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5 Things I love about Tbilisi

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There is no doubt that we love Georgia here at Nomad Capitalist. From its simple real estate investment market to its fantastic offshore banking. Not to mention it’s low taxes. The country offers some of the most wanted amenities any entrepreneur or digital nomad could ask for.

This is why we recommend living in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. While you could enjoy any part of the country, living in Tbilisi can truly enhance your experience as a frequent traveler or an expat.

If you’re from the United States, you will be interested in knowing that Georgia offers a thriving market ripe for investment, a better tax system, and an overall amazing atmosphere designed to help you feel at home.

That’s something most countries strive to achieve when trying to attract foreign talent. However, Georgia saw this when it realized that it needed to do something to help its population. This country’s been ahead of the curve.

Back in the early 2000s, the Georgian government realized that their primary industry, agriculture, was declining and that people were moving to the cities. But there weren’t any jobs in their urban cities, nor were there any major incentives to bring jobs. So, the government turned to foreign talent.

That’s why today, Georgia is a very easy place for foreigners to invest and live in. The Georgian government wants you to invest and make the most of what the country offers. Living in Tbilisi is no exception either.

But before we explore the capital, let’s look at what makes Georgia stand out from the rest.

The Ultimate Guide to Living in Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia is located in both Europe and Asia. Its borders with Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia, Turkey, and on the west by the Black Sea provide the country with a unique edge in terms of travel and reach. The capital, Tbilisi, is a multifaceted and lively city that draws you in with its mesmerizing architecture and amazing Georgian cuisine.

Tbilisi is widely celebrated as one of Georgia’s most visited tourist destinations. The great weather, the open visa program, affordability, and availability are the best reasons for visiting the country. 

Tbilisi is located in the Caucasus Mountains. It is among the top remote job hubs and attracts adventurous digital nomads.

Tbilisi is a rapidly growing market for expats and digital nomads. Georgia’s capital has laid-back characteristics unlike anywhere else in Europe. In recent years, low prices for online travelers have prompted more people to visit the capital. 

Living in Tbilisi is a great choice. You can live in Central Europe and afford life there for less than $1000. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Living in Tbilisi

1. Easy to Make Friends 

Tbilisi is one of the oldest cities in the world, and it has created a friendly environment where people welcome each other. The many coffeehouses, clubs, bars, and restaurants in Tbilisi offer various places to visit and enjoy.

Tbilisi is a city of contrasts: old and new, religious and secular, rich and poor. It’s the city of vineyards producing rare wines. It’s hidden in valleys that could inspire poets and writers like Khachatur Ablabasov, Ana Vachnadze, Egnatashvili, or Goethe.

It’s hanging on the slopes of Mount Kazbegi, looking down to the cities of Gori and Vladikavkaz. From Stalin’s eerie fortress to the magnificent National Opera, Tbilisi lives by its own rules! Welcome to Tbilisi!

Tbilisi is not only full of history but also packed with friendly people. Where else can you sample a delicious Chakhokhbili traditional dish in the old town, meet a Georgian family and spend some time with them as you enjoy their tea in their modern apartment, hear a story from a local taxi driver, or chat with the cute cashier in a supermarket?

Tbilisi welcomes everyone, who has heard about it, with its fabulous nature and interesting culture, warm-hearted people, and hospitable capital. 

It has a lot of different places waiting for you to visit – museums, galleries, churches and other historical monuments, nature parks in the city and surroundings with special kinds of animals, fast food chains and traditional ethnic restaurants, curious nightlife and great streets to stroll around.

2. Laid-Back Lifestyle 

Tbilisi isn’t far from home, but visiting here feels like a vacation. From the laid-back lifestyle of the locals to the quirky architecture to the vibrant cities, Tbilisians love to enjoy life.

Tbilisi is a charming city full of wonder and promises. The capital city of Georgia is the heart of culture, art as well as nightlife in the city. Tbilisi offers great learning opportunities through its museums and cultural centers. 

In addition to art and culture, this city has some of the best nightclubs and food in the world. It is known for its laid-back lifestyle, which invites all visitors to enjoy the moment.

Chilled out and fun, Tbilisi is a hillside city with a soft-spoken charm. Compare it to the more animated Istanbul; both have historic mosques, Graeco-Roman ruins, and spice-scented bazaars. 

But the difference here is like the difference between Italy’s north and south of the boot. While Istanbul has Ottoman bazaars as exotic as Marrakesh’s, Tbilisi’s are more European, with little brass shops tucked under century-old wooden balconies.

Tbilisi offers you a casual lifestyle, with mild fruits in the summertime and snowy winter days. The streets are full of tasteful restaurants, romantic cafes, and charming bars. Tbilisi is an ideal choice for people who want to avoid big-city chaos and stay fit at the same time.

Tbilisi is one of Europe’s most beautiful and historic cities. Its location is perfect for any traveler, lying on the crossroads in between East and West as well as North and South. 

