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Top 5: Best Quality of Life Countries in Europe

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Freedom. That’s the word we value the most here at Nomad Capitalist. Freedom to live a life as you want and especially where you want.

Looking for a better and brighter future is in our DNA. Go where you’re treated best. That’s what we always say to our clients.

Therefore, if you’re living in the U.S., Canada, or Australia and dreaming of a new life in Europe, we can totally get it.

But when Europe has such a great abundance of wonderful countries, how can you make the right choice?

Where should you settle down? In northern Europe? Western Europe? Or should you give a preference to the south or east instead?

To make your life slightly easier, in Nomad Capitalist, we compiled a list of the top 5 European countries with a high quality of life. These are the best countries where you can feel safe and live a glamorous life to the max, just like we love it.

There are various indicators to analyze when it comes to quality of life. But to create a holistic and comprehensive ranking that will be useful for you, we decided to focus on factors like economic stability, safety, political stability, tax policies, and life index.

So, if you’re asking yourself which European country should I move to, the answer is in this article. Take your cup of coffee, and let’s dive in!

What Are the Best Quality of Life Countries in Europe?

Europe has always been a desired destination for people all around the world. And for a good reason.

It’s rich in history and culture but at the same time is incredibly modern and developed.

Stunning scenery, numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, visa-free traveling, and a high standard of living. All that sounds very appealing.

But we know that for you, as a high-net-worth individual, there are other factors that impact your decision to move.

Is this country safe? Can your nomad family feel secure? Can you be sure that your business keeps growing? And, most importantly, can you feel free?

Taking into consideration your concerns, here is the list of the best countries to live in Europe that would wind down all of your worries.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is a peaceful country with favorable business opportunities.

Let’s start with Switzerland. It’s one of the best countries, and you’ll notice it’s not the first time we have mentioned it.


Switzerland is an excellent destination if you’re looking for a peaceful country where you can calmly enjoy your life without worrying about your taxes. According to the OECD Better Life Index, Switzerland performs well in many dimensions compared to other countries. People have high life satisfaction, which results in higher life expectancy. Residents are happy about their quality of life, the health care system, and the job market.


From a tax perspective, it is a great destination for relocation. Taxes in Switzerland are beneficial for wealthy individuals, Swiss banks are safe, and the corruption level in the country is low.

Politically and economically, Switzerland is known to be stable. And, since Switzerland is one of the safest low tax countries in the world, you can be sure that your family and welfare are safe too. Plus, Switzerland is also one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world!


Getting Swiss citizenship can be quite challenging and may take up to twelve years unless you get citizenship by marriage

But if you have more than $10 million, Switzerland can offer you a flat-income tax. You just pay the annual fee and enjoy your life.

2. Sweden

Sweden has a high quality of life.

Sweden is one of the best European countries to live in. And, according to the World Happiness report, one of the happiest ones.


Sweden is a perfect destination for you if you are keen on Nordic minimalism, sustainability, and connection to nature. 

The country is politically stable, has one of the best health systems in Europe, and strives to reach income equality. Also, its public education system has a superb international reputation.


As a Nordic country, Sweden does have high taxes. Consider this the country’s trade-off for quality services, safe streets and overall peace of mind. From a political standpoint, Sweden is transparent and doesn’t tolerate corruption, which makes it one of the least corrupt countries in the world. And as we all know, that’s a crucial factor for businesses.


If you’re a wealthy individual, moving to Sweden will grant plenty of opportunities for you, your family, and your business.

Swedish citizenship would allow you to greatly benefit from international taxation laws, travel without a visa, and enjoy your personal freedom. Swedish passports, meanwhile, are ranked in the top ten passports in the world, according to the Nomad Passport Index.

3. Germany

Germany’s political and economic stability is its trademark.

Political, financial, economic – Germans are known for their pragmatic approach to life and a society that values hard work and punctuality. (Though as anyone who’s ever been to Oktoberfest can tell you, they also know how to let loose and enjoy life.)As a leading European power and one of the world’s biggest economies, Germany boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world, making it an obvious choice for this list.


