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8 Fast Latin America and Caribbean Citizenships by Marriage

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Citizenship through marriage is one of the fastest ways of getting a passport these days. In today’s world, your citizenship is less about your loyalty to your country, but more about a government binding you to some laws that may impact your business and investments. 

Such a situation isn’t beneficial for a seven or eight-figure investor or businessman. It’s clear to see that sticking to a singular passport might not be in your best interest. 

After all, you’re looking for ways to grow your wealth, not limit it. And one way to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you is by getting a second passport.

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Citizenship Through Marriage has a Bad Rep: Here’s Why

There are various ways of getting a second passport. Citizenship through marriage is one of the quickest, yet least talked about ways.

This is partly because of the entire idea of it. After all, who marries anyone for another passport? The idea might sound absurd, but in the past, it’s happened more often than not. 

People getting married for citizenship is why many countries have made residency compulsory. This is to ensure that there aren’t any such marriages anymore. 

Other countries require you to stay married for a certain period. Some even make it a point to see “proof” that your marriage is real before giving you their passport.

But we’re glad to inform you that there are still some countries where you qualify for citizenship by marriage. As long as your partner is a citizen, of course.

Even better, while some countries take time to give you their passport, others don’t mind instantly giving you one. This is to make sure that you and your spouse have no problems deciding where to live once you’ve tied the knot. So, as long as you have your affairs in order, everything will work out perfectly.

If you’re interested in finding out whether you qualify for this, there are plenty of options available. 

Citizenship Through Marriage: The Quickest Ways To A Second Passport

Most countries like the United States usually fast-track their citizenship process if you marry a citizen, getting you a second passport more quickly. However, this isn’t a guarantee.

There are stories of some people getting their second passport in a matter of months. On the other hand, there are also horror stories of people waiting for decades as well.

Sometimes the authorities just aren’t convinced enough that your marriage is real. This will make your life harder for no reason. They’ll request extra documentation, require “proof,” and whatnot which is quite troublesome.

However, some countries will give you immediate citizenship once you get married. So, if you’re wondering if you qualify for your spouse’s citizenship, then you’re in the right place. 

But let’s get a few things out of the way first.

How Do You Get Citizenship Through Marriage

First of all, it’s important to understand what it means to get citizenship through marriage. After all, there’s a reason why it’s not talked about more often anymore.

Many people have tried to cheat the immigration system by doing this. Governments have gotten extremely strict about those applying for such citizenship.

If you’re interested in getting married to someone that has a passport that belongs to another country, it’s worth knowing these things.

We don’t recommend getting married to someone solely to get another citizenship. It’s simply not right and will get you in trouble with the government if they discover it. Remember- only consider this process if you’re marrying a foreigner.


Every country has its own set of requirements when it comes to its citizenship process. Some require you to be physically present in the country after you’re married.

Others require you to have a residence permit. They may also ask you to live in the country for several years before granting citizenship.

Worse yet, some countries ask for proof of the validity of your marriage.

Immigration authorities will look at your finances, relationship, and other things before issuing a passport.

But- on the plus side- there are still plenty of countries that aren’t that intrusive.

Benefits of A Second Passport 

As you probably know by now, there are plenty of benefits of obtaining a second passport. The most obvious benefits include:

 Economic Freedom

Having another passport is a great way to ensure that you’re not bound to any one particular government and its policies. With multiple passports, you have greater (and often, better) options available to you. 

You can set up multiple offshore companies, invest in various markets around the world, and even choose the country that offers you the most benefits.

It’s quite a good way of enhancing and multiplying your wealth. You get to take control of your personal and your family’s wealth so that you’re not answerable to any government.

 Tax Advantage

Everyone knows that most Western countries have very high tax percentages. These don’t matter to the common person. But it can be quite something for a seven or eight-figure investor or businessman.

So, you’ll want to look for countries that offer better tax rates than your current one does. You’ll have to ensure that anything you do is through legal channels or else it could lead to serious- and unnecessary- problems.

