Get second residency and citizenship in Colombia

Colombia is an easy country to get second citizenship, and the process takes about seven years. Colombia is very foreigner-friendly country, and an investment in real estate or into a Colombian company is required.

Why get second residency in Colombia?


  • You can apply for Colombia citizenship after five years
  • The process of obtaining residency is relatively quick
  • You do not need to relocate to Colombia to maintain residency
  • Colombia speaks Spanish, an easy language to learn

How it works

Time to Citizenship: 5 years
Economic Citizenship: Yes
Minimum Investment: investment of approximately $150,000 in real estate or a Colombia company
Nationalities Allowed: All

Taxes and Costs

Cost of living: $1,500+
Income Tax Rate: 10-33%
Taxes Foreign Income: Yes

The Colombia Passport

Visa Free Countries: 94
Can Visit Europe: Yes
Can Visit the US: No

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Why Colombia citizenship?

Colombia is a beautiful, underrated South American country.  Once you obtain residency in Colombia, you have the right to live and work there for life. In order to keep your residency status active, you will need to visit the country once a year for at least one day.

The time to become a citizen is only 5 years, and a Colombia passport gives you since recently visa free access to the Schengen zone.


How to get second citizenship in Colombia

You must first obtain permanent residency by an investment of approximately US$150,000 in Colombian real estate or as contributions to a Colombian company. After five years as a permanent resident, you and your family may apply for naturalization.

Colombia allows dual citizenship, so you do not need to renounce your current citizenship to become a Colombia citizen. Colombia’s policy of jus soli – or “right of the soil” – means that children you give birth to while in Colombia will obtain Colombia citizenship at birth.


About Colombia

Colombia is a country in the north of South America, situated between Venzuela, Brazil, Peru and Panama. Nearly 50 million people live in Colombia, with more than six million living in the capital city of Bogota.

Although it has a history as one of South America’s most dangerous countries, Colombia has experienced great economic growth in the last years. The country’s economy is one of the freest and most open of the region. Colombia is relatively easy accessible from Europe.


Taxes and cost of living in Colombia

Colombia’s corporate tax rate is at 33%. Personal income tax only needs to be paid after five year of actually having lived in the country.

It is not required to live in Colombia in order to maintain your second residency or work toward your second passport. Nevertheless, it is possible to live for as little as $1,500 per month. Local food is cheap and plentiful, and transportation is affordable.

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