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What It Means To Go Where You’re Treated Best

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Going where you’re treated better is not limited to investment opportunities, it also means gaining the freedom to travel and be who you want to be. 

Leaving your country and stepping outside your comfort zone gives you a greater perspective and a deeper understanding of cultures allowing you to grow and develop. Only then can you begin to understand the true meaning of the “go where you’re treated best” mindset. 

This year’s Nomad Capitalist Live Event, the number one event for global citizens, will be held in Kuala Lumpur from September 6-9, 2023. Guests will have the opportunity to listen to empowering speakers, including Doug Casey and Zuby.

In this article, we will take a quick look at what “go where you’re treated best” means for them, and the lessons you can apply to your life and your business. 

Would you like to learn how to live the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle? Then don’t miss out on the last chance to get a ticket for Nomad Capitalist Live. During the four days, you will learn what it means and how to go where you are treated best. 

NCL is not just an opportunity to get expert advice directly from some major influencers, it also gives you the chance to meet like-minded people and get access to elite global citizens in a luxurious setting. 

“A Sense Of Gratitude And Perspective”

Zuby, the Oxford-educated British rapper, author, and podcast host, will speak at this year’s event. 

A creative entrepreneur, Zuby was born in England and spent a big part of his life in Saudi Arabia. With more than 1.7 million followers on social media, he is not shy of controversy and expressing his honest and refreshing opinions. He is a true advocate of personal freedom and going where you are treated best. 

When our founder Mr. Henderson sat down with Zuby, he spoke of the benefits that come from travel, having visited 38 different countries himself. His international lifestyle has given him a unique perspective on going where you fit in or are treated best. 

The various countries where Zuby has lived have helped to form who he is, and he believes in taking the best from each place you visit.

The Woke World is Mad: Zuby

In the words of Zuby, “just the experience of travel will give you a sense of gratitude and perspective and information that you can’t really truly get in any other way. There is no substitute for that experience.”

There are a lot of factors that are part of going where you are treated best. How would you know if the place where you are born is the place where you are treated best if you have never explored outside of that? 

“Enemy of the State”

Doug Casey, aka the International Man, has personally visited around 160 countries and has lived and been a real estate owner in a number of them. Doug, who describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist, wrote the book International Man back in 1976. 

Check out our interview with Doug Casey on The International Man on Nomads and Crisis Investing to get a flavor of his expertise. 

Doug Casey: The International Man on Nomads and Crisis Investing

Speaking at Nomad Capitalist Live back in 2021, Doug Casey remarked if he were to retitle his book now, he would entitle it “Enemy of the State” and highlighted the reasons why you would want to get out from under the state. Comparing good taxpayers to a milk cow. 

Doug believes in the concept of files or a group of people; it doesn’t matter what country you are from or your race, but rather that you share important values and philosophy. 

True freedom means pledging your loyalty to a file rather than a country and that your real countrymen are those who share your values, not your country of origin. 

Becoming more international in your outlook means you broaden your horizons and this, in turn, removes your dependency on just one country. 

Where People Share Your Values

Although two very distinct characters, Doug Casey and his fellow speaker Zuby do share an appreciation for personal, travel and financial freedom. 

Going where you are treated best looks different for each person, but the core concepts are generally the same. And before you can understand what that truly means for you, you first must get outside of your comfort zone. 

Freedom means reducing your dependency on one country or one government, finding new perspectives, making new friends, and surrounding yourself with people who share your values. 

At this year’s Nomad Capitalist Live event, you will be truly inspired by our great speakers, hearing from people who live the offshore life for real, with first-hand experience of what it means to go where you are treated best. Don’t miss out; tickets always sell out quickly.


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