Nomad Capitalist's FAQs

Our goal is to change the way people go offshore.
Learn who we are and how we’re built for the now.

Nomad Capitalist's FAQs

Our goal is to change the way people go offshore.
Learn who we are and how we’re built for the now.

Have a Question?

Each month, we get 1,000+ messages from readers and people who would like help. If you’re new to Nomad Capitalist – or even if you’ve been here for awhile – you may be curious what we’re all about.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get. Don’t see your question? Get in touch


Have a Question?

Each month, we get 1,000+ messages from readers and people who would like help. If you’re new to Nomad Capitalist – or even if you’ve been here for awhile – you may be curious what we’re all about.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get. Don’t see your question? Get in touch


About Nomad Capitalist

What Does Nomad Capitalist Do?

Nomad Capitalist is the world’s most sought-after boutique consulting firm, advising on issues of legal offshore tax reduction, immigration and second passports, and global citizenship.

We help six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs “go where you’re treated best” by advising them on a holistic level about offshore tax strategies, immigration, and investment strategies and how to implement them in their life and business.

We also produce free content to help and inspire people to join the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle.  You can learn more about our mission on our About Page.

Do You Sell Any Products?

We do not sell any online courses, e-books, or other information products. We focus entirely on our role as a boutique consultancy, personally helping seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs create and implement holistic offshore Plans. You can learn more about that by clicking here.

Do You Host any Live Events?

Our next live event is scheduled for September 16-19, 2020 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

You can learn more here:

How Do I Learn More About What You Do?

Since 2012, we have created thousands of articles, videos, podcasts, and interviews to provide how-to advice and ideas for free:

Additionally, Andrew Henderson has written a book – Nomad Capitalist – which aggregates our best information, ideas, and motivational strategies along with humorous anecdotes you can’t find anywhere else. You can buy the book on Amazon for your Kindle or as a paperback.

Is What You Do Legal?
Yes, we only work with 100% legal strategies. In some cases, we may help you get into compliance if you were unaware that your current strategy is not compliant with applicable laws. However, we will not assist you in remaining out of compliance, or in implementing strategies which violate the laws of any country.
Can I Ask a Specific Question?

We provide a lot of free materials on our blog, videos, podcast, and elsewhere that may help you if you wish to “do-it-yourself”. Due to the volume of inquiries we receive, we are not able to answer questions until and unless you engage us. (You probably shouldn’t accept free specific tax advice, anyway.)

We do offer a tried-and-tested service for those who want a plan of action for their needs, and help implementing it. This is a paid service, and it’s not cheap (although for the people we help, it’s far cheaper than staying where they’re at).


About Andrew Henderson

Who is Andrew Henderson?

Andrew Henderson is a serial entrepreneur who started four businesses in three industries the United States in his twenties, then sold everything to become a full-time global citizen.

He has been studying issues of global tax, banking, immigration, and investing since 2007, before starting Nomad Capitalist in 2012. Today, he continues to research the best offshore strategies in an evolving world.

You can learn more about Andrew on our About Andrew page.

Can I Buy Andrew a Drink When He's in My City?

While we appreciate your generosity, Mr. Henderson does not meet people he is not working with. This is due to his busy travel and work schedule, and out of respect to those who have paid to work with him.

Can I Hang Out with Andrew in One of His Home Cities?

While Mr. Henderson are our entire team appreciate the interest in meeting up, we are first and foremost a for-profit business (hence the “Capitalist” part) serving people we engage us. As a result, we regret that we are unable to meet fans and readers in person, but welcome you to say “Hello” if you see us out in the world.

Can Andrew Speak at My Conference or Event?

Mr. Henderson is available to speak at a limited number of events, both public and private. He is happy to customize the length, topic, and style of each presentation to suit your audience. He is also happy to participate in related functions at your event, such as cocktail parties.

We charge a premium speaking fee for any such appearances, in addition to paid travel to/from the event. Email our Media Department if you’d like to discuss a booking.

I'm a Member of the Media; Can I Interview Andrew?

If you are a member of the media or influencer with a request for an interview or comment, please email our Media Department.

Working with Nomad Capitalist

Who Do You Work With?

We work with six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs and investors. You should generally have a pretax annual income of US$500,000 OR an investable net worth of  US$1 million or more to qualify.

You should be running a legitimate business, be looking for a 100% legal solution, and be committed to investing in yourself on an ROI-positive level.

How Much Does It Cost to Work With You?

As with any custom service requiring proper diagnosis, it is impossible to predict what your service will cost without proper diagnosis. Consider that any fixed price solution will be “one-size-fits-all” and can not be tailored to your needs. Many people come to us only after learning this the hard way. 

Our service includes three elements:

  • Creating a holistic Plan of action, so that every detail is taken into account.
  • Executing that Plan for quick results, while avoiding the mistakes often made when “DIY-ing”.
  • Providing ongoing support to help you keep things going long-term and stay compliant. 

Generally speaking, our services start at US$24,000 and increase from there based on your needs.

How Does Your Process Work?

Once you have retained us, we will prepare for and undergo an extensive diagnostic process to understand all areas of your business, lifestyle, and investments. We will discuss what you have, where you’re going, what you want, and what you don’t want.

