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How to Achieve Overseas Connection – A Talk with Doug Casey

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For most businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs, achieving more overseas connections is something they should be doing. That’s a no-brainer.

During the most recent Nomad Capitalist Live, we had the privilege of having the original “international man,” Doug Casey, speak to our audience.

Naturally, the people loved it, and they kept on shouting for more.

If you were in front of someone like Doug Casey, then you would’ve probably said the same thing, we bet. His years of experience are immense, and everybody who hears him speak or meets him in person will learn a thing or two from him.

Andrew had the chance to sit down with him after that speech.

It was during this sit-down interview where he shared some things about how you can go to other countries or much smaller countries. Not only that, but you can even get in touch with this country’s local government.

This is the first step to achieving business connection and overseas connection.

These are countries where you can influence their policies and even do business in a totally legal and ethical way. The only difference is you’re more involved with the people in power.

In this article, we will share Doug Casey’s strategies on how exactly you can do that.

Doug Casey’s Thoughts on Achieving Overseas Connection

We all know Doug Casey as the original international man. He also wrote a book called “International Man” in the late 70s.

This was followed up with “Crisis Investing” and several other books.

In addition to the idea of being a speculator and finding asset plays that are asymmetrical investments around the world, his ideas are about going where you’re treated best.

He has lived outside of the United States for years and years, and he has been to 160 countries. The interesting thing about this is that he said some of these countries no longer exist today.

Over the years, he has put together this idea that revolves around going to a country where you don’t necessarily know anybody. Still, you have the idea that you’re going to find some people who are in power.

Not only that, but you can talk to people about what opportunities you can bring to the country. In return, you can ask them what their country can do for you. This is a government competition in action, and he’s proven it to be a great overseas business idea or international business strategy.

Plus, this is a great way to start your overseas connection journey.

Can You Achieve Overseas Connection from Legacy Brand Countries?

If you’re reading this from the United States or any other legacy brand country, then you might think that this is impossible.

It’s almost impossible to deal with the federal representatives, the politicians, the parliamentarians. Whatever the case may be.

These are people who are generally very tough and tricky to get in touch with.

Although, in some way, Andrew’s father will tell you a story about how he was driving through Montana and stopped at the State House.

He said, “Come on and go into the governor’s office and just hang out. Maybe he’ll be there, and you’ll get to shake his hand. Maybe not, but you can still see his chair, and so you’re kind of getting close to it all.”

Naturally, they took that step, but that really didn’t help.

This was something that wouldn’t happen in New York and even in Texas.

Then again, we’re taking it one step further – going overseas.

Getting The Necessary Overseas Connection

Doug told a story of how he landed in Dominica before they had their citizenship by investment program.

This was back in the 70s; take note.

He went to Dominica and opened up the Yellow Pages. Then, he tried to call the top lawyers in the country because he wanted to interview them.

He had no intention of paying them right away, and we often shared his sentiment. Usually, we’ll go in, and we’ll just put a retainer on a couple of different people. We just let it play out and see who’s worth it.

Then again, he’s saying that you shouldn’t even necessarily give a retainer in order to achieve overseas connection. That was unnecessary.

You just have to go and do the interview.

Now, this may work for some lawyers, and it may not work for some. Today, these people increasingly have businesses from all around the world.

However, you should certainly go and interview them if you want to diversify your international business strategy.

It’s best to take note of a few things whenever you’re doing these interviews. How quickly can they meet? How flexible are they? Are they willing to come to your hotel?

So basically, what are they willing to do?

Then again, you’re interviewing top lawyers.

We’ve talked about how the US Embassy or the UK Embassy has a list of lawyers in many countries that do speak English. So that could be a good place to start your journey towards getting an overseas connection.

So you have to interview these lawyers and say that you know what’s going on in their country. Then you can ask them what you can do as a business person and if there are any international investment opportunities out there.

You can also talk to some people, and see what happens.

How Doug Casey Achieved Overseas Connection in Dominica

Doug talked about the story of when he went to Dominica, and it turns out that the lawyer he spoke to was the sibling of the sitting Attorney General. Of course, this person worked with the Prime Minister.

