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The Best Cities for Expats with Southern California Weather

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Geographically, we get the appeal as to why many people live and crave the weather in Southern California. It’s warm, it’s always sunny, and people just give off an entirely enthusiastic vibe. However, if you don’t want to live in the United States of America, where can you find the best cities for expats worldwide?

Do you think that there are places that can compare to that warmth?

Luckily for all the nomads who want to take the risk and make a move, there are various places out there that you can go to. You don’t even have to restrict yourself inside the United States because the best cities for expats can be found worldwide.

You may want to live in Latin America, in Europe, or Africa.

Frankly, some places might give you more benefits when it comes to lifestyle and taxation policies.

As we always say here at Nomad Capitalist, you should go where you’re treated best.

In search of the best cities for expats, we’re going to give you some of our favorite cities that have that Southern California weather that people indulge in.

The Best Destinations for Expats Around the World

Most people crave the warmth and sunshine that most coastal towns bring. Perhaps, this is why more and more people are into that Southern California lifestyle.

However, there are so many great cities out there that can compare to this specific region.

In our opinion, none of the best cities for expats are actually based in the United States. Frankly, the taxation policies in the country alone don’t make it that appealing to those who consider themselves Nomad Capitalists.

In the last few years, we’ve seen more people move out of Southern California. Although, they’ve only ever moved to different states like Florida or Texas.

But did that increase their quality of life?

Here at Nomad Capitalist, we always encourage our readers to go in search of the best places all around the world. Truthfully, there are so many places that can offer the warmth and the lifestyle that Southern California can offer, topped with very minimal taxes.

So which are the best cities for expats around the world?

The Best Cities in Mexico for Expats

If you haven’t traveled extensively, then there’s nothing wrong with that. Frankly, we would advise you to take “baby steps” and move to Mexico instead.

Throughout the country, various cities like Baja California make it so much similar to living in Southern California. Plus, it’s not that far away.

Baja California is one of the best cities for expats, in our opinion, and it still has that vibe that most people from Southern California are looking for.

If you’re also from the United States or any other country, it could be easy for you to obtain a Residence Permit in Mexico.

Plus, the country is relatively tax-friendly if you go to the right places.

There are so many things we love about Mexico, and we think that you’ll love it too.

The Best Cities in Chile for Expats

If you want to stay in the Latin American region, we can go further south to Chile.

There are cities in Chile like Valparaíso and Santiago that can seriously be an escape to those looking for an alternative to Southern California. These cities are in the same hemisphere, and they have the same topography somewhat. So it’s not going to be a drastic change.

Although, the thing to keep in mind is that Chile is slowly becoming more of an advanced country. So there are talks of them raising their taxes. However, this shouldn’t concern you if you’re only staying there for the time being.

So the question to ask yourself is this: why not Chile?

Looking at the Best Expat Cities in Portugal

Through the years, Portugal’s immigration programs have seen a rise in applications. This is especially true for their Golden Visa Program.

People have been thinking about the decline in the United States passport, and they see Portugal as their gateway to the European Union.

It also helps that Portugal has that distinct Mediterranean climate and lifestyle.

Not only that, but you can get various tax exemptions in the country, like their Non-Habitual Resident Tax Program.

Such places like Algarve or Lisbon could be worth checking out if you’re looking for the best cities for expats in Portugal.

The Best Cities for Expats in Montenegro and Cyprus

Now, two of the more “unpopular” destinations in Europe with Southern California weather are Montenegro and Cyprus.

Both of these countries have that Mediterranean lifestyle and vibe, and they’re both very tax-friendly countries.

Most expats can go to Montenegro and Cyprus and achieve various tax exemptions if they file their documents correctly. Plus, living in these countries can be relatively cheaper than those cities in Mainland Europe.

Not only that but both Montenegro and Cyprus have their Citizenship by Investment Programs. This is something that most entrepreneurs and investors should take advantage of.

The Best Cities for Expats in Turkey

Through the years, Turkey has had a boom in its immigration rates. This could be all thanks to their Citizenship by Investment Program.

Now, applying for citizenship in Turkey is relatively easy, and their due diligence is pretty straightforward.

Not only that, but this can be a great step towards diversifying your second passport portfolio.

There are cities in Turkey like Antalya or Istanbul that can offer similar weather conditions to Southern California but with better asset protection.

The Best Cities for Expats in Morocco

Now, if you want to have that luxurious coastal lifestyle, you should check out the various coastal cities in Morocco.

There are various villas that you can purchase in Morocco for less than $1,000,000. That’s undoubtedly more inexpensive than buying the same seaside properties in Montenegro, Cyprus, or Portugal.

This is why most people prefer to purchase these luxury villas in Morocco since they have better value for their money. It’s also a great way to get a return on your investment.

Plus, Morocco has some of the friendliest people and the best food in North Africa.

So what more can you want?

Choosing the Best Destination for Expats Around the World

Here at Nomad Capitalist, we always stand by our five magic words.

This is why it’s important to know your options and where the best cities for expats are.

So the next time you crave that Southern California weather, you’re well aware that there are various cities around the world that can give you the same climate but with a better lifestyle.


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