How to get Brazilian citizenship by investment or marriage

Written by Andrew Henderson

Dateline: Florianopolis, Brazil

Whatever may be your reason to get a second nationality, whether it’s for work or simply a life decision, Brazil offers incentives for foreigners to become a part of its vibrant nation.

With Brazilian citizenship, the entire South American continent is at your fingertips. A second summer can replace your winter in the Northern Hemisphere. And Brazilians enjoy excellent visa-free travel, holding the 21st best passport in the world.

You can literally visit just about anywhere visa-free except for Canada and the Land of the Free.

Another advantage, you can be covered by Brazilian social security benefits if your original country doesn’t make the cut. In any case, it is a lifestyle change, and here I outline what is necessary to get your Brazilian papers within two years.

There are two options that expedite the process: first, marriage to a Brazilian national; second, making a reasonable investment in the country.

Brazilian citizenship by marriage

Assuming you and your Brazilian sweetheart are decided on tying the knot, the first step to Brazilian citizenship within a realistic 2 years is the following: get married.

That said, consider getting married outside of Brazil since it is simpler than getting married inside the country.

There is a lot of paperwork involved, as is normal in Brazil. Such documents will include those proving your relationship and pretty much everything you signed before getting married.

The consulate is likely not doing this service for free and will demand a payment to process your paperwork.

Once you file the documents with your Brazilian consulate, you will receive a Certificate of Marriage Registration. (Also note, you’ll need to bring all the paperwork from your overseas marriage to Brazil.) From there, you can get a permanent resident visa within 90 days.

Does marrying a Brazilian automatically confer Brazilian citizenship? No.

In almost all cases you will need to officially apply for a permanent residency in Brazil at a Federal Police station. This means that you will have to fly over to Brazil to get things moving. And, depending on whether or not you can get around in Portuguese, you will need the help of a fixer or a lawyer.

Welcome to Brazilian bureaucracy, where it is better to have someone who knows the system. It’s usually best to get professional help so you can samba your way through the whole process.

After filing all of your paperwork and one year of marriage to a Brazilian national — plus your permanent residency — it will be possible to apply for naturalization.

Because Brazil’s bureaucracy can prove to be a veritable nightmare for a foreigner, the entire process may take a couple of years. As with any second citizenship process, you’re at the mercy of the government. A good lawyer can make sure there are as few delays as possible.

Experienced lawyers in Brazil will most likely use a fixer (or “despanchante”, in Portuguese) to file your paperwork. Many expats have sought ought fixers to help them with the citizenship process, but while there are plenty of good fixers, there are also those who will actually harm your cause.

Like in many other countries in the world, it is necessary to work with someone who knows the minuscule details. It can prove to be very important.

Brazilian citizenship by investment

Now let’s say you’ve got the equivalent of R$150,000 lying around (with the plummeting exchange rate, it’s a lot less than it used to be… about US$42,000). If you don’t mind spending the next 4 or 5 years traveling in and out of Brazil, a Permanent Investor’s Visa may be perfect for you.

[Update: Because of the current recession in Brazil, the government recently raised the investment required to start a business there and get residency by fourfold. – March 2016]

The first step in obtaining a Permanent Investor’s Visa is to actually go to Brazil.

The Permanent Visa for Investors, unlike naturalization from marriage, requires the applicant to apply for a work permit authorization through a government office.

You’ll want to make sure you bring all the right documents with you to Brazil, including a background check, birth certificate copies and other similar documents.

Once on the ground, you’ll need to visit the appropriate government offices and prove to the Brazilian authorities that you can improve the economic situation in the country with your business.

You can take this vaguely, as it could mean hiring a certain number of Brazilian employees or buying real estate in developing areas. “Business” can be interpreted broadly, so long as you can show a real plan.

In the next four years, you’ll need to execute that plan, whether it is a real estate investment that continues, or a growing company paying some tax in Brazil.

After putting in your time on the ground, you may apply for citizenship under what is called “common naturalization.”