From there, we will create a holistic Plan that covers all aspects of your internationalization. During the process of creating your Plan, we will follow-up with you to verify every detail and seek yur feedback.

A key focus of ours is creating Plans, not options. We will work to eliminate all but the best options so you are left with the single Plan that serves all aspects of your situation.

We have also invested significantly in behavioral studies to better understand what makes people act on their Plans. Our entire process is based around creating a Plan you will implement and love… because we know that a Plan sitting on the shelf doesn’t help anyone.

Why Do I Need to Complete an Application to Work with You?

With more than eight million annual readers/viewers/listeners, we are unable to help everyone who asks. Our comprehensive but painless application process helps us determine if we can help you.

It also helps you connect with your needs and wants so that you’re best ready for help. Some people have told us that the application process uncovered deeper issues to address, while others determined that they’re not really that serious about going offshore.

In that way, the application is designed to separate those who are serious from those who are not. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a gazillionaire to be approved… you just need to be serious about investing in yourself and getting results.

There are no exceptions to completing the application; even Mr. Henderson’s mother completed an application when looking for help. (Yes, really. ?)

Do You Offer Hourly Consulting?

We believe strongly in the need for a holistic Plan that addresses your entire situation. Most hourly consulting fails to do this, namely because the incentive is the reduce billable hours spent rather than doing what is needed to solve the problem while achieving an excellent ROI.

Instead, we create holistic Plans that follow a tried-and-true diagnostic process we have created after years of helping hundreds of people not just gather ideas, but get results. We charge a flat-fee for each Plan, so there are no billing surprises.

Can You Help Me With Just [Insert "Thing" Here]?

We believe strongly in the need for a holistic Plan that addresses your entire situation. Many people who thought “I only need XYZ” later come to us when they realize they missed a key piece of the puzzle and wasted time and money.

As a result, we don’t offer one-off offshore bank account openings, corporate formations, or other services until you have created a Plan with us.

Why Should I Work with Nomad Capitalist instead of a Lawyer or Accountant?

Lawyers and accountants play an important role, but they are specialists, not generalists. We’ve found that most professionals speak in vague terms to protect themselves, leaving you with little information and a large bill.

Our focus is holistic; we don’t just handle your home country taxes, but we create a global picture that coordinates your entire business so that every piece of the puzzle fits together.

Nomad Capitalist is managed by a team of entrepreneurs, and all team members are trained to think like entrepreneurs. We have spent years honing our knowledge based on real personal experience, not theory, so we know what works and doesn’t work in the real world. That practical knowledge will save you time and money.

Are You Just a Consultant, or Can You Help Me Implement?

We help people implement holistic Plans every day –  from opening bank accounts and companies, to obtaining second passports, to filing tax paperwork.

Our approach is simple: Ready. Aim. Fire. Many people going offshore skip the “aim” part and end up wasting time and money because they failed to plan. We believe in planning first, implementing second.

Once we have created your holistic Plan, we can help you implement it by acting as a general contractor that coordinates between the numerous lawyers, accountants, and other professionals you will need.

Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that the best use of your time is focusing on your business… not waiting in lines or getting an accountant in Hong Kong to understand your lawyer in California. Our team offers a bespoke service that handles everything from scheduling appointments to filling out paperwork.

Can I Trust Your Advice?

Yes, of course. While we are not licensed professionals ourselves, we’ve spent years creating a network of trusted lawyers, accountants, and other professionals that actually get the job done.

We’ve spent more than $1.5 million of our own money testing various professionals around the world, from accountants to immigration lawyers to investment experts. In the process, we’ve learned how to translate their theoretical knowledge into real world application for the people we help.

Do You Have any Client Testimonials?

While many people we’ve helped prefer to remain private, we do have a number of reviews on our Testimonials page.

Why Don't You Work With People From My Country?

As with any bespoke service that requires a high level of knowledge and attention to detail, we limit our focus to ensure we provide the best service possible.

Currently, we help resident and non-resident citizens of the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, as well as former US citizens who have obtained another citizenship prior to expatriation. We may expand to serve other nationalities in the future.

General Business Stuff

How Do I Get a Job at Nomad Capitalist?

You can learn more about open positions on our Careers page.

Please note that we currently do not plan to hire remote workers for location independent positions. All current positions are for full-time work in a fixed location. 

How Do I Provide Services to Nomad Capitalist?

If you are a tax, legal, or financial service provider in your home country and have an opportunity for potential collaboration, please contact our R&D Team. We get many proposals, and can only reply if we are interested in discussing your offer further.

Can I Advertise With You?

Sorry; we do not accept advertisements or sponsored posts. We are open to collaborations with reputable companies whose mission relates to ours. If that’s you, please contact our R&D Team.

What is Your Refund Policy?

Because our services involve us providing our time, all services provided have a firm no-refund policy.

Can You Make an Exception for Me?

While we understand that you may want hourly consulting, or to work for us from a beachfront in Bali, or to hire us as a citizen of Vanuatu, we are highly focused and intentional about policies in an effort to best serve our clients, our company, and our employees.

As a result, we can not make exceptions and would advise you to seek an opportunity or service provider that is better able to accommodate your needs.