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Andrew Henderson wrote the #1 best-selling book that redefines life as a diversified,
global citizen in the 21st century… and how you can join the movement.

Reclaim Your Heritage And Forge A Path To Freedom

With a Citizenship By Descent Plan from Nomad Capitalist, you gain all the advantages of second citizenship, including enhanced freedom to travel, reside, and do business, as well as better services and lower taxes, with zero investment costs. It’s also a compelling opportunity to reconnect with your roots and discover fascinating new aspects of your history and identity.

The Most Affordable Citizenship Option



Claiming Citizenship By Descent is way easier than you might think with our experienced team to help you.


Less fees, zero investment costs – same result. Citizenship By Descent is hands-down the cheapest second citizenship option.



With Citizenship By Descent you get more control and autonomy, with the option to renounce at a later date if desired.

How Does Citizenship By Descent Work?

French Citizenship by Ancestry
Citizenship by descent, also known as citizenship by ancestry, allows you to claim a second citizenship based on familial connections to your ancestral homeland.

Perhaps your family immigrated from Europe or maybe you have a deep connection to a foreign country that you’re not even aware of.

As the rules vary from country to country, you may be able to go back multiple generations to claim your citizenship.

Who knows what inspiring surprises are waiting to be discovered while tracing your family tree?

Without knowing it, you could already be eligible for second citizenship, but finding that out takes time. So let us do the legwork for you.

Do you think you qualify?


Nomad Capitalist is a great bespoke firm to help individuals “go where you’ll be treated best.” From banking, to residency, citizenships and more.

Alex C

Nomad Capitalist has been very useful in determining a strategy for plan B diversification on residency, finances and taxes, and then helping practically implementing.


Relocating and moving your tax residency somewhere else is a very complex matter and I highly recommend not to go this way alone. Thank you very much to everybody on the Nomad Capitalist Team.

C Cramer

Nomad Capitalist is the market leader in offshore services, bar none. Whether you want a second passport or uncorrelated investments, they can help you out in a way that no other company can.


The team at Nomad are extremely knowledgable and helpful. They have helped us execute our holistic plan with ease.


Nomad Capitalist has helped me with my long term visa, exit tax, new bank accounts, second passport and also offered numerous advice and tips. Always prompt responses. Highly recommend.


My experience with Nomad Capitalist from plan creation to execution has been incredibly informative.

United States
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Benefits Of Citizenship By Descent

Most Affordable Option

Citizenship By Descent is the most affordable way to gain second citizenship.

Plan B

A simple solution to expand your citizenship, travel and investment options.


Ditch your high-tax country in favor of fresher air and greener pastures.


Pay less taxes and enjoy more freedom of movement with a second passport.


Future Generations

Reclaim your birthright and pass those benefits along to your family.

Why Nomad Capitalist

Over 2,000 clients have trusted us to get results – and our track record proves it.


Residences and Citizenships Acquired


Combined Client Tax Savings


International Investments


Companies Opened

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Case Studies

All of us are searching for a sense of connection, someplace to belong. Join the growing number of clients and our employees who found their ancestral home while gaining access to new opportunities and lower taxes.

My great-grandfather moved to the US from Italy in 1915. We only had his death certificate and citizenship certificate, but no other documents. The team at Nomad Capitalist helped track all the relevant documents spanning multiple generations, eventually locating my great-grandfather’s Italian birth certificate, dating back to 1875. Tracking down all those documents took a lot of research and time, but it sure was a fascinating experience and worth it in the long term.


My grandfather was Czech and naturalized in 1977. When we started our research we had very little to go on but the Nomad Capitalist team helped us to track down additional documents in the relevant Czech archives.


Both my great grandparents are Italian. My great grandfather moved to the US in 1903 and my great grandmother in 1911. With only my grandfather’s death certificate to go on, the Nomad Capitalist team helped me obtain various supporting documents, including birth, marriage and death certificates from both the US and Italy, creating a much clearer ancestral picture.


My great grandmother was born in Lithuania in the 1920s and emigrated to the US in the 30s. We had her naturalization documents and immigration papers, but the Nomad Capitalist team was able to track down her birth and marriage records from the Lithuanian archives.


My mother and my grandparents were born in Italy. My mother is not an Italian citizen anymore. Because of having Italian descent, I wanted to regain the citizenship through my grandparents, for this reason, I contacted Nomad Capitalist. The Nomad Team helped me track birth, marriage and citizenship certificates for my ancestors. The process of obtaining those documents took some time, currently we have everything on hand and just need a visit to the consulate to start the citizenship process. Citizenship will be granted to my wife and after me, through citizenship by marriage.