Basically, the government wants to see that you’ve actually put in your time in the country and that you meet their checklist of criteria. This includes speaking Portuguese, proving that you can support a family and demonstrate that you haven’t robbed a convenience store during your stay.

Brazil does allow dual nationality, meaning you will not need to renounce your current citizenship if you do not wish to.

Brazil also has the unique characteristic of avoiding the extradition of its citizens to other countries while they are on Brazilian soil. While this has become a popular anecdote, it is important to note that naturalized Brazilians have been handed over before.

A Brazilian passport is an excellent travel document with visa-free access to almost all of the Americas, as well as Europe. While Brazil’s economy is in crisis, Sao Paolo still made the list for one of the five best entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world.

The country is large enough to have some weight in the global discourse, but not large or authoritarian enough to bother its citizens around the world. This is one reason why it is important to know exactly what you want out of a second citizenship.

If you want a good second passport for travel purposes, it may not matter to you that Brazil’s economy and politics are a disaster. If you’re looking for a stable country for investment, you’ll probably want to look somewhere else.

In every case, be sure to ask yourself the “why” behind your actions. When you know “why” you want a second passport, you’ll know whether or not Brazilian citizenship is the right answer for you.

Andrew Henderson
Last updated: Jan 13, 2020 at 2:50PM

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  1. stagger Lee

    Hi Andrew, I heard about “by adopting any Brazilian citizen can help a person getting a Brazilian citizenship as short as 1-2 years” How authentic is this information? and How can one start the process. Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you .

    • Preeti

      Hi is this true where have u read it can u plz provide d link… i too wud like to go for it then

      • Nimananda

        I understand but needs furtherdetails regarding this.

  2. Just wondering

    So, by interpreting the title of the link that brought me to this article, can I safely say that BRAZIL provides the easiest, quickest, least expensive method of obtaining naturlized citizenship by marriage of any country?

  3. md imran alam

    hi I’m indian man and I’m working now in dubai
    i want Brazilian citizenship with geeting marrige of Brazilian natinal woman

    if is it possible then please suggest me a good a way

    • Rodrigo

      No chance of that happening. Boa sorte cara.

      • Kev

        Why is there no chance of that happening, Rodrigo?

    • Md mosarof hossain sumon

      hi I’m Bangladeshi man and I’m working now in qatar
      i want Brazilian citizenship with geeting marrige of Brazilian natinal woman

      if is it possible then please suggest me a good a way

  4. MOHAMMAD Kamran

    Hi, Dany I’m for you!!

  5. sunny

    hi am interested in deting brazillian pasport

  6. khalid

    how can i get Brazilian passport as 2nd passport for me i am from Egypt living and working in dubai and i need to know all the possible way to do that

    either by investment or marriage

  7. muhammad Iqbal

    hi i am working in a telecom company last 24 years in united arab emirates how i can get the Brazilian passport and how much the cost second if i want to start small business so how much money i need .

    • MMAYER

      It is really easy, the problem here is to get a job or if you open an small business is to have consumers, because the economy is broken. It seems that in 2019 the economy is going to prosper a little more and things will be rather easy! Just need to buy a flight ticket

  8. ahmad

    hi i am from pakistan and i want to get pr for brazil by investment
    how is possible

    • Brazil

      Everyone is already PR in Brazil, just need to but a flight ticket! The immigration laws are pretty soft! Don’t Worry!

  9. Neto

    I’m brazilian. Although the bureaucracy may seem large, there are few cases of refusal. There are not a lot of people wanting Brazilian citizenship, usually the opposite happens.
    If anyone wants to know more about the country or anything can contact me. I’m still learning English but I’ll try to help.

    • Leonid Ivanoff

      Hello I’m interested in getting brazilian citizenship i have a gf in brazil how can i get in contacts with you do you have an email or whatsapp?

    • Rashad

      Hello ?
      Can I know more about getting Brazilian nationality?
      And which bussiness is good to make there?
      If you have ideas let me know and let’s contact.