Luckily for you, plenty of countries offer a tax advantage to those in search of a second passport.

 Freedom for Your Family

As someone with a family, or aiming to start one at some point, ensuring that you and your family have a stable, secure life is extremely important. But considering the times we live where anything can happen at any time, it’s not reasonable to have a singular passport.

A second passport is a safety net for your family

Whether you’re obtaining a second passport to make sure that your kids get to go to better schools and universities or for better retirement opportunities; it’s a great idea to have a second passport.

Think of it as an added protection for your family. We recommend getting a second passport for this very reason.

Citizenship Through Marriage: Options in Latin America and The Caribbean 

So, now that you understand exactly what obtaining citizenship through marriage entails, let’s delve right into it.

While there are several options available to you globally. In this blog post, we’re going to focus specifically on Latin American and Caribbean countries. We’re focusing on those who offer fast citizenship to you if your spouse has any one of these passports. So, let’s begin.

 The Bahamas 

The Bahamas passport ranks as one of the strongest passports globally. This passport is perfect for those with close connections to the western world. 

If you’re looking for a stronger second passport that will make traveling to western countries and China easier, then this is the one.

Getting the passport is quite simple if you’re a woman married- or getting married- to a Bahamian man. All you have to do is apply for the registration. Then you simply have to wait for the bureaucracy to go over your application and hand over your passport.

It’s as simple as that!

If your husband possesses a Bahamian passport, now’s a good time to apply for citizenship. The Bahamas’ passport is set to get stronger.

It’s been reported that the government is coming up with its very own citizenship by investment scheme. This is expected to be substantially more expensive than other Caribbean countries due to the strength of the passport.

If you’re in a relationship with a Bahamian man. It might be a good idea to look into this as the Bahamas can provide quite a bit of business incentive for you. It’s also a very tax-friendly passport to have if you’re looking for ways to lower your tax.


Like the Bahamas, if you’re a woman, you can instantly get the Barbados passport by marrying a local man. It’s a great second passport to have, especially if you possess a Canadian passport or have strong ties to Canada.

Barbados is a beautiful country. If you’re looking for a place to stay for several months a year, then getting Barbados citizenship is a good idea.

With visa-free access to more than 150 countries, it’s a pretty good passport to have. So, if you’re a woman married to a Barbados citizen, don’t wait any longer.

It’s a commonwealth country with historic ties to the United Kingdom. This makes it even more desirable if you frequently travel to the UK.

Also, being part of the commonwealth opens up a world of opportunities for you as well. So, if you’re an investor or a businessperson, this might be very smart dual citizenship for you to possess.


For an English-speaking country, Belize ranks lower than Honduras, and other mainland countries. Of course, this limits travel options for you. But the countries on the accessibility list might pique your interest.

With a Belize passport, you can enjoy hassle-free travel to the United Kingdom, Ireland, and even Singapore. So if you’ve got a lot of business to take care of in these countries, then this is the right passport for you.

If you’re married to a Belizean- whether you’re a man or a woman- you can get citizenship in as little as a year. The passport is complimentary for those who get married to a local, and it’s a good one to have.

Belize itself is a very peaceful country. If you’re from the United States or Australia, you’ll find the country very appealing. It’s easier to settle there because of the language; it’s a nice little country to enjoy your retirement in.

If you’re looking for a soothing place to live in, then Belize is the place for you.


Apart from citizenship through marriage, there aren’t many citizenship options in Bolivia. Note that if you’re looking for a tax haven, Bolivia really won’t do you any good. 

It’s also not as competitive as its Central American neighbors when it comes to citizenship programs.

Without the marriage program, you’ll have to be a resident in Bolivia for three years before getting the passport. This gets reduced to two years if you’re married to a citizen. 

We admit that there aren’t any economic benefits from getting a Bolivian passport at the moment. But it’s an interesting combination for those looking for a passport with an eastern alliance. 

