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10 of the Best Low-Tax English-Speaking Countries for Nomads (Number 9 Might Surprise You)

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This article will reveal the best tax-friendly countries, where the burden of income tax and capital gains tax is minimized, creating favourable opportunities for high-net-worth individuals.

We’ll particularly focus on English-speaking countries, diminishing the language barrier for those who primarily speak English and opening up a world of ease for business and leisure alike.

You’ll discover a list of 10 of the best low-tax, English-speaking countries, which not only offer financial freedom through low personal income tax rates and corporate tax, but also promise booming finance sectors and enticing foreign investment environments.

This knowledge could drastically reduce your tax rate on capital gains realized and other income generated, affording you an advantageous financial position.

To explore more of these lucrative opportunities further and learn how to maximize your wealth, mitigate your tax burden, and enhance your lifestyle in some of the best English-speaking countries around the world, contact us at Nomad Capitalist.

Start your journey towards greater financial freedom and enjoy the benefits of living and investing in tax-friendly nations.

The Significance of Choosing English-Speaking Countries for Travel and Investment

Choosing to travel or invest in English-speaking countries can greatly ease the transition for those more comfortable in English. The absence of a language barrier makes things easier and saves time in business, social interactions, and daily activities.

Speaking English in a foreign country can be helpful, but there are other important factors for expats to consider.

Political stability, safety, cost of living, and cultural richness are all important aspects to think about when deciding to invest or move to English-speaking countries.

It’s crucial to consider these factors along with the benefits of being in an English-speaking environment when thinking about investing or relocating.

Remember to seek professional advice to understand the complete picture of tax burdens, foreign income handling, and property tax implications in your chosen destination.

Other English-speaking countries may offer attractive tax rates, but a comprehensive understanding of the local tax system can prevent unpleasant surprises.

Whether you are seeking to invest in foreign capital, reduce your tax rate, or obtain residency in an English-speaking country with favourable tax laws, making a fully informed decision is of paramount importance.

Revealing the 10 Best Low-Tax English-Speaking Countries for Nomads

Bahamas Residency By Investment Program

In the increasingly globalized world, mobility and international opportunities have become a cornerstone for high-net-worth individuals and investors. While various factors contribute to the attractiveness of a country for relocation or investment, the combination of low tax rates and English-speaking environments is particularly appealing.

In this section, we dive deeper into the tax structures and language benefits of ten top-notch destinations.

1. Bahamas

The Bahamas is renowned for its tropical allure, clear waters, and sandy beaches. But its benefits go beyond just the physical beauty; it is also recognized for incredible tax advantages.

This nation doesn’t charge any income tax or capital gains tax, which is really great for the affluent and investors. Plus, English is the official language, making communication easy for English speakers.

Most Bahamans speak English, ensuring a smooth cultural transition for nomads and expatriates.

2. Bermuda

Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory, offers an appealing blend of British and American cultures.

As English is the official language, it offers a comfortable environment for English-speaking expatriates.

While it doesn’t impose income tax or capital gains tax, Bermuda compensates with relatively higher property taxes, so it’s essential to factor this into any decision about relocating or investing here.

3. Singapore

Singapore, as an international hub for trade and finance, offers an attractive economy and a high standard of living.

Its booming finance sector and favourable tax laws, including a competitive corporate tax rate of 17%, make it an attractive destination for businesses.

Singapore imposes taxes on a territorial basis, meaning residents are not taxed on worldwide income, including income obtained from overseas paid into a Singapore bank account, making it a great location for tax optimisation. To become a tax resident, you would need to live for most of each year within three years.

Furthermore, English is one of the two official languages, ensuring ease of communication in both business and daily life.

4. Malta

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta offers an intriguing mix of cultures along with an appealing personal income tax rate, peaking at 35% for the highest earners.

Although Malta is not a tax haven, it has a significantly appealing non-dom tax regime, as they only tax individuals domiciled or resident there. The Mediterranean island imposes a corporate tax rate of 35%. However, getting a refund or credit of the tax paid by a company on the distributed profits is possible, reducing the tax burden to 0%-5%.

English is one of two official languages there, ensuring ease of communication for English-speaking nomads and investors.

5. Ireland

With its rich history and captivating landscapes, Ireland also offers a strong appeal for businesses with its low corporate tax rate of 12.5%.

English is widely spoken, and the country’s favourable tax laws have contributed to a robust economy and a thriving technology sector.

Ireland offers a mix of cultural richness and financial incentives for foreign investors and nomads alike.

6. Hong Kong

Hong Kong, while primarily Cantonese-speaking, recognizes English as an official language.

Hong Kong’s tax system only taxes income generated within Hong Kong. The corporate tax rate is a competitive 8-16.5%, and the booming economy and strategic location make it a lucrative place for foreign investment.

