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12 of the Safest Countries in The World

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In a world that can often seem uncertain it makes sense to have a Plan B. Since safety and security is a critical consideration, this article looks at the safest countries in the world.

Our journey takes us through twelve nations recognized for their very low crime rate, peaceful societies, and political stability. These countries also offer incredible opportunities for travel, business, and potentially, a new place to call home.

Having a stable home impacts everything – your lifestyle, your investments, your peace of mind. Let us help you find the best offshore solution for you with a specially tailored Action Plan.

Understanding the Global Peace Index

Before we list the safest countries in the world, we must first understand the metrics that help us determine which nations top the list. One key tool we use is the Global Peace Index (GPI).

The GPI is a remarkable measure that gauges global peace across the world’s countries, looking at 23 different indicators, including violent crime, societal safety and security, and political instability.

It’s like a health check-up for a nation’s level of peace, and it’s updated annually to keep tabs on how countries evolve over time.

Why the Global Peace Index Matters

So, why should you care about the Global Peace Index?

Here’s the thing: this isn’t just about the number of violent crimes or a country’s political stability. It’s about understanding the environment you might be stepping into, whether you’re looking to travel, invest, or move.

Suppose you’re contemplating the idea of relocating to a country in Europe or perhaps considering investment opportunities within the European Union. Understanding the GPI could help you make a more informed decision.

It might even lead you to a country you hadn’t considered, like Slovenia, known for its high safety ranking.

Global Peace Index: A Tool for a Safer Future

In essence, the Global Peace Index is a tool that can guide you towards a safer future. By understanding the societal safety and security landscape of a country, you can make more informed choices.

The GPI can help us find countries that aren’t just safe, but also ripe with opportunities for investment and growth. And remember, safer countries often equate to better investment environments.

If you’re looking for advice on exploring the safest countries according to the GPI, Nomad Capitalist can help you discover the most peaceful and viable regions around the globe that might just be your next investment or travel destination.

Exploring the Safest Countries in the World

Here is a compilation of the top twelve safest countries in the world, ranked according to their Global Peace Index scores for 2022. The comprehensive report by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) serves as the source for these scores.

1. Iceland: Remote & Peaceful, But Pricey


Iceland is ranked as the safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index (GPI score of 1.107).

This breath-taking country, besides having a very low crime rate, benefits from a stable political climate and effective law enforcement, which contributes significantly to its peaceful atmosphere. Iceland also scores high in terms of digital security and infrastructure security.

Its naturally beautiful landscapes, including majestic glaciers, rejuvenating hot springs, and dramatic geysers, make it a haven for those seeking peace, beauty, and adventure in equal measure.

Although it enjoys a high quality of living, the cost of living in Iceland is high. And, as with Scandinavian countries in general, Iceland also suffers from high taxes.

2. New Zealand: The Peaceful Adventure Land

New Zealand

New Zealand, another one of the world’s safest countries (GPI score of 1.236), is a haven of tranquility situated in the Southern Hemisphere. New Zealanders, or Kiwis as the like to be called, are known for their friendly and welcoming nature.

The country’s low crime rate is supplemented by a strong emphasis on societal safety and peacefulness, creating an environment that feels secure and welcoming. The nation’s natural beauty and a plethora of outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and surfing further enhance its appeal.

Despite its modest size, New Zealand consistently demonstrates a commendable commitment to upholding peace and guaranteeing an outstanding quality of life for those who call it home.

3. Ireland: The Emerald Isle


Ireland, the third safest country in the world as per the Global Peace Index (GPI score of 1.267), shines with its blend of peace, culture, and friendly people. The country’s very low crime rate is balanced by the warmth of its people, making anyone feel at home.

Furthermore, Ireland’s societal safety, coupled with a lack of political instability, adds to its peacefulness.

The lush green countryside, a treasure trove of music, literature, and history, and a population known for their humor and hospitality, makes Ireland not just a safe country but a destination rich in experiences and heritage.

It’s skilled, native-English-speaking workforce, low corporate tax rate, and flexible non-dom tax regime also makes it appealing to foreign investors.

