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How To Get Dual Citizenship In Ireland

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This article covers all aspects of how to get dual citizenship in Ireland.

We will first look at the benefits of Irish dual citizenship, including one additional advantage that an Irish passport has over all other EU countries.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at all the options available for dual citizenship in Ireland. 

If you have Irish ancestry, we’ll show you how to claim it easily. If you don’t, we will look at some other methods, including a path for entrepreneurs that lets you take advantage of Ireland’s low corporate tax rate.

If you’re looking for a second passport, Ireland offers one of the very best. And if you want the best service, become a Nomad Capitalist client. 

No other firm provides the same 360-degree holistic view that focuses on not only immigration but also investments, offshore banking, and legal tax reduction.

What Does Being Domiciled In Ireland Mean

Dual Irish Citizenship

Dual Citizenship refers to the status of being a citizen of two countries concurrently. 

As a dual citizen, you have the legal entitlement to possess two passports and access the benefits and privileges of both countries of citizenship, including social service. You are also bound by the laws of both countries as a dual citizen. 

It’s important to note that not all countries recognize dual citizenship, and the laws and application processes can be complicated. 

Many countries allow multiple citizenships. However, your options largely depend on your original citizenship. 

Building a passport portfolio will cover all bases if you are looking for asset protection, diversification, and more freedom. 

One option for Irish dual citizenship is if at least one of your parents is an Irish citizen, even if you were born outside of Ireland. In this case, you will automatically be granted Irish citizenship. 

Ireland Citizenship by Descent

Benefits of Irish Citizenship

If you have the opportunity to claim Irish citizenship, you will have access to the best country in Western Europe for Investment, along with many other advantages.  

Unrestricted Access to the European Union

There are a number of advantages to earning Irish citizenship, including the right to reside in the Emerland Isle indefinitely. 

Holding Irish citizenship allows you to possess an Irish passport and travel freely throughout the EU.

As an Irish citizen, you will also enjoy the freedom to live, work, study, and travel throughout theUnited Kingdom and all the European Union/European Economic Area countries.

English Speaking

Yes, English is now widely spoken across the EU. Still, Ireland offers the advantage of being one of the only two EU countries, post-Brexit, where English is the predominant language, making travel and business far more accessible.

Gaeilge is the mother tongue of Ireland and has seen a revival in recent years, but it is unnecessary to speak Irish to get by in day-to-day life. 

Welcoming Culture

There is nothing like an Irish welcome. 

Unlike the weather, the Irish people have a well-deserved reputation for being warm, welcoming, and friendly.

Generally, locals are known for being sociable and polite, willing to lend a hand to newcomers. They have a relaxed attitude and a great sense of humor, easily engaging in friendly conversation. 

As a citizen of Ireland, you will enjoy the comforts of a Western lifestyle in a unique culture, where people may be a little less reserved than in some other European nations, with a reputation for being fun-loving and chatty.


Quality Education

Ireland also offers some of the best education and universities available within the EU. 

Irish universities are highly regarded for research and are among the top 1% of research institutions globally. 

Specifically, Ireland ranks second for Chemistry and Nanotechnology, third for Animal and Dairy and Agricultural Sciences, and fourth for Mathematics. Studying in Ireland offers more than 5000 globally recognized qualifications to choose from.

Booming Economy

Despite the economic struggles and record borrowing faced by many governments worldwide, including the US, the Irish economy has been thriving. 

Growth hit exceptional rates of 13.6% in 2021 and 12% in 2022, making Ireland the fastest-growing economy in the EU.

One of the reasons for this impressive growth is Ireland’s attractive business environment. Ireland has drawn in significant foreign investment by offering Europe’s lowest corporate tax rates at 12.5%, compared to the 21.3% EU average and a 25% rate in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, UK businesses seeking access to the European market have sought refuge in Ireland post-Brexit, boosting domestic production and exports. 

The boom in the pharmaceutical industry is also driving renewed Investment. 

Ireland has established itself as a major pharmaceutical exporter due to its access to advanced machinery, skilled workforce, and competitive business rates, making it an attractive location for pharmaceutical companies to set up European operations.

Entrepreneur Friendly 

Ireland has been ranked as one of the best countries for business and innovation, not just for massive multinationals but also for startup businesses. 

Since IBM established its first regional headquarters in Ireland in 1956, the country has been a popular destination for tech companies, with major players like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, and Google establishing operations there.

On top of its great tax incentives, including low corporate tax rates, Ireland has a flexible approach to new businesses, with low levels of bureaucracy and a consistent pro-business economic policy. 

Ireland consistently rates highly for its workforce’s educational standard, productivity, and flexibility, making it an incredibly attractive location for entrepreneurs.

Ireland real estate

Favorable Taxes

As mentioned above, one of the major factors leading to Ireland’s wealth and becoming Europe’s success story is the exceptional corporate tax rate of just 12.5%.

Where is the company’s head office? Where are your employees? Where are your customers and suppliers located?

It’s important to do more than establish an office in Ireland, incorporate your business, or hire an Irish accountant. To avail of the favorable tax system in Ireland, you must meet all residency and director jurisdiction rules.

Setting up a corporation and understanding if you qualify for a particular corporate tax rate is a complicated topic no matter where you are in the world, and that’s where our team comes in.

As a Nomad Capitalist client, we will work with you as your holistic tax strategy architects and general contractors.

