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5 of the Safest Countries in North America for Nomads

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In this article, we’ll reveal the top 5 safest countries in North America. For the purposes of this article we also include countries in Central America and other Caribbean nations in the northern hemisphere.

We’re also not including the US in this list since the majority of our audience already lives there and concerns about crime and growing political unrest in America is prompting many Americans to leave.

As such, our discussion takes into account factors like political stability, crime rates, and the Global Peace Index, ensuring we focus on countries with minimal risk of violent crime or civil unrest.

By exploring these safe havens, you’ll make an informed decision on where to take your next adventure or business venture.

We invite you to read on to know more about the safest places to live, invest, and visit in North America. And to know more about international investment opportunities and second citizenship, contact us at Nomad Capitalist today.

Understanding the Global Peace Index and Its Importance

The Global Peace Index (GPI) is a renowned and widely used key metric for peace and safety. It was developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

It serves as a crucial tool for assessing and ranking countries based on their levels of safety and peace. It provides a comprehensive measure that helps in differentiating the safest countries from those grappling with political instability and violence.

The GPI incorporates various metrics, such as the level of violent crime, political stability, and even the impact of natural disasters, to provide an overall score for each country. It gives individuals, particularly potential visitors and investors, a comprehensive understanding of the country’s safety.

Utilizing the GPI can assist in making informed decisions when selecting destinations to visit or invest in, especially within the continent of North America.

However, it’s essential to understand that while the GPI is a valuable tool, it is just one metric among many that can evaluate a country’s safety. Other aspects, such as personal experiences, local news, and government travel advisories, should also be considered.

There might be safe regions within countries that have a lower overall GPI score, and similarly, there could be dangerous areas within countries that score highly on the GPI.

This guide utilizes the GPI to rank the safest countries in North America but also factors in elements of culture, history, and the ongoing efforts of governments and citizens in maintaining and improving safety.

Through this balanced approach, we aim to provide a nuanced overview of safety across various countries.

Revealing the 5 Safest Countries in North America for Nomads

Before we proceed to the list, it’s worth noting that the rankings are based on the GPI scores for 2022, demonstrating the safety and stability of these countries during that period.

5. Jamaica (GPI score: 1.990)

Famous for its reggae music and picturesque beaches, Jamaica is a top tourist destination.

Many will no doubt be surprised to see Jamaica on the list, especially as the US State Department advises against travelling there, but as long as you stick to tourist areas you will be safe.

4. Dominican Republic (GPI score: 1.990)

This Caribbean nation is celebrated for its stunning beaches and merengue music.

Although there are areas with higher crime rates, the Dominican government’s focus on enhancing safety has led to a marked decline in violent crimes, making it an increasingly safe country.

The culture is rich, with a mix of influences that culminate in a lively, vibrant atmosphere.

3. Panama (GPI score: 1.876)

Panama is considered a secure country for affluent individuals to live and invest in. It’s also a popular retirement destination.

The government’s measures to curb crime and enhance political stability have been successful. Panamanian culture, a blend of multiple influences, offers a rich and diverse experience to visitors. It’s also attractive for its tax system, favorable tax benefits for companies and residence.

Panama is also an alluring tax jurisdiction with a territorial tax system, meaning that only income and capital gains earned in the country are taxed. 

The Central American nation has no wealth, inheritance, estate, or gift tax. This tax-friendly policy of foreign income applies to resident individuals in Panama as well as Panamanian companies.

Offshore company in Panama

2. Costa Rica (GPI score: 1.732)

Costa Rica scores as the second the safest country in the region, with an extremely low rate of violent crime.

Costa Rica’s government and citizens are dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure environment, which is evident in its high GPI score.

Costa Rica’s culture revolves around ‘Pura Vida’ or ‘pure life’, symbolizing the country’s commitment to a relaxed and safe lifestyle. From its rich biodiversity to its world-renowned coffee, Costa Rica is one of the most popular destination for tourists, retirees and digital nomads.

But what most most people don’t know is that it’s also a place to go if you want to reduce your taxes.

1. Canada (GPI score: 1.389)

Topping the list, Canada consistently ranks as the safest country in North America.

Its diverse culture, robust political stability, and low crime rates are a testament to the country’s commitment to safety.

But, like its neighbor to the south, Canada is not without its problems, be they social, economic or political.

Once upon a time, Canada was a beacon to weary Americans looking for a peaceful and more peaceful life, but that’s changing. Nowadays we’re noticing an increasing number of both American and Canadian citizens growing dissatisfied with North America generally and moving farther afield.

There’s A Whole World Out There

Looking at one continent sort of misses the point, there’s a whole world out there begging to be explored and we can help you find the perfect home.

People are waking up to the fact that the best countries to live in are not the countries where they were born, but actually overseas.

That’s why we’re seeing more and clients looking to move away from America and Canada to countries like Malta and Ireland. Why? Because they’re English-speaking countries offering European citizenship and far greater tax benefits.

So if you’re concerned about the safety and wellbeing of your family, while also worried about the direction your country’s government is taking, it’s time to take steps to safeguard your future.

Talk to us about creating a bespoke Action Plan today and go where you’re treated best.

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Safest Countries in North America Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Safest Countries in North America?

According to the 2022 Global Peace Index, the top 5 safest countries in North America are:

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic

Where Does the USA Rank in Safest Countries?

The ranking of the USA varies year by year on the Global Peace Index due to many factors, including political stability, violent crime rates, and civil unrest. The country’s 2022 score “low” is evident as the United States stands at the 129th position, with a score of 2.44. Directly above the U.S. is Azerbaijan, while Brazil follows closely below.

What Is the Global Peace Index (GPI)?

The GPI is a measure developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace that ranks countries based on their relative safety and peacefulness. It uses various metrics, including levels of violence, political instability, and the impact of natural disasters, to provide a comprehensive safety score for each country.

How Reliable Is the GPI for Determining a Country’s Safety?

While the GPI is a comprehensive and widely used tool to determine a country’s safety, it is just one of many metrics. It is important to consider other factors, such as personal experiences, local news, and government travel advisories, when assessing the safety of a country.

Are There Safe Regions in Countries with Lower GPI Scores?

Yes, there can be safe regions within countries that have lower overall GPI scores. Safety can vary widely within a country, with certain areas being safer than others. Thorough research and staying informed are essential when planning to visit or invest in any country.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Country to Visit or Invest In?

Besides safety, consider factors such as the culture, economic stability, investment opportunities, and the general quality of life in the country. Also, make sure you have travel insurance as an added layer of protection during your visit.


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