Nestled along the banks of the Mtkvari River, among gently rolling hills, Tbilisi has it all in terms of architecture, culture, history, relaxation, and activities. You can partake in the festivities during the day to get a taste of Georgian tradition that dates back centuries while partying into the wee hours of the night.

3. Great Food and Wine 

Tbilisi is a city that loves food. Ask any local what the appeal of Tbilisi is, and they will tell you it’s the food. The pride in the country’s culinary heritage can be found in every corner of this capital city. This obsession with tasting good food has given rise to some amazing restaurants. 

World’s oldest wine culture. Moderate to the low cost of accommodation. Traditional cuisine and culinary experiences. Book tours in advance. No need to carry money-there are plenty of debit terminals everywhere. Relaxing massage spa treatments will surely satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Food and wine go hand in hand, and the pairing doesn’t get any better than it is in Tbilisi, Georgia. Georgian cuisine is a combination of French, Russian, Turkish, and Mediterranean influences. 

You’ll find dishes such as grilled lamb marinated in pomegranate juice and young walnuts or chicken baked with coriander seeds and topped with homemade walnut sauce. Not to mention the must-try eggplant appetizer served with garlic cloves, fresh tomatoes, and cheese. 

Wine lovers will enjoy deep reds from Kvareli, the country’s largest winery, as well as mineral wines from high mountain resorts.

Experience a history that spans thousands of years at each of the many famous churches and monuments in the city. Sample great dishes like khinkali (dumplings) or khachapuri (cheese bread) and a wide variety of wines from all over Georgia. 

Then explore the striking architecture, including the old city’s unique spiral staircase and a controversial statue of Vladimir Lenin, which has been left as is since its removal nearly 10 years ago.

Tbilisi is a destination that can be enjoyed year-round. Visitors find a great combination of opportunities for both relaxation and active travel. Overhanging balconies, dark pastel colors, and the scent of herbs and pomegranates are just a few of the many elements of the Old Town that make it so charming. 

The main city attractions, such as Freedom Square, the Narikala Fortress, Sioni Cathedral, and more, can be found within a few hundred meters of each other. When you visit Georgia, you’re bound to experience all kinds of different environments, from vineyards in Kakheti to waterfalls in Kvemo Kartli.

4. Easygoing Nature

Tbilisi is an easygoing town. It has a pleasant vibe and is one of those cities that makes you feel welcome the second you arrive. Tired of stressful life in the West? Longing for a breath of fresh air, somewhere warm and foreign?

Things in Tbilisi are just easy. A simple and discreet entry into visa-free travel with a biometric passport. The US dollar is used. The local currency exchanges are quick and straightforward. Visa requirements are simple and easy to understand.

A city has to be alive; the pulse needs to be apparent for the visitor. Tbilisi is the beating heart of the Caucasus and a place with so much to offer. It’s a capital city redolent with history – Soviet and Georgian Monumental specimens look towards each other from either side of the Kura River; it’s also a city buzzing with contemporary culture.

New bars, galleries, and restaurants are opening almost daily; it’s a center where modern meets ancient. A bridge stretches over the river, 1000-year-old fortress walls overlook back streets which are home to craft workshops and tiny teahouses; it’s a place that moves.

There are free circuses in summer, opera in winter, and jazz clubs all year round; it’s a destination that everyone can enjoy, whatever their interests or budget.

Tbilisi, Georgia, is a city where the past and the future come together. It’s a place where East meets West with impressive neo-classical buildings alongside modern hotels and new shopping malls. Dine at vibrant local restaurants or tasty authentic Georgian eatery. 

Go for a walk in peaceful parks or visit historical landmarks, dramatic castles, and other major attractions. You won’t regret seeing this Earthly Paradise!

5. Greater Access to Nature 

Tbilisi is a great place to visit because of its diverse culture, location in the Caucasus Mountains, and greater access to nature. The capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi, is home to just over 2 million people located on the Kura River. 

Its location allows access to multiple south Caucasus Mountain ranges, including the Greater Caucasus Mountains. This means you can visit lower elevation mountains during warmer months and still hike to snow-covered peaks in the winter.

Georgia’s largest city has culture and history in spades and easily reaches some of Europe’s top destinations. If you’re looking to experience the natural side of the country, Tbilisi is also home to several parks, including Mtatsminda Park, which offers great hiking trails.

Tbilisi is a city that attracts visitors worldwide, with its walkable cobbled streets and beautiful parks. Once voted ‘Europe’s Best City,’ there are plenty of activities located just outside the city.

Tbilisi still offers sophisticated nightlife and plenty of lively entertainment, thanks to the city’s passionate, creative class. But it also sits at the center of a region packed with natural beauty, whether you’re hiking through the Caucasus Mountains or scuba diving in the Black Sea. It’s an amazing experience for anyone who savors exploration.

Investing in Georgia

1. Real Estate

Georgia is one of the greatest destinations for property investment, offering an amazing return on your investments, especially in the tourism industry.