Extra Benefit of An Irish Passport

Holding an Irish passport comes with a myriad of benefits and was ranked the fourth best-rated passport according to the Nomad Passport Index, and gives you visa free access to 173 countries.

The Irish passport has one advantage that other EU nations don’t have.

Citizens of Ireland enjoy exclusive rights under The Common Travel Area agreement.

This unique agreement covers the entire UK, including Northern Ireland. It gives Irish and UK citizens several rights, which include the ability to travel, reside, work, and study within the Common Travel Area. 

In addition, Irish citizens can enjoy other associated benefits, including access to social benefits, healthcare, housing support, etc.

Meaning an Irish passport is one of the best in the world and the only European passport that lets you travel freely to the UK.

This is why, in addition to its popularity with Americans, Irish citizenship was also a popular method for British citizens looking to regain EU citizenship after Brexit.

Since so many British citizens also have Irish ancestry, and since Ireland allows for dual citizenship, they were able to essentially rejoin the EU without giving up their British citizenship.

No surprise then that Brexit triggered a substantial increase in the number of applications for Irish passports, with more than 700,000 passports issued by the end of 2016.

For business travelers looking for a “second passport,” Irish citizenships will allow you to travel throughout Europe, North America, and Britain. 

Ireland Golden Business Visa

Becoming an Irish Citizen

An Irish passport is an ace card, and you may even be eligible for one by ancestry. Let’s now look at the different methods of becoming an Irish Citizen. 

Dual Irish Citizenship For Entrepreneurs

As with other Golden Visa programs in Europe, Irelands Golden Visa has been scrapped as of 2023. However, you will be happy to know there are still ways for investors to get a foothold. 

Thankfully there are still a few routes to gain Irish citizenship through Investment.

One option for our clients is the Startup Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) allows a non-EEA entrepreneurial national with a minimum funding of €50,000, can set up a business in Ireland. 

Being accepted into the Startup Entrepreneur Programme does not automatically make you a citizen. You can apply for citizenship later, but you still need to meet the requirements set by Irish law.

Highly Skilled Worker Programs

In 2023, Ireland scrapped its Golden Visa program, meaning citizenship by investment is no longer an option. However, there are still opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs to gain long-term access to Ireland via programs such as the country’s Stamp 0, Highly Skilled Worker or the High Potential Start-Up (HPSU). 

If an individual establishes a high-potential start-up business, they can obtain two years of residence and up to three years of renewal and potentially gain long-term residency in Ireland. 

If you are an entrepreneur or investor interested in Irish residence, contact our team

Citizenship by Naturalization

The naturalization process in Ireland allows foreign nationals to become Irish citizens after a qualifying period of time has passed. 

To qualify for Irish citizenship through naturalization, you must have resided in Ireland for at least five years of the preceding nine years of application. 

Irish Dual Citizenship by Marriage

The citizenship through marriage option involves living in Ireland with your Irish spouse for around three years, after which you may apply for an Irish passport.

It’s noteworthy that Ireland recognizes same-sex marriage. Thus, your sexual orientation poses no hurdle in obtaining a marriage certificate and an Irish passport.

Claim Irish Citizenship By Descent

If you have Irish ancestors, as a surprising amount of people do, you’re entitled to Irish citizenship.

Ireland’s citizenship by descent program is partly shaped by the nation’s history and is boosted by a strong desire to repatriate the Irish diaspora.

Following the emigration of millions of Irish in the 1800s, mainly to the United States, a large number of Americans, as well as other nationalities, could claim Irish citizenship by descent.

US Presidents, including JF Kennedy, Obama, and Biden, have all proudly spoken of their Irish roots when visiting the Emerald Isle on historical tours.

Prove your family connection to Ireland, and you’ll be rewarded with EU citizenship in one of the world’s wealthiest countries. You also have the benefit of transferring Irish citizenship to your children.

The Perfect Plan B

Securing dual citizenship is the perfect Plan B, helping you go where you’re treated best. At Nomad Capitalist, we have helped 1,500+ high-net-worth clients obtain citizenship in 28 different countries. 

Apply to become one of our clients today so we can help you achieve dual citizenship, whether in Ireland or elsewhere. 

Dual Citizenship Ireland – FAQs

Can an American have Irish dual Citizenship?

US citizens are permitted to hold dual citizenship with Ireland as it is among the cooperating countries. 

Those with Irish/US dual citizenship enjoy the same privileges as other Irish citizens while retaining all their rights as US citizens. 

However, American citizens should note that because of the US citizenship-based taxation, they will tax you no matter what dual citizenship you have or where you live. 

Can I have both British and Irish dual Citizenship?

Yes, holding British and Irish dual citizenship is possible if you meet the requirements.

Obtaining Irish citizenship, along with a top-ranking passport, is an attractive option for many British citizens post-Brexit. 

Is Ireland easy to get Citizenship?

How difficult or lengthy it will take depends on which route you take for Irish citizenship. If you are American, you may qualify for Irish citizenship by descent. 

The naturalization process is another option for foreign nationals hoping to get Irish citizenship status, generally taking around 19 months to be approved.

Citizenship by Investment is also another open for high-net-worth individuals pursuing Irish citizenship. 

Who can claim citizenship in Ireland?

There are various ways to obtain Irish citizenship, including naturalization, ancestry, or investment. 

The process for applying and qualifying for citizenship by descent requires proving Irish ancestry through an Irish parent or grandparents. 

Registering with the Foreign Births Registry is necessary to establish ancestral citizenship for future generations.


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