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10 of the Safest Countries in Europe

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In this article, have a look at 10 of the safest countries in Europe, particularly notable for their low crime rates, high global peace index rankings, and stable political environments.

As the world continues to evolve, discerning individuals are increasingly seeking safe and secure destinations for both travel and investment opportunities.

Understanding the safety levels of various European countries isn’t just about peace of mind when traveling, it also plays a crucial role in making sound investment decisions. Indeed, knowledge of Europe’s safety landscape is essential.

To learn more about how Nomad Capitalist can help you with your second citizenship, travel, and international investment needs, contact us today. We’re ready to help you maximize your wealth by going where you’re treated best.

The Safest Low-Tax Countries in Europe

Understanding Safety through the Global Peace Index


The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is a think-tank organization that offers reliable data and key performance indicators (KPI). It publishes an insightful KPI known as the Global Peace Index (GPI) annually.

The GPI, a critical measure in gauging the safety of countries around the world, has been our guide in putting together this article.

The Global Peace Index evaluates countries based on a broad spectrum of 23 indicators that cover everything from levels of violence and crime, the likelihood of violent demonstrations, to more complex factors like political instability and military expenditure.

This comprehensive analysis allows the GPI to reliably represent the safety and peacefulness of a country.

For individuals exploring travel and investment opportunities, understanding a country’s GPI rank is crucial. Countries with a high global peace index are typically stable countries, with very low crime rates and high political stability.

These are factors that contribute not only to personal safety but also to a stable economic climate – essential for investment.

In the context of European countries, renowned for their rich culture and natural beauty, the GPI provides a reliable guide for travelers and investors alike.

Europe’s Top Ten Safest Countries According to the Global Peace Index


Let’s now explore the top ten safest countries in Europe according to the Global Peace Index, and have a look into their culture, safety measures, and overall appeal.

10. Finland (GPI Score: 1.439)

Known for its incredible scenery, Finland is a safe country that boasts a very low crime rate.

Its government, in synergy with its citizens, works tirelessly to maintain this status.

The Finnish people take pride in their peaceful society, while their unique culture, marked by a love for the natural beauty of the land – think northern lights and national parks – enriches the overall experience of living or visiting here.

9. Hungary (GPI Score: 1.411)

Located in Central Europe, Hungary is not just known for its medieval castles and hearty cuisine, but also for its status as a safe country.

The government’s emphasis on social welfare has contributed to low crime rates and a high global peace index ranking.

Hungarian society is committed to maintaining safety and stability, key factors that make it an excellent destination for travelers and investors. It also enjoys low taxes including Europe’s lowest corporate tax rate, currently set at just 9%.

8. Switzerland (GPI Score: 1.357)

Switzerland consistently ranks high on the global peace index and is considered a very safe country, thanks to its low crime rates and effective government policies.

Swiss citizens play a significant role in maintaining this status, bolstering the country’s reputation as a safe destination for tourists and a stable platform for investors.

7. Czechia (GPI Score: 1.318)

The Czech Republic, renowned for its vibrant culture and stunning urban landscapes, stands out as a secure European country.

The capital city, Prague, boasts an outstanding safety record, attributed to its remarkably low crime rates and efficient law enforcement measures.

The Czech government’s focus on safety and stability, along with the citizens’ collective effort, contributes to its high global peace index score. It also enjoys lower taxes compared to many of its central European neighbors.

6. Slovenia (GPI Score: 1.316)

Slovenia, home to the stunning Lake Bled, is a small but incredibly safe country.

The Slovenian government prioritizes safety and peaceful living, reflected in its low crime rates.

The country’s safety, natural beauty, and cultural richness, make it a great destination for tourists and nomad capitalists alike.

5. Portugal (GPI Score: 1.301)

Known for its beautiful landscapes and good weather, Portugal is also recognized as a safe country with low crime rates.

The Portuguese government’s investment in safety and crime prevention programs has paid off, earning it a high ranking in the global peace index.

The collective effort of Portuguese citizens in maintaining a peaceful society adds to the allure of this vibrant country.