4. Denmark: Low Crime Rates But High Tax Rates


Denmark, listed fourth in the Global Peace Index (GPI score of 1.281), embodies the essence of Scandinavian peace and harmony. The nation is recognized for its very low crime rate and the high standard of living it offers its residents, courtesy of a robust social welfare system.

Of course, all of that doesn’t come cheap, which is why this stable European nation has some of the highest taxes in the world.

5. Austria: Peace and Culture in the Heart of Europe


Fifth on the Global Peace Index is Austria (GPI score of 1.283), a country where safety, culture, and natural beauty converge in a harmonious blend.

With a low crime rate and high societal safety, Austria has managed to create a peaceful and secure environment for its citizens and visitors. The country’s political stability and effective law enforcement further contribute to its high safety ranking.

Known for its music, art, architecture, and picturesque landscapes, Austria offers a safe haven for those seeking both cultural richness and peace.

6. Portugal: A Tranquil Retreat on the Iberian Peninsula


Portugal ranked sixth on the Global Peace Index (GPI score of 1.291), is a testament to Europe’s commitment to peace and safety. This vibrant country is recognized for its low crime rate, societal safety, and remarkable social harmony across various social and economic classes.

Portugal’s beautiful beaches, historic cities, and scrumptious cuisine contribute to its appeal. Coupled with a peaceful and secure atmosphere, Portugal offers a mix of rich cultural experiences and safety that is hard to resist.

It also enjoys a far better tax system compared to neighboring Spain, as well as a much higher standard of English fluency.

7. Slovenia: Peaceful And Affordable

Slovenia, the cheapest place to live

Slovenia, standing proudly as the seventh safest country on the Global Peace Index (GPI score of 1.292), is a testament to Central Europe’s commitment to peace and safety.

This relatively homogeneous population enjoys a very low crime rate and a high degree of societal safety, thanks to the country’s strong economy and effective law enforcement.

Famous for its natural beauty that encompasses mountains, lakes, and forests, as well as its wine production, Slovenia is a country that has managed to balance safety, peace, and a high quality of life.

8. Czech Republic: Affordable Center Of Culture

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, ranked eighth on the Global Peace Index (GPI score of 1.293), is a testament to the peace and stability that pervades much of Central Europe.

This inland country maintains a low crime rate, underpinned by a strong societal safety framework and political stability.

Known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and delectable beer, the Czech Republic offers a secure, peaceful environment alongside a strong cultural heritage.

It also boasts lower taxes compared to most of its neighbors and is generally quite business-friendly.

9. Switzerland: The Alpine Sanctuary of Peace and Prosperity

Switzerland - Average Annual Income

Switzerland, taking the ninth spot on the Global Peace Index (GPI score of 1.295), is synonymous with safety and tranquility.

The country’s low crime rate, strict gun control laws, and effective law enforcement practices are components of a broader societal safety system that ensures peace and security.

Known for its stunning mountainous landscapes, serene lakes, and world-famous chocolates, Switzerland provides an idyllic setting for peaceful living and investing.

10. Canada: The Northern Haven of Peace and Friendliness

Canada has a population density of four people per square kilometer (11 people per square mile).

Canada, a country known for its friendly people and beautiful natural scenery, ranks tenth on the Global Peace Index (GPI score of 1.296).

Canada’s commitment to maintaining a low crime rate and ensuring high societal safety is evident in its welcoming and secure communities. The country’s peaceful nature is further enriched by its love for hockey, strong democratic government, and commitment to equal pay across different economic classes.

Canada presents a unique blend of safety, multicultural vibrancy, and natural beauty.

11. Japan: A Fusion of Ancient Traditions and Modern Safety

Tokyo, Japan

Japan, listed eleventh on the Global Peace Index (GPI score of 1.298), is a fascinating blend of tradition, innovation, and safety. Despite being a densely populated country, Japan boasts a low crime rate and high societal safety.

The country’s commitment to maintaining law and order, and its well-trained police force, contribute to its peaceful atmosphere.