It is possible, however, to obtain a 0% corporate tax rate if you can show that your business is entirely offshore or outside Hong Kong.

7. Cyprus

Cyprus, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, is not just a vacation paradise, but it’s also becoming increasingly known as an attractive place for businesses.

English is widely spoken in this country, especially in the business sector.

The country has a progressive personal income tax system, with the rate peaking at 35% for income over €60,000. The corporate tax rate stands at a competitive 12.5%.

The foremost advantage for Cypriot tax residents is its non-domiciled tax program, which means being exempt from tax on income, dividends, interest, and rental income from outside Cyprus. Its favourable tax set-up makes it a very attractive place for entrepreneurs but requires careful business structuring to be sure not to trigger permanent establishment.

8. Malaysia

Known for its diverse culture and stunning landscapes, Malaysia also provides a tax-friendly environment.

It has a progressive personal income tax system, topping out at 30% for high earners.

However, there is a tax exemption on foreign-sourced income, provided it has been taxed in the country of origin, this tax exemption will be valid until December 31st, 2026. Non-resident foreign income is still tax-exempt, regardless of any conditions.

English is widely spoken, especially in business settings, facilitating easy communication for foreign investors.

9. Philippines

As a former American colony, English is commonly used in government, education, and business sectors in the Philippines.

If you are a non-resident citizen, you are taxed only on income from sources within the Philippines. However, resident citizens are taxed on their worldwide income.

The Philippines offers a blend of cultural richness and a promising business environment, particularly for English speakers.

10. Mauritius

Mauritius is more than just a tourist paradise. It also provides a welcoming environment for businesses with its flat corporate tax rate of 15%.

There is a potential to reduce corporate tax to just 3% for companies engaged in the export of goods or manufacturing activities in a freeport zone.

This attractive rate, along with a stable government and a growing economy, makes it appealing for business investments.

As a multicultural island, English is one of the official languages, facilitating easier communication for English-speaking nomads and investors.

Mauritius’s residency program is particularly attractive, offering low tax rates for income generated outside the country, further enhancing its appeal for nomads.

While each of these countries offers unique tax advantages and English-speaking environments, it’s important to remember that tax implications can vary depending on personal circumstances.

Seek professional advice to fully understand the tax specifics and banking requirements for each destination. Each country possesses its unique attributes, and understanding these details is paramount to maximizing your financial freedom and seizing the opportunities each offers.

Final Thoughts: Seizing Opportunities in Low-Tax English-Speaking Countries

As high-net-worth individuals and investors, choosing a low-tax, English-speaking country for relocation or investment is a strategic move towards optimizing your tax burden and ensuring a comfortable lifestyle.

Whether it’s the zero income tax in the Bahamas, the booming finance sector in Singapore, or the attractive corporate tax rates in EU nations like Ireland and Cyprus, there are vast opportunities waiting in these destinations.

However, understanding tax laws and language advantages in your chosen country requires thorough research and professional advice.

Remember, the goal isn’t only to find a country with low taxes and English speakers but to find a location that offers financial freedom, cultural enrichment, and a high quality of life.

At Nomad Capitalist, our mission is to help you discover the best opportunities available in these low-tax, English-speaking countries.

Learn more about our services and allow us to assist you in making the best decisions for your unique travel, second citizenship, and investment needs. Contact us today, and allow us to help you go where you’re treated best.

Best Low-Tax, English-Speaking Countries Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Low-Tax English-Speaking Countries?

The best low-tax English-speaking countries for high-net-worth individuals and investors are the following:

Hong Kong
The Philippines

Each of these countries offers competitive tax rates and English-speaking environments, creating favourable conditions for investment and relocation.

What Is the Cheapest Country to Live In That Speaks English?

While the cost of living can vary depending on lifestyle and personal circumstances, countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, and Mauritius are known to have relatively low living costs while offering an English-speaking environment. Before making any decision, be sure to consider all aspects of living costs. Ask questions about housing, food, transportation, and healthcare.

How Do I Choose the Best Low-Tax, English-Speaking Country for Me?

Choosing the best country depends on your specific needs and goals. You need to ask questions about a country’s tax system, cost of living, quality of life, stability of the government, investment opportunities, and language. It’s advisable to seek professional advice to fully understand the potential tax implications and other relevant factors.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes in My Home Country If I Move to a Low-Tax English-Speaking Country?

Tax laws vary greatly by country. Some countries tax worldwide income, while others implement a territorial tax system. If you retain ties or generate income in your home country, you may still have tax obligations there. Always consult with a tax advisor to understand your specific tax obligations.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Living in an English-Speaking Country?

If you’re a native English speaker, living in an English-speaking country lets you conduct business easily. It also allows integration into the community smoother and more comfortable.


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