4. Austria (GPI Score: 1.300)

Austria, famous for its charming towns and renowned ski resorts, is an essential destination for travelers.

Apart from its breath-taking landscapes, it stands out as one of the safest countries globally.

Austrian citizens and government work hand-in-hand to maintain low crime rates and high levels of safety, making Austria a truly appealing destination for travel and investment.

3. Denmark (GPI Score: 1.296)

Denmark, a Scandinavian country with a rich culture and beautiful landscapes, holds an impressive GPI score.

The Danish government and its citizens work diligently to uphold their status as one of Europe’s safest countries. With very low crime rates and a reputation for being extremely safe, Denmark is an attractive destination for both tourists though is let down by having some of the world’s highest taxes.

2. Ireland (GPI Score: 1.288)

Known for its majestic coastlines and rolling green hills, the Republic of Ireland ranks as the second safest country in Europe. Three factors have contributed to the country’s remarkable transformation; EU membership, foreign investment (most notably American investment) and the Northern Ireland peace deal which was brokered in the 1990s.

21st century Ireland is now one of the most stable countries on the planet world and plays host to many of the world’s most successful companies, including US tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and Google.

The Irish government’s commitment to maintaining a safe and peaceful environment, combined with the proactive role of its citizens, results in very low crime rates. Ireland’s rich culture and safety measures not only make it a delightful place for tourists but also a promising country for investment.

1. Iceland (GPI Score: 1.107)

Iceland tops this list. It’s not only the safest country in Europe, but also in the entire world based on the Global Peace Index.

This island nation is famous for its natural beauty, including geysers and the northern lights, but it’s the Icelandic approach to safety that truly stands out. The government, in partnership with its citizens, ensures that crime rates remain minimal and that the country maintains a peaceful and stable environment.

In Iceland, safety is more than a statistic; it’s a lifestyle woven into the nation’s fabric though the Icelandic lifestyle is something of an acquired taste.

We can certainly see how the country’s rugged and remote geography can appeal to some looking to escape the daily grind, but as is the norm with Scandinavian countries, the issue once again becomes one of high living costs and high taxes.

Journeying Through the Safest European Countries – Final Thoughts


As we’ve explored, each of the countries we’ve discussed offers not only rich culture and natural beauty, but also a strong commitment to safety and stability. These factors greatly enhance their economic appeal, making them even more attractive to investors than ever.

Their high GPI rankings attest to the concerted efforts of both government and citizens in maintaining low crime rates and a peaceful environment, critical factors for travelers, digital nomads, and investors alike.

It’s clear that Europe, with its mix of incredible scenery, stable countries, and very low crime rates, is a continent that prides itself on safety.

Whether your next destination is for second citizenship or investment, exploring the world’s safest countries is a journey well worth undertaking.

Your journey doesn’t have to stop here. For a more comprehensive approach to international investment, global living, and identifying safe countries for your next move, contact us at Nomad Capitalist. Go on your next journey with confidence, knowing you’re equipped with insights into the safest destinations all over the world.

Safest Countries in Europe Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Safest Countries in Europe?

According to the Global Peace Index for 2022, the top ten safest countries in Europe are:

Which European Country Is Safest?

Iceland is currently considered the safest country in Europe and in the entire world, according to the Global Peace Index. Ireland is the safest country in the EU.

How Is the Global Peace Index Calculated?

The Global Peace Index, developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace, is calculated based on 23 different indicators. These include crime rates, political instability, violent crime, armed conflicts, and other safety-related factors.

Why Is Safety Important for Travel and Investment?

Safety is a key consideration for both travel and investment. In terms of travel, it impacts personal security and overall enjoyment. For investment, a stable, safe country often translates into a more reliable and secure economic climate.

What Makes a Country Safe?

A safe country is characterized by low crime rates, political stability, minimal violent crime, and a lack of armed conflicts. Other factors such as social welfare, a strong justice system, and low levels of corruption also contribute to a country’s safety.

Are the Safest Countries Also the Most Peaceful?

Often, there is a strong correlation between a country’s safety and its peacefulness. The Global Peace Index reflects this by taking into account factors that contribute to both safety and peace.


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