Antigua and Barbuda. That’s the list of our top five deluxe hotels where you can have a truly unique and authentic Caribbean experience.

Blue Waters Resort

Blue Waters Resort
Blue Waters Resort can be a great choice if you’re looking for a family-friendly hotel in a secluded location.

Hotel Class 4*

Blue Waters Resort is your happy place if you dream of a secluded beach break. It is one of the best Antiguan hotels with a reputation for perfection. The resort has a private sandy beach just one minute from the accommodation facilities.

At Blue Waters Resort, you’ll feel like a valued guest. Located in a secluded bay northwest of Antigua, the whole property looks like a tropical garden. The selection of accommodation facilities is incredible. You can choose from deluxe beachfront rooms, luxury suites, and more exquisite options like lavish villas and penthouses.

It’s an all-inclusive resort with plenty of swimming pools where you can relax in the shadow with your book and marvel at the sea. It can be a great destination for families, couples, and solo travelers.

The cost starts from $543 per night.

Inn At English Harbour

Inn At English Harbour
Inn At English Harbour is a secluded resort where you can enjoy your time with your family.

Hotel Class 5*

Inn At English Harbour is a fantastic place to spend a vacation with your family. It’s situated in the heart of the tropical forest with Galleon Beach at hand. The infinity pool with a sea view adds luxury and tranquillity to the resort, while outstanding customer service makes you feel at ease from the very beginning.

The suites are made in a contemporary style with a Caribbean twist. Each room has four poster beds with a private balcony or patio overlooking the sea. The resort has a private beach area where you can enjoy solitude without disturbance.

The accommodation cost is at least $625 per night.

Keyonna Beach Resort

Keyonna Beach Resort
Looking for a romantic escape? Then Keyonna Beach Resort is your place.

Hotel Class 4*

Keyonna Beach Resort is a pristine Caribbean escape for couples only. What makes this place unique is the level of intimacy and privacy you can have. It’s not a resort in the traditional sense. The main goal of this place is to bring you closer to nature and enable you to have an authentic Caribbean experience. You can see it in everything: accommodation design, service, environment, and cuisine.

The wooden cottages in this all-inclusive resort will make you feel as if you’re alone on an uninhabited island. Every accommodation area has private plunge pools, outdoor showers, and lush grounds where you can enjoy your peaceful stay. This place is highly rated by honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic escape.

The prices vary depending on the season and generally start from $557 per night.

Galley Bay Resort

Galley Bay Resort
Galley Bay Resort is a great place for ones who don’t mind some entertainment during their stay.

Hotel Class 4*

Galley Bay Resort is another secluded adults-only hotel and one of the best hotels in Antigua. Situated on the West coast, it has one of the finest private beach areas on the island. The resort is designed in the glamorous Caribbean style, and all spacious rooms have direct beach access and private balconies.

It’s the all inclusive resort, where you can take your time by the swimming pool, join a cocktail party, go to the spa, or listen to live Caribbean music in the evening. You can relish your privacy if you want. But at the same time, the resort offers plenty of activities if you feel an eventful evening is exactly what you need.

With its ocean views, attentive staff, leisure activities, and white sandy beach, this place will be your perfect getaway. The whole area has free wi-fi access, and one week in the resort is at least $3,500 for a couple.

Hammock Cove Antigua

Hammock Cove Antigua
Hammock Cove Antigua is perfect for couples who want some privacy.

Hotel Class 5*

Hammock Cove Antigua is an all-inclusive resort with a laid-back atmosphere. The location of this place is just stunning. All 41 villas have a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea, floor-to-ceiling windows, and private plunge pools. You’ll also have a personal guest ambassador who you can refer to if you need anything.

The resort doesn’t have any evening entertainment venues. But that’s what it is about – tranquillity in every possible sense. And with the selection of spa treatments, it’s an ideal place to have a soulful retreat for the mind and body.

It’s the newest resort on the island, but its immaculate service, high-level gastronomy experience, and breathtaking views make it one of the best hotels in Antigua.

The price per night starts from $1,200.

Antigua and Barbuda Travel Entry Requirements

Antigua and Barbuda Travel Entry Requirements
Check out entry and exit requirements before traveling to Antigua.

To make sure that you are fully prepared for your vacation in Antigua and Barbuda, let’s have a quick look at the entry requirements. The good news is that Antigua and Barbuda health authorities decided to ease entry rules.

According to the Barbuda travel advisory, fully vaccinated passengers can enter the country without showing a negative certified PCR result. You should have one of the vaccines accepted by the Ministry of Health, Wellness, and the Environment of Antigua and Barbuda. However, passengers with symptoms must take rapid antigen tests at their own expense.

Unvaccinated arriving passengers must take the RT PCR test three days in advance or rapid antigen test 24 hours before the flight. Those who knowingly present false declarations will be subject to a fine.

Once you arrive at the Bird International Airport in Antigua, you must also fill in the health declaration form. Port Health Authorities will also screen your temperature. We recommend repeatedly checking information about the entry requirements before your international travel on the official website of Antigua’s local authorities.

Also, don’t forget to buy medical insurance for yourself and your family. Especially if you decide to visit Antigua during the hurricane season. For any emergency assistance, contact the Embassy of your country.

Is Traveling to Antigua and Barbuda Worth It?

Antigua and Barbuda is an excellent destination if you’re looking for an exclusive vacation. But many high-net-worth individuals go one step further and move there because that’s where they are treated best.

With its affordable living, attractive investment opportunities, and tax-friendly environment, Antigua and Barbuda is one of the best places for relocation. If Antigua doesn’t catch your eye, the Caribbean region has several other cheap and fast CBI options. Besides, its passport grants visa-free travel to 143 countries.

Nomad Capitalist has helped more than 1,500 high-net-worth clients to go offshore, lower their taxes, and enjoy global freedom. If that’s what you’re looking for, contact us, and we’ll prepare a holistic plan for you to make it happen.

Traveling to Antigua: FAQ

Traveling to Antigua FAQs
Antigua and Barbuda is absolutely worth visiting.
What to Do in Antigua?

Whether looking for a peaceful getaway or an adventure of a lifetime, Antigua and Barbuda is a great destination.
Gorgeous beaches with multiple water sports activities are the island’s main highlights. But tasting Caribbean delicacies, trying a zipline ride, and going on a hike are something that you should include on your bucket list for sure.

Where to Stay in Antigua?

Luxury hotels in Antigua and Barbuda offer a unique experience. And if you want to have an unforgettable vacation, opt for an all-inclusive resort on the coastline.

Is Antigua Expensive?

The price of your holiday in Antigua will significantly vary depending on what kind of vacation you are looking for. Antigua is famous for its all-inclusive luxury hotels, the cost of which starts from $543 per night.

How Many Beaches Does Antigua Have?

Antigua and Barbuda have 365 iconic beaches for each day of the year.

Is Antigua a Good Place to Visit?

Antigua is a beautiful place for vacation, perfect for a luxury holiday.

Are Antigua and Barbuda Safe?

Yes, they are totally safe. You should follow ordinary precautions as if you would in any other foreign country.

Do They Speak English in Antigua?

Antigua and Barbuda are English-speaking islands, and you don’t need to worry about being misunderstood.

Are There Any Travel Restrictions to Antigua?

For permitted entry to Antigua and Barbuda, you must be vaccinated. Arriving passengers without vaccination must present verifiable documentation of the RT PCR test or rapid antigen test. At the Bird International Airport, port health officials carry out temperature checks and passengers fill in the health declaration form.


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