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These Are The Best Places in America to Retire?!

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For years publications have claimed to expose the best places in America to retire, and these onshore so-called safe havens have been places like Florida, Nevada, and even Alaska, with no state income tax and warm weather.

Considering that almost every retirement survey examines the cost of living, tax burden, and access to health care, most “best cities to retire lists” misses the mark. For example, according to Reader’s Digest, the best places to retire include Burlington, Vermont, Winchester, Virginia, Bloomington, Indiana; and Bellingham, Washington. 

Most of the locations being touted as excellent retirement destinations have poor weather and high taxes. For example, in places like Lakewood, Ohio, you will not only pay federal and state taxes but a city income tax as well, and we would strongly recommend avoiding anywhere such as over-taxed, bankrupt California like the plague.

California's Recipe For Failure

For that level of taxation, you might as well live in New York City. We believe you should live or retire overseas. If you can move to Tennessee, why not consider moving to Panama? 

When you become a Nomad Capitalist client, we will help you retire overseas, pay little or no income tax, and go where you are treated best. Complete this form and apply to become a client. 

Why You should Retire Outside of the United States

Let’s break down why retiring outside the US is the better option by the most important criteria for retirees. 

Cost of Living

While retiring to another part of your home country could, of course, give you some cost savings, especially if you’re coming from a city like Los Angeles, living abroad could allow you to take full control and give you ultimate freedom and asset protection. 

If you are willing to go a bit further, Thailand has become more popular with American expats because of the cheap cost of living and ease of access to an excellent healthcare system. 

Or, if you prefer somewhere closer to home, the likes of the Dominican Republic in Latin America offer benefits, such as pension income being exempt from tax. You can also import furniture and other items tax-free. 

Meanwhile, in Europe, you can get an apartment in Lisbon, Portugal, for as little as $800 a month.

If you want to seriously live a luxurious lifestyle in your retirement and go where you are treated best, then you can’t just focus on your home country. 

Only by escaping your home country can you entirely make real, lasting changes to your cost of living and quality of life. 

Crime Rate

The United States has a relatively high homicide rate among developed countries. Places like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iceland, and Switzerland have virtually no violent crime in contrast to the USA and the UK.

In fact, despite what many would have you believe, parts of Mexico are actually safer than areas of America, such as Detroit.  

Merida and Playa Del Carmen are considered some of Mexico’s safest cities, with the lowest crime rate.

In Europe, Ireland and Portugal are acknowledged by the Global Peace Index as safe places to retire abroad. 

According to a Council on Criminal Justice Report, violent crime remains above pre-pandemic levels in 37 states in the US. With cities like San Francisco and Chicago being called dangerous and unlivable.


You can pick from the best and most reliable climates by choosing a home retirement 

destination overseas. Whether you like a dry climate, a tropical climate, or a perfect balance of four seasons, there are places where you can live for far less money and enjoy your dream environment.

When it comes to the weather criteria, this is where many of the lists of the top places to retire in America fall short. Seeing that these lists don’t generally take taxes into consideration, every retiree might as well live in Laguna Beach.

Rather than settling for a place that’s just alright, why not dream of retiring on a gorgeous beach that actually meets all your criteria?

Ease of travel and accessibility 

Although many people do want to travel overseas, they’re just too afraid to live there. Enjoying your retirement years in style means being able to travel to all the places you haven’t yet had a chance. 

Unless you live in one of a handful of large, expensive cities, you can expect infrequent connections on small planes to get to an airport that actually serves international destinations. 

Meanwhile, you could easily avail yourself of an international travel hub in almost any other country. Living overseas would give you access to a huge international network of flights.

The same goes for countless other cities in Europe and South America. Cities like London and Singapore are some of the best-connected travel hubs in the world, with non-stop flights to practically anywhere you could imagine. The same goes for lower-cost cities like Kuala Lumpur, which serves as a huge hub for two major airlines.

Retiree Amenities

The United States is highly uncompetitive for senior services, and health care in the USA has become a joke. 

On the other hand, dozens of countries worldwide are building high-end medical tourism facilities to attract Westerners at prices as much as 90% less than they would pay at home.

In fact, our founder Andrew Henderson recently completed a full medical for $300 at Prince Court Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur.

As a quality of life and cost of living benefit, retirees could easily hire out most of the tasks they don’t wish to handle or are no longer physically capable of handling. 

Housekeepers, cooks, butlers, and private drivers are all within your reach when you live overseas. That’s a benefit you can’t get in Tennessee. When it comes to finding the best places to retire, think outside the box, there is no need to follow the herd. 

If you are considering moving to an international destination where you can live your best retirement life, sign up for the Nomad Capitalist Action Plan to get expert guidance on the best places to live, work, and invest worldwide. 


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