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    • Elisabeth C

      Hi!! Thanks for offering to help!
      I recently married a Brazilian National, though we were married in the states and plan to stay here. Do i still qualify for a Brazilian passport or visa?
      If so, what exact documents do I need to bring to the embassy? Thanks so much!!

    • Anup Ahire

      I’m an Indian and want to get citizenship of Brazil via marriage or a sponsorship job can you please help me. I have completed my diploma

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    • Vladyslav

      Hey Neto, Please share your e-mail address. I will help you with English and you might help me with your knowledge 😉

    • Stuart S Barnes

      Yes, thank you! I’m from the United States and met my Brazilian fiance in the United States. I want to marry her and have Brazilian citizenship so she and I can come and go as we like.
      She’ll also like American citizenship. Can you help us?

  10. usman

    I have my gf in brazil,i am from pakistan
    How can i came to brazil and how can get permanent residency?
    Please give me all details

  11. Elisabeth C

    I recently married a Brazilian National, though we were married in the states and plan to stay here. Do i still qualify for a Brazilian passport or visa?
    If so, what exact documents do I need to bring to the embassy? Thanks!

  12. muktar ahmed

    I want to make brazil passport

  13. Keith

    I live in Brazil with my girlfriend. I have been here for two years. We went and tryed to post our wedding bands we both had the right paper work but the person looked at my passport and find that my visa had run out so we couldn’t get married. I have retided from working as I am 65 years old. If you can help me in anyway I would be so greatful

  14. Tom

    If i become resident of Brazil, do i report and pay tax on my hong kong company?


  15. Bill Furman

    I am married to a brazilian now for 4 years he and I both live in the USA.. we were able to get him a green card and working authorization – however I want to start the process of getting my brazilian citizenship…. where do I start – is there a website that will explain the best way to go about this?

  16. Kenneth

    I live in south Africa, i want to know if it’s possible to marry a brazilian woman online?

  17. Choki

    I am married to brazilian and around 5 years. So i would like to know ,How long it take to get brazilian citizenship for foreigner.?

  18. Nicholas

    I married a Brazilian and obtained permanent visa the next day.

  19. Joey

    My spouse is Brazilian and was married in the US before our marriage. They had registered the marriage with Brazil somehow and then divorced in the USA.

    My spouse was going to help me get Brazilian citizenship but then found out that in Brazil the former marriage is still legally active.

    Do you know what the process to register a US marriage in BR is called or that the documents are called. And what the process to reverse it is? And, does that mean my spouse is technically still married in BR voiding my marriage in the USA? I’m not worried about it, but I just need to sort it out.

    • Koko

      I think the Brazilian spouse after divorce is granted, needs to do do a “homologação de divorcio”

      That happened to me.
      Get a Brazilian lawyer and all the documents from the court that you divorced in and they will process.
      Is not a lengthy but take couple of months.

  20. jack

    hello Andrew,

    I would like to get some information on getting a second passport by investment,
    currently, I live in Italy.

  21. Basatkhan

    who i can marriage a Brazillin woman

    if im not in Barazil

  22. Jason

    I am an American who obtained his investment visa for Brazil. I’ve done this about two years ago. Becareful for there is many scams online. I suggest reading the Brazilian consulate for exact info. As for me, I am trying to figure out, how can I get a Brazillian Passport. Please contact me, Mr. nomad for I am looking into a tax haven strategy. I have an idea and you’ll probably have an effective strategy.

  23. Zabi Hulah

    Hi good evening.. my name is zabihullah I am from Afghanistan .
    I live in Brazil 11 years.. I havev permanent of Brazil.. my document.. I married with Brazilian.. I have one baby one son.. I go to Police Federal..
    For apply my citizenship.. they told me I need Portuguese exam .. I apply for this exam I go for is exam is really difficult.. I can’t GET this exam.. it’s very difficult for me.. now I ask you.? Can I get citizenship without this exam..????Pease give me some informtion …

  24. Charbel Raffoul

    Hello hope you are doing well

    My name is Charbel and I am from Lebanon ?? and looking to move to Brazil
    I am more then happy to start a business if that will allow me to stay in Brazil please let me know your thought.
    Kind regards

  25. Alice

    Europeans and Americans who want Brazilian citizenship totally free by marrying me, I do not charge anything for it, because I have an interest in a second citizenship.