Also, Bolivia has great ties with Russia, so this might be something to consider when getting a second passport.


Up next on our list is Brazil. Now, everyone knows that Brazil is one of the biggest economies in South America. This makes it a contender for anyone looking for a passport that’ll help them expand their business there.

Brazil’s also one of those countries that allow citizenship by birth. So, if your child is born in Brazil, you can apply for residence before applying for citizenship a year later. 

The issue with this is that you’ll have to stay in Brazil for quite some time, and you’ll end up becoming a taxpayer.

Even then, you’re in a bit of limbo. Perhaps you’ve got other plans for your family, and you’re not sure what to do.

But if you choose the citizenship through marriage route, you’ll be quite happy with the results. In addition to getting a passport after a single year, you’ll have a chance to explore and learn more about your partner’s country. 

A year is quite a good time frame to learn more about Brazil. It’s better to decide whether you want to live there permanently so your options are clear.

Most people who end up going this route often end up staying in Brazil. It is a quick way of getting another passport if you plan on settling somewhere new as well.


If you’re interested in Colombian citizenship, then you’re going to be quite disappointed to learn that it’ll take you five years to get it on your own. However, if you’re married to a Colombian citizen, this process gets fast-tracked to about two years.

Now, we understand that time-wise it might not be as fast as some other countries on this list. But Colombia gives you access to South America. 

Better yet, you also have visa-free access to Europe now. South American economies have incredible opportunities available for investors and businessmen alike. So if you’re willing to commit to staying in Colombia for a couple of years, it’s a pretty good passport to have.

 Costa Rica 

If you’re interested in getting a Costa Rican passport, then you’ll have to stay in Costa Rica for quite a few years before you have a shot at the passport.

Of course, most people like Costa Rica, so they don’t mind spending time there. You’ll have to commit to staying in the country if you’re serious about getting a passport.

This program might not be for everyone. So, you’ll be happy to know that as someone married to a Costa Rican, the citizenship through marriage program is designed in your favor.

Not only can you get your passport in two years, but they also bypass the language test for you. So, if you’re married to a Costa Rican, you don’t have to worry about learning the language to get a passport.

The passport itself is excellent. Even though it doesn’t have visa-free access to the United States, it does provide easy access to the United Kingdom, Russia, and almost all of Europe.


With a Mexican passport, you can travel to almost all the same countries as the United States. So there’s no travel restriction for those of you who like to travel. Furthermore, Mexico’s got quite a few citizenship programs available for anyone interested.

The most well-known way of obtaining a Mexican passport is by having a child in the country. It sets you on a faster track to citizenship- the same as citizenship by marriage.

Of course, obtaining a passport requires commitment. You’ll have to learn the language. You’ll have to study history and the constitution. But by the time you’re done with all of this, you can easily apply for citizenship in two years.

Out of all the countries on this list, Mexico offers you the most opportunities. Of course, it has a complex tax system, but you can take advantage of what this country offers if you do it correctly.

Honestly, it has a great passport with access to Canada, New Zealand, and Europe. There are a couple of countries here and there that restrict travel, but overall, it’s definitely a good second passport to possess.

Get In Touch With Our Team Today

To conclude this blog post, we’d like to reiterate that most of the countries on this list have the strongest passports. The only disadvantage to these passports is that they don’t have visa-free access to the United States. But let’s be honest- most countries in the world don’t have that.

So, if you’re looking for a strong passport, Latin American and Caribbean ones are the best countries to get a second passport from. 

We admit that citizenship through marriage isn’t a route most people take when looking for a second passport. Still, it’s a quicker and guaranteed way of ensuring that you get a second citizenship.

If you’re interested in learning about more personalized options for you, then feel free to get in touch with our team today. 

Nomad Capitalist is dedicated to ensuring that you have economically beneficial offers available. No matter where you are, we want you to go where you’re treated best.


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