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10 of the Safest Countries in Africa for Nomads

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In this article, we’ll focus on the African continent, exploring ten of the safest countries on this diverse landmass.

Recognizing the significant value for nomads seeking novel travel and investment opportunities, we’ve put together this list based on the Global Peace Index. This key metric looks at a country’s crime rates, political stability, and societal safety.

Our list includes countries from West Africa to the coasts of the Indian Ocean. These places stand out not just for their relative security but also for their unique charm and potential for economic growth.

Why is it important to look at a country’s safety?

As a discerning nomad capitalist, knowing which countries are safe allows you to travel, live, and invest with confidence.

Discover more insights and strategies with us at Nomad Capitalist. We’ve designed our services to help global citizens like you leverage opportunities in the safest countries around the world. This lets make an informed decision as you go where you’re treated best.

Understanding the Global Peace Index and its Role in Determining Safe Countries

best countries invest africa

The Institute for Economics and Peace provides a key performance indicator known as the Global Peace Index (GPI). This crucial measure provides a comprehensive analysis of a country’s level of peace, political stability, and societal safety, thus playing an instrumental role in ranking the safest countries globally.

The GPI is composed of 23 different indicators, including violent crime rates, political instability, and levels of civil unrest. By meticulously evaluating these factors, the GPI effectively measures the relative safety and peace of a country.

In the case of African countries, for example, the GPI can provide insight into the safety situation in both coastal and landlocked nations, from North Africa to Southern Africa and East Africa to West Africa.

The GPI is not just a measure of crime and conflict, it also considers elements such as societal safety and security, the extent of ongoing international and domestic conflict, and the degree of militarization.

Such information is of particular importance to those looking for safe countries to visit, invest in, or call home, including independent travellers and nomads.

By understanding and taking into account the Global Peace Index, we can provide a well-rounded view of the safest countries, not only in Europe but also in other regions like the diverse continent of Africa, which will be the focus of our following discussions.

Top 10 Safest African Countries for Nomads: GPI-Ranked


So let’s venture into the African continent and explore its safest countries as ranked by the Global Peace Index.

10. Senegal (GPI Score: 1.916)

A vibrant West African country, Senegal boasts a rich culture characterized by music, dance, and a tradition of storytelling.

As one of the more politically stable nations in Africa, the democratic republic has managed to maintain relatively low crime rates due to its government’s effective security policies and active citizen engagement.

The capital city, Dakar, is known for its tourist attractions, such as lively markets and a beautiful coastline.

9. Namibia (GPI Score: 1.908)

This southern African nation made headlines when Angelina Jolie had a child there. The country is also famed for its vast deserts, diverse wildlife, and game reserves, such as the world-famous Etosha National Park.

Namibia’s government is looking to boost tourism and investment and therefore works hard to ensure a safe country, this can be seen in its efforts to curb violent crimes and petty theft.

The societal safety in this relatively safe country is enhanced by a conscious culture of preserving peace and stability.

8. Malawi (GPI Score: 1.895)

Known as the “warm heart of Africa”, Malawi prides itself on a culture marked by extreme friendliness and hospitality.

Government initiatives have significantly reduced violent crime and petty theft, contributing to its standing as one of the safest African countries.

The peaceful shores of Lake Malawi are a significant tourist hotspot, providing visitors with a unique African experience.

7. Equatorial Guinea (GPI Score: 1.8638)

This small West African country, straddling both mainland Africa and an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean, offers a blend of cultures and languages, primarily Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

The stable government has worked towards reducing the crime rate, with noticeable efforts to address armed conflict and political instability.

Malabo, the capital city, is renowned for its Spanish colonial architecture and vibrant nightlife.

6. Zambia (GPI Score: 1.841)

Home to the world famous Victoria Falls, Zambia offers a rich tapestry of culture, wildlife, and stunning landscapes.

The country’s government has continually demonstrated commitment towards maintaining peace and reducing violent crimes.

Tourism, especially wildlife tourism, is a major economic contributor, and the government’s emphasis on security is largely to ensure the safety of visitors.

5. Sierra Leone (GPI Score: 1.803)

While the country still has a ways to go in tackling corruption and unemployment, Sierra Leone is a prime example of a previously troubled country rehabilitating itself.