    • j

      please contact me asap

  26. Rohit Mittal

    Good Day
    I am interested in the Brazil Permanent residency by investing in business.
    From where i can start?
    best Regards

  27. Sara Araujo

    Does buying a house count as investment? My plan is to buy a fairly cheap house and then use it as my proof of residency to apply for pr.

  28. Biasms

    Hi guys, I’d like to make a different question, if that’s ok. I’m a Brazilian woman and I’ll marry my boyfriend here, but we’ll actually live in the UK, where he’s from, before we try our lives here in Brazil.
    My question is: is there any chance for me to marry here, then go to the UK with him for the six months I have the right to stay as a tourist and sort our marriage with the Brazilian Embassy/Consulate to legalise it while I’m there?
    I’d appreciate any sort of information that would give me a safe direction.

    • Graham Colin Taylor

      You need to enter the UK with a marriage visa. You can get this at the British Consulate in São Paulo.

  29. Sardar

    Hello Andrew
    Please let me know very short way for nationality of Brazil.

  30. Mary

    I have 2 Nationalities ” 2 Passports” ; Portuguese and Swiss, I am available for marriage ololol

  31. john

    To obtain the stay in Brazil, foreign investors must prove investment in foreign currency equal to or greater than R $ 500 thousand. Before, the required value was R $ 150 thousand.

      National Immigration Council (CNIg), Luiz Alberto Matos dos Santos, the measure will give more consistency and technical feasibility to investments. “The previous rule was very outdated and the values did not meet the expectations of the country. That is why we have created a more effective level, allowing the application of foreign resources can really stimulate development and job creation,” he says.

  32. Pena

    Where u live Mary?

    • Mehdi amini

      Hi ! I am a bussiness man ( leather shoes and bag producer ) own 58 store and have around 1200 employee in iran Tehran at the moment ! I am interested to know how can I get Brazilians passport through investment or other

      • Stasa Momcilovic

        Hello Mehdi, thank you for your comment!
        If you are interested you can send us your application and we’ll see how we can help you.
        Here is the link

  33. Rohn

    Sir I have gf from Brazil I’m Indian I want going to Brazil tell me easy way

  34. Carmen De Castro Costa

    Hi. I am an American woman and I am married to a Brazilian man. I am interested in getting Brazilian citizenship and maintain a dual citizenship. Is this possible?

  35. Wise guy

    If you´re from a country like the UK or USA, I personally think, you have a better passport than a Brazilian one. That´s just the way the world is, sorry!

  36. Dr.Fazle Rabbi

    Hi, I am a doctor in Bangladesh and I am very much interested to move Brazil for a better life. But I an not sure which category is best for me. May be investor catagory is suitable for me. I need to know details about this and also want to know about money transfer process. Thanks

  37. Hamed

    i’m looking for getting Brazilian passport by investment ,
    would you send me consultant number to contact by whats app?

    • Stasa Momcilovic

      Hello, thank you for your comment!
      If you are interested you can send us your application and we’ll see how we can help you.
      Here is the link

  38. Nauman Tufail

    Hi I am interested in buying a property in Brazil and want to relocate there. Can you please guide me.

    • Stasa Momcilovic

      Hello Numan, thank you for your comment!
      If you are interested you can send us your application and we’ll see how we can help you.
      Here is the link

  39. Miguel M.

    Hi there. I am a Brazilian living in Lebanon. I want to marry my partner(same sex marriage) He is Lebanese. Can he get the Brazilian citizenship and how? Thanks!

  40. Vin Cancisio

    I am Filipino married to a Brazilian for two years with one baby. I am staying here in Saudi Arabia for work. I am planning to apply for permanent visa.

    Can I apply it outside Brazil?


    Hi, I am Brazilian and the visa is for my wife. We are married for more than 20 years. Is it easier for her permanency and citizenship or will go for the same process?


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