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The 5 Most Peaceful Countries in The World

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The Global Peace Index measures the peacefulness of 163 countries by assessing and ranking various attributes such as military expenditure, political instability, and civil liberties. It uncovers loads of interesting stats and facts…some of which are rather alarming.

For instance, according to the latest studyviolent demonstrations and external conflicts saw the most significant increase between 2008 to 2023.

The decline in worldwide peacefulness is attributed to factors such as internal and external conflicts, political instability, and violent crime. 

 At the bottom of the list, Afghanistan is the least peaceful country trailing closely behind Yemen, Syria, and South Sudan. America didn’t do so well, either.

Seated between South Africa and Brazil, America came in as the 131st most peaceful country, dropping a few places since last year. 

Europe was crowned the most peaceful place on earth, followed by North America, thanks to Canada, and Asia-Pacific, which has New Zealand for its high ranking. 

Libya had the most significant improvement in peacefulness and is now ranked 137th, not far off the United States. 

Every coastal West African country (aside from Guinea) had an improvement in peacefulness from 2008 to 2023. And the most peaceful nations? Well, they’re cold, they’re small, and they’re mostly Nordic.

In a world where having a safe and peaceful environment is becoming more elusive, choosing the right country for your Plan B is crucial. 

These peaceful countries also offer opportunities for travel, business, and investment. Nomad Capitalist will help you find the best offshore solution for you with a holistic Action Plan.

The 5 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

5. Austria

This European country sandwiched between Switzerland and Hungary has been a haven of peace for many years. Austria also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. 

This central European nation’s score improved by 0.018%, making it now the 5th most peaceful country in the world. Austria’s capital, Vienna, is also one of the world’s most livable cities.

There are numerous reasons why you would want to live in Austria. Not only is it a highly developed, business-friendly economy in the heart of Europe, but it is also suitable for offshore banking and gold storage. 

4. New Zealand

While New Zealand has had its fair share of civil wars and fought beside the UK in both World Wars, its present military involvement is limited. 

New Zealand actually has a lower military expenditure than Denmark, Finland, and Switzerland. Additionally, New Zealand maintains excellent relations with its neighbors. Australia and New Zealand have been in talks about a cross-border agreement for years.

With breathtaking landscapes, moderate temperatures, friendly people, and over 25 million sheep, how could anyone be violent here?

3. Ireland

Not only is Ireland now one of the safest countries in the world, but it is also one of the friendliest. On top of this, it has the fourth highest standard of education globally. 

Ireland has come a long way from its days of conflict, known as The Troubles; it is now a wealthy and peaceful nation. Interestingly Ireland is one of the more independent European nations and is not a member of NATO (the collective defense force made up of European and North America.

Could you qualify for citizenship by descent? Check with our CBI Eligibility Checker. You could be even closer to Irish citizenship than you realized.

Most peaceful countries - Denmark
Denmark is the second most peaceful country on earth

2. Denmark

This nation is known for its peace, and according to the 2023 World Happiness Report, Denmark was ranked the second happiest country in the world.

The report surveys residents on factors such as generosity, social support, personal freedom, perceptions of corruption, and life expectancy. Its neighbors, Finland, Sweden, and Norway, also topped the happiness list.

In addition to being one of the happiest nations on the planet, Denmark is home to the Tivoli Gardens, the largest exporter of wind turbines, and endeavoring to completely rid its dependency on fossil fuels by 2050. Unfortunately, Denmark also has some of the world’s highest taxes, 

Most peaceful countries - Iceland
Iceland has no military, but does have more peace than any other country

1. Iceland

And the winner is… Iceland. You’d think in a country that hardly sees daylight for three months out of the year and then sees it a little too much for another three months out of the year, people would be a bit agitated, but Iceland ranks as the most peaceful country in the world. 

This might surprise you, considering the misconception that Iceland has one of the highest suicide rates, but they don’t.

Iceland also has no standing military. No army, no navy, no air force. And it’s not because they can’t afford one. They’d just rather spend their money on the Iceland Crisis Response Unit (ICRU)

The ICRU, a civilian-based unit, is dedicated solely to international peacekeeping missions. And Iceland, being the diplomatic country that is, strives to maintain gender equality among the ICRU by recruiting an equal amount of women and men for an equal amount of time.

Europe thus stays the most peaceful region in the world and is home to seven of the ten most peaceful countries. 

Although much of the world has deteriorated in peacefulness, these countries have maintained their high rankings. In looking at this list, these countries have a few things in common: they’re relatively small, have stable democracies, and they’re all geographically stunning.

After all, when you’re living in paradise, what is there really to be mad about? Would you like to make one of the more peaceful countries your home or second residence?

Our international team at Nomad Capitalist will help you with your second citizenship, whether through investment or descent, at the same time helping you protect your assets and create more wealth. Contact us today, and we will help you go where you are treated best. 


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