Indeed, Japan’s unique culture and safe environment make it a compelling destination for travelers and investors alike.

Japan also scores high for innovation and economic clout, but is let down by high taxes and famously strict immigration policies.

12. Finland: Nordic Tranquility and Safety

Finland, Safest Countries in Europe

Finland, rounding out the top twelve safest countries in the world according to the Global Peace Index (GPI score of 1.299), is a Nordic paradise.

The country’s low crime rate, coupled with high societal safety and a peaceful environment, makes it an ideal place for people looking for safety and tranquility.

Known for its stunning natural beauty – including vast forests, pristine lakes, and beautiful islands – Finland offers a serene lifestyle, facilitated by its societal safety, equal pay across economic classes, and strong digital security measures.

These twelve countries represent the pinnacle of peace, safety, and tranquility in our world today, making them the ideal choices for those seeking to travel, invest, or settle in a peaceful, secure environment.

Find Your Peace in the Safest Countries in the World

From Iceland’s geysers and hot springs to Finland’s lakes and islands, these countries exemplify what it means to prioritize societal safety and maintain peace.

Each of these nations, despite their diverse cultures and landscapes, shares a common thread of peace, security, and low crime rates.

One thing you will note, however, is how these countries differ in terms of taxation. Many of these countries, but not all, offer high taxes.

And if you dig deeper you will notice this high-versus-low only tells half of the story. While on the surface, some of these countries may appear to have high taxes, they may offer special tax breaks or other legal methods to reduce your taxes.

Learning about all of these tax reduction methods, which countries offer them and how they work exactly takes a lot of effort. But this is precisely what we do every day at Nomad Capitalist, helping our clients pick the best solutions from all of the options available worldwide.

So if you are looking to relocate to a safe and stable country, but also want to find the best all-round solution for your offshore needs that offers minimal taxes and maximum travel and investment freedoms contact us today.

Safest Countries in the World Frequently Asked Questions

What are the safest countries in the world?

The Global Peace Index is a reliable source of information that provides insights into the safest countries in the world. These countries demonstrate remarkable attributes such as remarkably low crime rates, well-established societal safety measures, and unwavering political stability. Nations like Iceland, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, and Finland are ranked among the safest in the world.

What does the Global Peace Index measure?

The Global Peace Index, a product of the Economist Intelligence Unit, quantifies peace across the globe by evaluating countries and regions on a set of diverse criteria. This broad assessment considers numerous factors, from violent crime levels and political stability to the scale of military forces and the threat of terrorism. Additionally, the Index takes a keen interest in societal safety and security, while not neglecting the impact of both domestic and international conflict.

What makes a country safe?

A safe country is one where the crime rates are low, particularly violent crime. But it also involves more than just low crime rates. Political stability, effective law enforcement, societal safety, and the absence of conflict are all factors that contribute to a country’s safety ranking. It’s also important to consider personal security, digital security, and infrastructure security.

Which European countries are considered safe?

A considerable number of European nations, especially those within the European Union, garner high safety ratings. Their safety is attributed to exceptionally low crime rates coupled with a significant emphasis on societal safety and security. The Global Peace Index highlights several of these countries as remarkably safe, a list which includes Iceland, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic.

Why does Iceland often rank as the safest country?

Iceland frequently ranks as the world’s safest country due to a number of factors. These include its very low crime rate, lack of military expenditures, political stability, and strong societal safety measures. Iceland also has a relatively small and homogeneous population, which tends to result in fewer societal conflicts.

Is a low crime rate the only factor considered in the Global Peace Index?

No, while a low crime rate is an important factor, the Global Peace Index also considers many other aspects that contribute to a country’s overall safety. Among other factors, the ranking considers aspects such as societal safety and security, the extent of militarization, the stability of political structures, as well as the presence and magnitude of domestic and international conflicts.

How does political stability influence a country’s safety ranking?

Political stability is key to a country’s safety ranking as it reduces the likelihood of violent demonstrations or internal conflict that could disrupt societal safety. Stable political climates tend to have more effective law enforcement, fewer violent crimes, and increased societal safety.


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