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A Nomad Guide: 7 Things to Do in Seychelles

A Nomad Guide 7 Things to Do in Seychelles
YouTube video

Seychelles is an island paradise strategically located off East Africa, surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian ocean. The archipelagic, tropical country boasts scattered islands with long stretches of white sand beaches, rich flora and fauna, and friendly locals.

Others prefer to travel to Seychelles for its luxurious lifestyle thanks to the country’s beach resorts, unique cultural experiences, and activities this island nation offers.

What to Do in Seychelles

Some of the best things to do in Seychelles have to involve the beach

But besides its beaches and breathtaking landscapes, Seychelles offers so much more. 

There are numerous things to do in Seychelles, activities that will appeal to adrenalin junkies, adventure seekers, and those seeking solitude. So if you’re looking for activities to do in Seychelles alone, with your significant other, or with the kids, our list is for you.

Below are our picks of the best things to do in Seychelles you shouldn’t pass on.

1. Live the Island Life

Seychelle islands have some of the best beaches in the world

A lot of people hear Seychelles and the first thing they’ll be thinking about is probably a beach. And no wonder they do.

That’s why our first pick of Seychelles activities involves the beach. Some fun things to do in Seychelles is dipping in one of the lagoons of Seychelles, indulging in a seaside dinner, or enjoying the cocktails and nightlife.

If it is your first time visiting the Seychelle islands, exploring the pristine beaches and lagoons of Seychelles is a must. We’ve been to Seychelles for vacation, and every visit is a unique adventure. And believe us when we tell you there are so many island shores to explore that you’ll never run out of options.

Some of the must-visit islands when you travel in Seychelles are Cousin island, Praslin island, Curieuse Island, and Silhouette Island.

Some of our best go-to Seychelles beaches are the Anse Georgette beach on Praslin island. Though open to the public, Anse Georgette beach cove is not as crowded because it is located on the grounds of Lemuria Resort, limiting the number of visitors.

Besides Anse Georgette beach, Beau Vallon Beach is another must-visit when you travel to Seychelles. Frequented by both local and foreign tourists, this famous lagoon of Seychelles is packed with restaurants, beach shacks, and bars.

Anse Lazio beach is also a great destination, so is Moyenne island, and Anse Source d’Argent. 

If you want serene, quiet Seychelles beaches and a secluded location, opt for Anse Cocos in La Digue Island and the beaches on North Island. The Anse d’Est Beach is where you can see a breathtaking sunrise view.

The best time to travel to Seychelles for surfing is from April to October.

Adrenaline-pumping activities like surfing, skiing, and parasailing are great on Anse Intendance, Anse Gaulett, and Grand Anse on Mahé Island. Pointe Canon and Pointe Camille in La Digue Island are also great surf spots.

2. Go Island-Hopping

explore beyond the main islands and seek adventure on secluded beaches and lagoons of Seychelles.

Because Seychelles is archipelagic, one of the fastest ways to explore as many Seychelle islands as possible is to go island hopping. A quick boat ride or kayak can take you to nearby island clusters. A cruise or helicopter ride can also be a good idea if you are pressed for time.

But if you want to explore what each Seychelles island has to offer, we suggest you pick a few islands and allot a few days each for you to explore each of Seychelles islands.

Pick a theme on what you want to explore or things to do on Seychelles island you want to hop.

Have a Selfie with a Rare Beast Turtles of Curieuse Island. Seychelles is the only place you can find wild giant tortoises outside the Galapagos Islands.

Explore the giant tortoises and watch baby Hawksbill sea turtles make their way to the sea on Cousin Island. Be amazed by the Mango forests on Curieuse Island. And best of all, enjoy the unique characteristics of each Seychelles island beach.

3. Enjoy an Underwater Adventure

The island of Mahe has fantastic snorkeling spots like Bay Ternay- another not to miss activity in Seychelles.

Some travelers can’t miss a trip to Seychelles without an underwater adventure.