2. Government Bonds

Government bonds are ideal for everyone. It plays a key role in pension schemes and provides for the country’s basic needs. Government bond funds are issued by the government. They can be bought from the open market by a financial advisor or stockbroker. 

The simplest way to understand what it is is to view it with other forms of investment like bonds, money market instruments, etc. However, there are many differences that one must be aware of while investing in such funds.

If you would like to invest in the economy of Georgia, look no further. Government Bonds help maintain the stability of the local economy, and as an investor, you will be helping Georgia grow. Your high interest will attract investors worldwide.

Government Bonds have low risk and are backed by the government. These bonds are sold in $1,000 increments and range up to ten years of maturity. The minimum initial purchase is $1,000. You can purchase in chunks of $1,000 if you would like.

3. Offshore Bank Account

Investing in Georgia can be a very rewarding step as the country develops. Opening an offshore bank account is the first step to financial security, and it’s easier than you think.

Many individuals choose offshore bank accounts to invest in their retirement savings. With the right banking solution, you can rest assured that your assets are protected and available anytime you need them.

Georgia is an international banking center, and investors from all over the world are seeking to use Georgia as a gateway to the Black Sea. Why? Because in addition to the stability, low taxes, and free trade that Georgia offers, it also has one of the safest banking systems globally.

Benefits of Living in Tbilisi for Digital Nomads 

Tbilisi is an ancient city with a young soul. It is rich in history with a modern flair for art. The Georgian capital is a trendy destination for digital nomads and entrepreneurs. 

Tbilisi boasts modern cafes, sky-high mountains and rivers, old world churches and monasteries, and friendly people eager to share their culture.

Tbilisi is becoming a magnet for digital nomads, and in many ways, it’s an ideal place to live. While prices are very low, the city is surprisingly convenient, with vibrant nightlife and a host of great restaurants, cafes, and events. 

There are plenty of coworking spaces, and private coworking areas are going up all over the city. Overall, Tbilisi strikes a very good balance between convenience and adventure.

In general, expats living in Tbilisi for digital nomads enjoy a lower cost of living, lots of public transportation options, and a better quality of life thanks to the generally safer conditions here than farther out in the country. 

There is also a growing number of coworking spaces, co-living locations, English language courses, and networking events specifically for expats!

Benefits of Living in Tbilisi for Entrepreneurs 

Business is booming in Georgia. The country is known for its business-friendly environment, as well as for its stability and high quality of life. 

Businesses are increasingly turning to Georgia, attracted by its strategic location, relative proximity to other countries within the region, and its cost-effectiveness compared to other locations in this region of the world. 

Georgia is both a beautiful and interesting country to live in – it’s also one of the most affordable places in the world. If you are interested in living overseas, Tbilisi is an exciting city to live in with plenty of infrastructure development, an active lifestyle, and friendly people. 

The country is known for its business-friendly environment. StartUp Georgia has eased the process for setting up a business. Additionally, starting a new IT company has become easier than ever with the Startup Visa powered by the Georgian Government and Intellectsoft.

Georgia offers an English-speaking workforce with talented engineers, IT specialists, successful entrepreneurs, and artists. 

More advantages of doing business in Georgia are free to trade zone/export free zone facilities; availability of large industrial parks; government policies supporting SMEs; ability to receive funding from organizations including USAID, World Bank, etc.; great networking opportunities among local startups, etc. 

There are other benefits: visa support, property purchase procedure simplified; inexpensive living; minimal corporate taxes; low rental prices.

Tbilisi is the greenest metropolis in the world. The largest capital of Eastern Europe, its number of inhabitants is twice lesser compared to New York City. The city is considered good for business, cultural cooperation, and partnership with other countries. 

As mentioned above, its business environment is ranked highly in the World Bank Group (the bank is the largest source of financial and technical assistance to developing nations). Apart from all these interesting notes, Tbilisi still has many more attributes.

Benefits of Living in Tbilisi for Investors 

Georgia is the best country for investment in Eastern Europe. Living expenses are considerably lower than in Western Europe; therefore, it makes Georgia a very attractive business and tourist destination. 

Real estate prices are several times lower than most European countries, including Germany, Norway, and Sweden. This makes Georgia a safe investment opportunity for investors as well as for visitors who would like to experience the exoticness of Eastern Europe and enjoy its welcoming people.

Living in Tbilisi is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to invest in Realty; this city offers many opportunities, and it is a very safe country to live in. Several options can suit you personally. 

For example, if you want to buy an apartment or if you want to rent your condo, if you want to start a business or if you are already involved in business if you are looking for a job or considering building your own company. 

All of those combined with lower prices and Georgian hospitality will make your trip exciting and memorable.

Georgia has an ideal political and economic environment for investors; a wide range of opportunities in business, tourism, and development projects, steady economic growth, and extreme stability where risks are almost nonexistent. 

This country offers cultural and historical attractions, among which are the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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