Germany has a reputation for being extremely bureaucratic. But despite all the paperwork, the country functions efficiently, giving its citizens confidence in their institutions. The public health system is free. So is education.

Famous worldwide for its engineering, machinery, and chemical industries, the German economy remains one of the strongest in the world.

Add to this the country’s art and culture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, forests, and stunning castles perched on mountains, and there’s also plenty to see and do there.


Germany is an important business magnet for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Yes, the bureaucracy can be a nightmare. But the stable legal environment compensates for all the paperwork and, as a high-net-worth individual, it’s reassuring to know that the people you rely on have a meticulous and professional work ethic. Even high taxes don’t stop entrepreneurs from investing, especially in cryptocurrency. In the past years, Germany put a lot of effort into creating a solid environment and has become one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world.


If you have already visited Germany and decided that this is the place where you want to stay, we have good news for you. You can obtain German citizenship by descent which also has the added benefit of allowing you to hold dual citizenship. Alternatively, you can apply for a freelance visa, a popular form of temporary residence permit which also allows you to travel freely within Europe’s Schengen Area.

4. Denmark

Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world.

Are you looking for a country with a high quality of life that perfectly combines a buzzing lifestyle with peaceful nature? Then Denmark could be your number one choice.


In Denmark, everything is about hygge. This word translates as coziness, meaning that you should cherish little things in life. Guess that’s why life in Denmark is relaxed and balanced. And people are the most satisfied on earth.

Even though citizens are obliged to pay high taxes, they also greatly benefit from various public services like the free public education system and a universal health system, granting its citizens free health care. On a global scale, Denmark is also one of the safest and cleanest countries.


Denmark can be pricey and has high taxes, but it also scores high on innovation, with plenty of business opportunities, with full access to all EU markets.  

Second, you can network without worrying about the language barrier. Denmark is among the top English-speaking countries. So, don’t worry about being misunderstood.And as in many other Nordic countries, Denmark is also famous for its low level of corruption. According to the corruption index, it’s leading the chart.


The main pitfall is that getting citizenship in Denmark is not easy. But if your goal is to settle down in Denmark, you can always apply for dual citizenship.

5. The Netherlands

The Netherlands
The Netherlands is a wonderful destination for expats.

Fields of vibrant-colored tulips, harmonious scenery lifted straight from a Van Gough painting, and peaceful bike rides along the canals of old Amsterdam. If this is what you imagine when you think of the Netherlands, then good news; you can experience all these things for real. But the Netherlands offers a lot more opportunities than just sightseeing.


According to the OECD world report, the Netherlands has a high quality of life and is a wonderful place to live in Europe. The country is incredibly tolerant and actively promotes human rights. The law prohibits discrimination in the country, enabling people to freely express themselves and their beliefs.

Cohesion is something that Dutch people value the most, putting all of themself to make expats feel at home. With the welcoming culture they have, you will never feel alone.

In the Netherlands, you can find the long-searched feeling of tranquility. But if your goal is to live a buzzing life, there are endless opportunities to do so.


The Netherlands enjoys an exceptional business climate. In an ever-changing world, it provides some much-needed stability.

Its excellent location and access to western Europe are especially appealing to investors who are interested in expanding their business connections. Yes, the taxes are pretty high. But the Dutch tax system has many benefits for entrepreneurs.


If you feel that the Netherlands is the place that you’ve been looking for, you can apply for a golden visa or try to get a residency permit.

How Can I Move to Europe?

How Can I Move to Europe
Moving to another country can be challenging, but Nomad Capitalist is here to help you.

Being a European citizen is like opening the door to an entirely new world that can make your life more comfortable and diverse.

Life in Europe can be unruffled and peaceful. But if you prefer a more dynamic environment, there are also plenty of places where you can enjoy a more vibrant lifestyle.

Moving to another country is never easy. But when you are a high-net-worth individual, making the right decision gets even more complicated. You have to keep everything in mind.

What is the best way to pay taxes? How can I get the residency without losing my mind? Will I be able to make my family happy?

Sounds familiar? Well, if you’re planning to settle in Europe and these questions keep rolling in your head, let us help you. Get in touch with us, and we’ll find the best solution for you.


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