Snorkeling, glass-bottom boat excursions, free diving, and scuba diving let you explore the rich diversity of marine life underwater. It is also an ideal way to get up close and personal with manta rays, turtles, and sharks cruising through the blue.

If you do not want to venture out too much to the sea, the lagoons of Seychelles are great for snorkeling. Be awed by the diverse aquatic life, sprawling coral reefs, and clear waters of St Pierre, Bird Island, Coco Island, and Grande Soeur Sisters Island.

One of the more exhilarating underwater activities to do in Seychelles is free diving or scuba diving.

Exploring sunken ships is one of the activities to do in Seychelles you should not pass up.

Dive with sharks, rays, and turtles. Whether you’re a novice or pro, take the plunge and book a scuba-diving experience in Seychelles.

Travel to the Seychelles islands of Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue to get in touch with one of the several diving centers. There is also a diving school if it is your first time and you want to try the sport. The spectacular underwater topography–marine walls, ravines, apexes, drop-offs, and wreckage are perfect spots to explore.

Some notable diving spots in Seychelles are The Sunken Ship Dive, L’ilot, Brissare Rocks, White bank, and Aldabra.

Visit Seychelles from November to May to get the best underwater visibility.

4. Experience Local Culture

Get to know the culture and people of Seychelles.

Another on our list of fun things to do in Seychelles is to experience local culture. We think one of the best ways to get to know a country is to immerse yourself in its people and culture.

Victoria Market is a fun stop where you can immerse yourself in the distinct local atmosphere with the people of Seychelles.

The people of Seychelles are generally warm and friendly. And one of the best ways to mingle with them and soak in the local vibe is to visit the markets.

Get to know the people of Seychelles by visiting the Victoria Market. Also known as Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, this market is located at the heart of Mahe island. You can meet locals who sell fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables. Explore the many craft shops that offer souvenirs. You can buy trinkets ranging from ship models to pearl jewelry. And sample foods from the many Creole takeaway stands.

Seychellois love to share their thoughts on Creole food and culture. You can feel the market’s enthusiasm from the vendors and locals buying their produce. It’s also visible evidence of the excellent mix of the old and new Seychellois lifestyle.

We advise you to go early in the morning when the sun is not yet hot, and there are still few tourists.

If you like art, you should stop by the George Camille Gallery when you visit Seychelles.

A visit to an art gallery is another way to understand the people of Seychelles better. Not only will you get to appreciate art, but you can also take a part of the island with you by buying art pieces made by local artists. George Camille Gallery, Galerie Passerose, and the Island Gallery Seychelles are great starting points.

Touring the historic Plantation House of La Digue is one of the most popular and best things to do in Seychelles.

When you travel to Seychelles, you must visit a vintage plantation house to learn about the country’s colonial history and the old way of life.

The Grann Kaz, located at l’Union Estate of La Digue islands, is one of the last traditional plantation houses in Seychelles. Recently renovated, you can explore the estate and appreciate how the islands’ colonial history influenced the Seychelle islands. Hop on a bike and see places around the plantation house. Check out the surrounding thick coconut plantations, old cemetery, coconut oil mill, copra house, vanilla plantations, a colonial-era graveyard, a boatyard, and a tortoise pen.

5. Conquer the Mountains

Rock climbing and zip-lining are fun things to do in Seychelles with your family.

Your Seychelles travel should not be limited to the country’s coastlines alone. If you already had your fill of Seychelles beaches, then maybe it’s time to conquer the mountains. Seychelles has rich tropical forests and jungles for those who prefer nature trails. Immerse yourself in some gorgeous nature trails. Pass through idyllic scenes of vibrant wildlife to stunning panoramic views across the island.

Some fun things to do in Seychelles that do not include the beach and getting wet are:

  • Rock climbing
  • Zip-lining
  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Nature and guided walks.

Constance Ephélia Resort in Mahe offers rock climbing and zip-lining.

The rock formations in Constance Ephélia property offer various grades of rock climbing experience for any age and level. For more adrenalin rush, you can zip-line through the tropical jungle of Mahe island.

