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While many of our readers are drawn to our content because they have a sense of adventure and are seeking new ways to get out of their comfort zones, many of you simply want a safe place to live where you can enjoy your own personal freedom and keep your assets away from the hands of a desperately bankrupt government.

Many of you actually enjoy the lifestyle that you grew up within the United States and would like to continue your life with something as close to that as possible if you do have to move abroad.

Luckily, there are several countries across the world that are not only great safe havens for your assets but also have a quality of life similar to what you’re used to in addition to having citizens who love Americans.

While places like Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom may be the first that come to mind, I think there are other countries out there that are at least as welcoming to Americans and fit much better into a successful flag theory strategy.

The following countries are ones that I think are not only great places to live but are also the easiest to comfortably relocate to for Americans who wish to do so.


I’ve written quite a bit about why I’ve chosen Malaysia as one of my bases and why it’s Southeast Asia’s hidden gem.

The country’s infrastructure and quality of life will remind you quite a bit of what you can find back home, and English is widely spoken. Also, unlike many other expat havens across the world, you won’t be made to feel like a minority in a land with a homogenous culture as the country has diversity rivaling that of the United States.

Furthermore, as lifestyle goes, Malaysia has the best medical care in the world.


The Philippines was once an American territory similar to Puerto Rico, achieving independence in 1946. Like Puerto Rico, you’ll feel an American influence here and will find it easier to find the foods and restaurants you enjoy back home than actual Filipino food.

Not only will walking around the luxury malls in Manila make you think you’re in a nicer version of the States, you’ll be able to live like a king for relatively little money. If you’re interested in investments or starting a business, the Philippines is a great option and the country is home to some of the best opportunities on the planet when it comes to real estate investment.

While the country does have some safety issues, if you stay in the right areas it’s a good bet for anyone looking for a similar life to what they enjoyed back home at a fraction of the cost.


Yes, Mexico.

America’s neighbor to the south is greatly influenced by our culture and, while it’s useful to know a bit of Spanish here, there are many expat enclaves that cater specifically to Americans.

I’ve written about the opportunities and freedom possible in Tulum, for example, and as an increasing number of Americans are looking to relocate abroad, Mexico is one of the easiest options.

Hong Kong

If you have the money to live in Hong Kong, it’s one of the best places on the planet to be.

English is almost universally spoken and, while the influence on the country is decidedly more British than American, if you’re from an urban American city like New York, Hong Kong will remind you somewhat of home.


My other favorite Asian country, Singapore is probably even easier for Americans to adapt to than Hong Kong. It’s also expensive, which is why I also recommend countries like Malaysia and the Philippines for a similar lifestyle at a lower cost.


Walking around Panama City you feel like you may as well be in Miami. If city life is not your thing, there are plenty of great options available in suburban and rural locations that still cater to expats.

Not only is Panama a good option as a place to which Americans can comfortably relocate due to it being expat-friendly (there are over 25,000 American expats living there), but it is also one of the freest countries in the world.


America’s other neighbor is, again, not a bargain option if you want to live well. However, if you do choose to live in the Bahamas, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds by being close enough to visit family and loved ones if necessary, and also being able to have no income tax. You also be able to enjoy the benefits of living in the most advanced nation in the Caribbean.

The capital of the country, Nassau, is a major financial center and there are many expats living there, but it also suffers from safety issues so it’s worth it to consider other options like Freeport and the outer islands.

If you are an American looking for a country to which you and/or your family can comfortable relocate, let us know and apply for a consultation. Living abroad may be more enjoyable than you think.

Andrew Henderson
Last updated: Dec 27, 2019 at 5:17PM