Emerging from a tragic civil war in the 90s, this West African country has shown commendable resilience.

Through effective reforms, the government has improved societal safety, reduced petty crime and enhanced the political situation.

The country’s vibrant culture and the picturesque coastal city of Freetown make it a rising star in Africa’s tourism industry.

4. Botswana (GPI Score: 1.801)

Botswana offers a blend of rich tradition and modernity. The government’s effective policies have helped reduce violent crimes and maintain a low crime rate, making it a safe country for residents and visitors alike. Known for its abundant wildlife, Botswana’s Chobe National Park is a beloved gem.

3. Gambia (GPI Score: 1.792)

The smallest country on the African mainland, Gambia is characterized by its rich culture, friendly people, and beautiful Atlantic beaches.

It has successfully improved its societal safety through a focus on reducing petty crime and enhancing political stability.

The peaceful atmosphere and warmth of the Gambian people make it an inviting destination for many visitors.

2. Ghana (GPI Score: 1.759)

Boasting political stability and a relatively low crime rate, Ghana has become one of West Africa’s safest countries.

The country’s vibrant culture is known for its music, dance, and traditional festivals. Efforts by both the government and citizens towards improving societal safety and maintaining a peaceful environment have earned Ghana its high peace index score.

1. Mauritius (GPI Score: 1.570)

Topping the list of the safest African countries, Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, boasts a unique blend of cultures, a peaceful atmosphere, and a politically stable environment.

The government’s commitment to maintaining low crime rates, coupled with the citizens’ respect for law and order, has contributed to the country’s impressive GPI score. Port Louis, the capital city, is a bustling hub with a blend of cultures and a range of tourist attractions.

The country’s beauty extends from its stunning beaches to the unique flora and fauna found in places like the Black River Gorges National Park.

With a corporate income tax rate of just 15% and no tax on capital gains or dividends of companies headquartered in Mauritius, the subtropical island offers some of the lowest tax rates in the world. Overall, it presents respectable tax benefits for those seeking easy access to Africa’s emerging markets.

Wrapping Up: Discover Africa and the Rest of the World’s Safest Countries

Africa’s diverse landscape, rich cultural heritage, and ever-growing opportunities make it an enticing prospect for nomads, travellers, and investors alike.

With this guide and the valuable metrics provided by the Global Peace Index, you can navigate the African continent confidently as you consider investment opportunities in the region. Each of these African countries offers a unique experience wrapped in a secure and welcoming environment.

Understanding the safety landscape is key to making informed decisions about where to visit, live, and invest. It is our hope that this discussion of the safest African countries serves as a helpful guide as you continue your nomadic journey.

For personalized insights tailored to your needs as a global citizen, contact us at Nomad Capitalist today. Explore how we can help you obtain second citizenship or invest in the safest countries worldwide. Don’t just travel – explore, invest, and make the world your home.

Safest Countries in Africa Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Safest Countries in Africa?

According to the Global Peace Index, the top 10 safest countries in Africa are:

Sierra Leone
Equatorial Guinea

Which African Country is Safest?

As per the Global Peace Index, Mauritius tops the list as the safest African country. Its mix of stable government, low crime rate, and island beauty make it particularly appealing.

What Factors Contribute to the Safety of African Countries?

Multiple factors contribute to the safety of African countries. These include low crime rates, political stability, societal safety, peaceful handling of internal and external conflicts, and effective law enforcement.

How Reliable is the Global Peace Index?

The Global Peace Index, developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace, is highly reliable. It’s a comprehensive data-driven approach that assesses safety and peace in countries globally, considering a wide range of indicators such as violent crime, political instability, and civil unrest.

What Makes a Country a Popular Tourist Destination in Africa?

A combination of safety, unique cultural experiences, wildlife encounters, beautiful landscapes, and hospitable people make a country a popular tourist destination in Africa. Examples include the national parks in Botswana and Namibia, Victoria Falls in Zambia, and the stunning beaches of Mauritius.

How Does Political Stability Influence the Safety of a Country?

Political stability greatly influences the safety of a country. Stable governments can effectively maintain law and order, reduce crime rates, and create a secure environment for both residents and visitors.


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