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How To Get Slovenian Residency by Investment & Citizenship

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This article discusses how to get Slovenian residency by investment and citizenship, the benefits of a Slovenian passport, and more.

In some ways, Slovenia is even superior to its neighbors – service in Ljubljana often puts service in Spain and the United Kingdom to shame. 

Slovenian banks are efficient and direct. Real estate isn’t as cheap as in Budapest, but it is still affordable and of good quality.

Overall, Slovenia is one of the best-guarded secrets in Europe. And it’s one of the safest countries in the world.

Plus, it’s quite possible to become a citizen if you’re willing to invest in a local business and then wait to become naturalized.

If you want a Tier A EU passport or residency, Slovenia is an excellent option. So what are you waiting for? Set up a call with us today to figure out the best way to acquire an EU passport or establish residency in Slovenia.

Slovenian Residency And Citizenship

As part of the European Union, Slovenia has an excellent passport that offers access to 170 countries and territories. Slovenians can visit the United States, Canada, and Australia without a visa, as well as enjoy the freedom of movement throughout all of Europe.

And if you happen to be a citizen of the United Kingdom (UK), Slovenia is definitely on our list of options for your second residency.

To become a Slovenian citizen, you must start with a Slovenian residency. And there are currently two ways in which to do that — by investing in real estate or by establishing a company.

In most cases, once you are a resident, you can then apply for naturalization and obtain a Slovenian passport within 10 years. 

Slovenia does not allow you to maintain dual citizenship. But there are some loopholes for keeping your existing nationality as well as obtaining future ones later.

Slovenian Residency For Entrepreneurs

Anyone can become a Slovenian resident by registering a business in-country and investing the required €7,500 in paid-up capital. 

Though, you will also have to meet the criteria of “active business management.” This includes fulfilling the following conditions:

  1. Making a minimum investment of €50,000 in fixed assets within the first six months
  2. Turning over €10,000 per month for at least six months
  3. Employing a Slovenian or EU citizen for at least six months
  4. Filing monthly withholding tax returns for six months
  5. Not having any outstanding tax liabilities
  6. Meeting the work permit quota

And if you’re registering a new company, rather than registering an already existing entity, you will also have to adhere to specific banking rules. 

For example, you must open a temporary bank account to pay the initial share capital. After the funds are deposited, the bank will issue a certificate that will allow you to register the company. Then, once the company is established, the bank account can become permanent.

Once your company is up and running, you can then apply for a residence permit to run the company. The application for a residence permit usually takes a few months, and the initial permit will be granted for one year and is renewable. 

Then, after five years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. And after 2 years of permanent residency in Slovenia, you can apply to become a citizen as long as you have some ability to speak the language. 

And another interesting part of Slovenian residency is if your business requires you to travel throughout Europe. You may be able to avoid being considered a tax resident in Slovenia if you spend fewer than 183 days in the country.

But if your business grows, corporate taxes are currently at 19%, which is still moderately low for Europe.

Slovenian Residency For Real Estate Investors

With a real estate investment, you can also gain Slovenian residency – and possibly citizenship.

Under this program, you would need to buy residential real estate in Slovenia and pay any applicable property taxes prior to applying for the residence permit.

Most countries, such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) member countries and EU countries, will not have any limitations on the kind of real estate you can purchase. However, citizens of countries such as China, Russia, and Ukraine cannot buy real estate in Slovenia at all.

And interestingly enough, this program does not call for a specific investment amount like many other real estate investment programs do.

There are also no specific requirements on how many days you need to reside in your property or Slovenia. However, it might be advantageous to spend some amount of time there if you want to renew your Slovenia residence permit.

Like the entrepreneurship program, a residence permit will initially be granted for one year and then can be renewed for up to five years. Though, it is known that the Slovenian authorities will check to see how much you have lived in Slovenia in the previous year,  which is why we recommend being in the country for at least three months per year.

How To Get Slovenian Citizenship

After five years of temporary residence in Slovenia, you can apply for permanent residence (PR). Permanent residents can qualify for naturalization into Slovenian citizenship after two years.

If you happen to invest more than €1 million in a new company, you can also be granted Slovenian citizenship under the Slovenian Citizenship by Extraordinary Merit program. You just have to show that the company is of economic benefit to Slovenia and hire 15 high-skilled workers.

Applicants need to petition the government and demonstrate that they have provided exceptional contribution to Slovenia. 

This sounds a bit like a citizenship by investment (CBI) program, but Slovenia has yet to officially roll out a CBI program. 

Should You Get Slovenia Residency and Citizenship?

Reach out to Nomad Capitalist today to create a strategy for obtaining Slovenian residency.

One of the safest and most prsosperous countries in the world (and also the greenest), Slovenia is an excellent place to establish second residency or citizenship.

The naturalization period is a bit longer than some other EU countries but if you are looking to spend some time on the ground to get a Tier A EU passport, Slovenia is worth it.

However, if you want a quicker route to EU citizenship, you should look at the Malta CBI program or establishing residency in Portugal. Malta CBI program will get you an EU passport for a hefty investment. Whereas, in Portuga, you’ll be eligible for citizenship in just five years.

There are also several other ways you can get residency or citizenship in Europe. Set up a call with us today to know all your options and start your journey toward a European residency/citizenship today.


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