As an American, being able to obtain my second citizenship through descent has opened a world of opportunities for me. Not only did I not have to apply for a student visa when I studied in Europe, but it allowed me to continue my life and career in multiple countries without any additional time or effort. It has also allowed me to better connect with my own heritage and better understand where I come from.

Brandon Doerfler
Nomad Capitalist

The Process

Your Journey Begins

Ready to discover your heritage? Take a few minutes to fill out our form, and feel free to add as much detail as possible, anything which can help us to gain a deep understanding of your ancestry and what you wish to achieve by obtaining a second citizenship.

Assessment Call

Once your application is reviewed, we will schedule your one-to-one free Assessment Call to discuss everything in more detail. If you have new information to share or any questions you would like to ask, we can go through these with you, and once we have a clearer understanding of what you wish to achieve with our Citizenship By Descent Plan, we can begin your homecoming journey in earnest.

Your Citizenship Application

This is the fun part – like unraveling a mystery. As we research your genealogy, digging deep into your family tree, we’ll keep you fully updated on all the interesting new facts we find.

It’s a three-step process:

1. Research: We start by tracing the journey your ancestors took from the country of their birth to their eventual arrival on new shores.

2. Document collection: once we have traced those steps we then begin collating all the necessary documents to demonstrate your eligibility.

3. Application: Now you can relax. Once we have compiled all the relevant paperwork we’ll begin the application process, working with immigration officials to help expedite your claim.

The timeline varies based on the country of application and individual circumstances.

Ongoing Support

Of course, we understand that getting your new citizenship isn’t the end of your journey but only the beginning, so once again, our team is here to help you on your way. In addition to providing support with additional paperwork, we advise on a wide range of matters, from taxes to banking, real estate, and investments to company formation. Our special Concierge service is also on hand to help get you and your loved ones get fully settled in as you begin your new life in your ancestral home.

Popular Citizenship By Descent Destinations


Irish Citizenship By Descent

Sometimes the grass truly is greener on the other side.

Ireland boasts one of the world’s most flexible ancestry programs.


  • English-speaking
  • Business-friendly
  • Top-tier passport
  • EU membership plus free travel to Britain

Italian Citizenship By Descent

Don’t just dream of la dolce vita. Live it.

Return home to the old country and enjoy significant tax savings.


  • EU membership
  • Schengen Area access
  • No relocation requirements
  • OR you can avail of Italy’s 100k flat tax regime.

Polish Citizenship By Descent

There’s nothing quite like a Polish homecoming.

Gain access to one of Europe’s most historic and dynamic countries.


  • EU membership
  • Schengen Area access
  • No relocation requirements
  • Claim can go back four generations

Mexican Citizenship By Descent

Do you have Mexican heritage?

Claim Mexican citizenship and gain more travel freedom.


  • Visa-free access throughout Europe and Latin America
  • Open to children of foreign parents born in Mexico

Spanish Citizenship By Descent

Enjoy your life the Spanish way.

Spain is one of Europe’s most popular sun destinations with a vibrant culture.


  • EU membership
  • Schengen Area Access
  • Open to Latin Americans
  • Right of return for Sephardic Jews

Over 30+ Countries Total

Have a specific country in mind?

Get in touch and let us know. We offer over 30 countries worldwide.


  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Africa
  • Asia

Discover Your Ancestry – And Gain The Benefits Of Second Citizenship

How to get Armenian citizenship by descent
If you want to start a new life overseas or obtain a second passport, citizenship by descent is the obvious first step.

Maybe you’ve hit the citizenship jackpot and not even realized it. Or you may have a specific country in mind. Either way, our team of experts will help you determine the best approach to guarantee an optimal outcome.

You may even discover you are eligible for multiple citizenships, though doing the research on your own can be time-consuming and may lead you down the wrong path.

So, save yourself time and hassle and bypass the bureaucracy. Let our team prepare all the paperwork to make the process as streamlined and friction-free as possible.

Be advised that there is always a degree of uncertainty involved in proving lineage because the immigration authorities ultimately reserve the right to refuse your application. This may happen, for example, if they cannot find sufficient evidence to support your relationship with your ancestor, or if they find that your ancestor had voluntarily renounced or lost their citizenship before you were born. So, although we cannot guarantee a 100% successful outcome in all cases, with our team of experts on the case, we can guarantee that you will get the best possible for your specific circumstances.

We’ll be there with you for every step of your journey as you discover new aspects of your identity and take your first steps into a new life and home with greater liberation and a whole new world of possibilities.

Still Have Questions? We Are Here To Help

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