Morne Seychellois National Park

Nature lovers and hikers will be in heaven in Morne Seychellois National Park.

If you’re a nature lover who prefers more moderate activities to do in Seychelles, a guided tour of Morne Seychellois National Park is a must. Be awed by the diversity of flora and fauna while you trail the mix blend of mangroves, tall mountains, and lush tropical jungles.

To see some fantastic rock formations, walk the Anse Major Trail. This trail is relatively easy and takes around an hour and a half. The Anse Major Trail trail is also the only way to get to Anse Major beach by foot.

Morne Blanc Trail is one of the more challenging hiking trails in Seychelles. A little more complicated than your average trail, the Morne Blanc Trail is an uninterrupted uphill climb along Morne Blanc mountain with views well worth its challenging nature. The course takes roughly 45 minutes each way.

Coco de Mer Vallée De Mai

Go bird watching or walk the guided trail to enjoy the rich flora and fauna of Coco de Mer Vallée De Mai.

The Coco de Mer Vallée De Mai is one of two UNESCO heritage sites in Seychelles. It is part of a nature reserve that covers a large part of Praslin’s interior. This  UNESCO World Heritage Site on Praslin island is a natural palm jungle of coco de Mer palm, indigenous to Seychelles. This stunning nature reserve is home to over 4,000 Coco de Mer palms.

The Coco de Mer was first thought to have grown under the sea because it will often wash up on the coasts of India. But when the French landed on Seychelles in the 1700s, they found the actual source.

Vallee de Mai is also a bird watcher’s paradise. Here you can spot the endangered Seychelles bulbul and highly endangered black parrot. Both of which are endemic to Seychelles. Keep an eye also on the lovely blue pigeon, Seychelles warbler, tree frogs, and tiger chameleons.

The Aride Island Nature Reserve is also a must visit.

6. Play Golf

Golf is another one of Seychelles’ activities that do not involve water. Well, sort of.

We might be biased about this, but we just love playing golf. And if you are a golf enthusiast like us, you should include playing a round of golf (or two) on things to do in Seychelles.

If you have a penchant and patience for the gentlemen’s game, you are in for a treat in Seychelles. There are two excellent golf courses in Seychelles–the Seychelles Golf Club and The Lemuria Golf Course.

Seychelles Golf Club

The Seychelles Golf Club view.

The Seychelles Golf Club is a 9-hole golf course with 4,992 yards of fairway. Built on old coconut plantation grounds, the Seychelles Golf Club is the only golf course found on the main Mahé island. Tee off in wide-open greens dotted by a mix of coconut and palm trees with lush green vegetation in the background.

The Seychelles Golf Club is just 10-minute from the Seychelles International Airport at Pointe Larue. The club is open to the public, so visitors can book a tee time and possibly participate in a sponsored competition.

Lémuria Golf Course

The Lemuria Champions Golf Course.

The Lémuria Golf Course, on the other hand, is located inside the Constance Lémuria Resort. The Lémuria Golf Course is a full 18-hole golf course that was voted one of the top 10 golf courses in Africa by CNN in 2013. This championship golf course will challenge any golfers because of its wide water hazards and fairways dotted by coconut, palm trees, and rich vegetation.

7. Go on a Helicopter Tour

Experience flying in style and luxury as you take an aerial tour of the Seychelles islands.

One of the ultimate things to do in Seychelles is to explore the islands from above.

If you are pressed for time and want to soak in as much of Seychelles, go on a helicopter tour. And with the many helicopter tour provider, you will never run out of options.

Experience flying in style and luxury as you take an aerial tour of the Seychelles islands. There’s a 15, 130, and 90-minute scenic flights to take you on various themed experiences. Explore the diverse lagoon of Seychelles from above and opt for a private picnic in the most secluded spots.

Live your Seychelles Vacation Every Day.

Can’t get enough of Seychelles?

Instead of going to Seychelles on vacation, why not make Seychelles your second home? Or perhaps a permanent home?

Imagine living on a vacation every day and ticking off all the things to do in Seychelles on your list. And the good news is, it is possible!

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