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WHY Andrew Henderson


Andrew Henderson has been featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CNN, BBC, and dozens of others and now he is available to speak live to your event.

From small boardroom events of 12 people to jam-packed conference arenas with hundreds of people, Mr. Henderson will create a dynamic speaking environment to wow your attendees.

Andrew Henderson

Mr. Henderson charges a non-negotiable appearance fee of $35,000 for live events and $5,000 for virtual events, which may include appearances at other functions of your event such as dinners or book signings.
Mr. Henderson does not personally travel to the United States.

Most Requested Speech Topics

How to Save Money, Create Wealth, and Enhance Freedom as a Global Citizen.


How to Legally Diversify and Protect Your Assets Offshore

The Death of the West and The Case for Emerging Market Investing

Why to Skip College and See the World

The Power of Dual Citizenship: How to Get a Second Passport

How I Created a Vision, Built a Network, and Started a Business While Traveling the World.

Share our Message of Go where you're treated best

Nomad Capitalist has inspired millions of people go offshore, keep more of their wealth, and enjoy unprecedented level of global freedom.

And Andrew Henderson is on a mission to inspire the millions of people to go where they’re treated best, too.

Ever since his first business in a radio show to nowadays, Mr. Henderson has 10+ years of experience with speaking engagements and now he is exclusively available to you.
See a few of a dozen video materials below.

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