So these are influential people, and then one thing leads to another.

He met with some of the highest-ranking people in Dominica to talk about an overseas business idea.

Now, his vision was how to take, denationalize, and privatize all their assets in these countries where everything is basically controlled by the government.

If you have success as a speculator or as an investor, and if you have success as a business person, we think that going and working with the government in these places is not nearly as difficult as you may think.

When we say, go where you’re treated best, not only is that a great way to get your mind turning in terms of where you can go and have some influence. These are our five magic words, and we live by them as Nomad Capitalists.

We’ve had a number of people at our recent Nomad Capitalist Live. Plus, we were talking about how to get influence and how to do deals in some of the other islands in the Caribbean.

We talked about this mainly because these people have assets there. Not only that, but they want to either sell or have the potential policy changes they want to discuss.

Following Doug Casey’s Business Strategy in Achieving Your Overseas Connection

So how do we bring in more investors?

What are the people from the west looking for?

What is all this cryptocurrency stuff?

These are all questions that some of these smaller governments are asking because they’re generally interested in being competitive in a way that a legacy brand country doesn’t have to be.

So what we want you to think about in this context is if you’re an entrepreneur or an investor.

If you’re doing something unique and you can bring some value to a place, then you’re probably sitting in a legacy brand country thinking to yourself that nobody in your government cares. In fact, they actually care the other way. They believe that you’re the bad guy, and they’re trying to keep raising your taxes.

So you’re not doing it, and you’re not paying enough.

There’s a whole mindset shift of going to Dominica or Moldova and saying, “I’m here, and here’s what I’ve accomplished. Let’s talk.”

Perhaps you can get some people to talk to again, and lawyers are great facilitators for doing that. Although, if you have nothing to offer, they’re probably not going to talk to you.

So you need to figure out what it is that you’re good at, and what are the places that you can go to.

Doug Casey went to a lot of different places, and people had varying levels of interest.

Then again, people in these countries are always looking for ways to improve the lives of their citizens. It’s much more direct politics in some of these islands in the Caribbean.

Can You Achieve an Overseas Connection in a Smaller Country?

Georgia’s Former President Mikheil Saakashvili said he thought a country like Georgia was almost too small to reform in a sense.

He said that at some point, they had to fire thousands of people. So the people living in the capital city knew someone who was laid off. These people were hurting, and they were upset.

So in these smaller countries, if you can bring something good that has a much bigger impact, then their politicians might give you a chance.

We think that when people say there’s nowhere to go in the world, and there’s nowhere to go where you’re treated best, then everyone’s going to be the same.

The reality is that there are so many small countries that want to put themselves on the map. In some ways, we’ve said from almost the beginning of Nomad Capitalist that the likelihood that a “new” Singapore will emerge might be a bit difficult.

However, we think what countries are looking at now is what niche they can be good at.

Can they be good with crypto, or can they be good for certain types of investors?

They’re all thinking about their unique play. Even in the Caribbean, you’re seeing more people on superyachts going to Dominica because they’re pitching their unique angle of how there’s a serene jungle with superyacht harbors and all that.

Looking at a Different Angle to Achieve Your Overseas Connection

Some places in the Caribbean are also pitching their niche in a different angle, and it’s working.

We think countries that want to be competitive are increasingly going to do that so that you can follow Doug’s strategy.

If you’re an investor, and if you have an idea, then go to these places. You can always find some lawyers, and be sure to find the ones who are connected so you can find a way to talk to people and add value.

We think that there’s a great mindset shift for anyone who came from a larger country, as Andrew did, to really understand just how much influence you can have.

You also get to understand just how many of these places are still looking to be competitive.

It may not seem that way as you’re sitting in the United States or any of these other big countries that don’t care and are actively working to take away your freedoms, while other countries are going the other way.

So it’s a great way to see these things up close and personal.

What Doug Casey talked about is a great suggestion for exactly how there are still places on board when it comes to competition.


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