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13 Passports on China’s Visa-Free Countries List

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China is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular and populated countries in the world. If you’re an entrepreneur or an investor, then you might find yourselves coming and going to the country frequently. But is your passport on China’s visa-free countries list?

Throughout the years, China has been one of the most prominent emerging markets and economies in the world.

For this reason alone, most businesses who want to immerse themselves in the Asian market always start with China.

Although, it’s not always easy to get a visa to enter the country. A lot of people accommodate their needs by getting one of China’s visa-free countriespassport

While applying for and obtaining a China visa is relatively easy, it still pays to have a passport that you can use to travel to China visa-free.

Here at Nomad Capitalist, we always encourage you to diversify your second passport portfolio.

Not only is it essential to have a second passport as a mere residence option, but it’s also an excellent travel document that’s essential for your business.

So do you have a passport that’s on China’s visa-free countries list? 

China’s Visa-Free Countries

While going to China without a visa can be a bit complicated if you’re not coming from one of the Chinese visa-exempt countries, it’s not impossible to do so.

Most of China’s visa-free countries aren’t bigger countries with bigger economies.

Actually, most of China’s visa-free countries are smaller countries that have great ties to China. Which explains the visa-free access.

Once the entirety of China reopens, businesses will once again try their luck with getting into the country.

So one of the questions that we always get is, what’s the list of China’s visa-free countries in 2021?

As important as holding a passport that’s on China’s visa-free countries list, it’s really not a problem if you don’t.

At Nomad Capitalist, our five magic words are “going where you’re treated best”. We believe that obtaining one of China’s visa-free countries’ passports is doable with the right immigration plan and strategy.

San Marino | China’s Visa-Free Countries

San Marino China’s visa free countries

One of the first countries that introduced a reciprocal visa-free policy with China was San Marino, the smaller country that shares its border with Italy.

The country’s passport holders are permitted to travel to China Visa-free for no more than 90 days, which is the longest stay that you can get in China. 

A bit impressive how this small nation managed to get this extension with a country as big as China.

Throughout the years, San Marino has had some of the cheapest real estate investments options around Europe. Not only that, but it’s also a country with a territorial tax system.

These are likely some of the reasons for why many Chinese entrepreneurs and investors flock to San Marino.

Bosnia and Herzegovina | China’s Visa-Free Countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina China’s visa free countries

Through the years, we’ve seen a lot of emerging businesses from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not only that, but its passport is also one of the fastest improving passports in the world.

So if you have a passport from Bosnia and Herzegovina, then you have 90-day access that’s visa-free to China.

While this is a relatively smaller country, there are various ways to get citizenship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can either go through their Citizenship by Descent Program, or you can apply for a second residency.

Armenia | China’s Visa-Free Countries

Armenia China’s visa free countries

The third passport that can give you 90-day access that’s visa-free to China is none other than Armenia.

Not only is Armenia a great country to begin with, but it’s one of the countries where you can get options to obtain citizenship.

If you prove your ancestry, Citizenship by Descent is a great program to get Armenian citizenship. Plus, you can also get your second residency in the country.

Not only that but Armenia is of the countries where you can easily get your second residency.

These immigration programs can eventually lead to getting your second passport. So all you have to do is qualify.

Armenia also offers visa-free travel to China, Russia, and Iran. This is why their passport has been greatly sought after in the last few years.

Mauritius | China’s Visa-Free Countries

Mauritius China’s visa free countries

Mauritius is one of China’s visa-free countries that have up to 60 days visa-free access.

Mauritius citizens are also given visa-free access to most parts of Europe and the United Kingdom.

So this country has a great passport, to begin with.

Obtaining a passport from Mauritius is easy if you want to include that in your second passport portfolio. But there are certain things that you have to keep in mind.

First, you would need to invest in certain properties around the island. Second, you would need to live in Mauritius for the better part of two years.

Another great thing about Mauritius is setting up your offshore company and taking advantage of their tax reductions.

The Bahamas | China’s Visa-Free Countries

The Bahamas China’s visa free countries

The Bahamas is not only one of the top tax-free countries in the world, but they are also one of China’s visa-free countries.

They’re actually one of the first countries to have agreed on a mutual visa-free policy with China. Perhaps it’s something to do with their instant permanent residence program or offshore company incorporation.

Either way, there are various programs for you to obtain a second residency in The Bahamas. It’s also considered one of the most livable countries in the world without an income tax.

Belarus | China’s Visa-Free Countries

Belarus China’s visa free countries

One of the smaller countries that was granted a 30-day visa-free access to China is Belarus.

You can also claim your citizenship in the landlocked country of Eastern Europe if you can prove that you have ancestry in the country.

Ecuador | China’s Visa-Free Countries

Ecuador China’s visa free countries

From the get-go, you wouldn’t assume that Ecuador has a strong passport.

However, it’s one of the few countries in the region that has 30-day access to China.

Some say that Ecuador is an expat haven, but it’s still something you can decide on your own.

Ecuador has visa-free access to China and also Russia, and it’s also one of the easiest countries in the region where you can get your second passport. All you have to do is invest in some land, stay in the country for a period of time, and claim your citizenship.

It’s as easy as that.

Grenada | China’s Visa-Free Countries

Grenada China’s visa free countries

One of the easiest passports that you can obtain on this list is Grenada’s passport.

Grenada offers a Citizenship by Investment program in just six months. It’s one of the most straightforward immigration programs in the region.

The country has 30-day visa-free access to China.

If you’re an entrepreneur or an investor who’s looking into getting a passport that has a great relationship with China, then Grenada seems like a viable option.

Serbia | China’s Visa-Free Countries

Serbia China’s visa free countries

Another country in Eastern Europe that has a great relationship with China is Serbia.

Now, obtaining a second passport from Serbia is fairly easy. All you have to do is apply for a second residence permit and live in the country for some time.

This can lead to a second passport.

Another option that you can go with is prove that you have Serbian ancestry. If that’s the case, then you can qualify for their Citizenship by Descent program.

These are two options that can lead to obtaining a Serbian passport, one of China’s visa-free countries.

The United Arab Emirates | China’s Visa-Free Countries

The United Arab Emirates China’s visa free countries

Another country on China’s visa-free countries list is none other than the United Arab Emirates.

While it’s relatively difficult to obtain a passport from the United Arab Emirates, there are other options that can grant you a second residency in the region.

There are various immigration programs like their Residence by Investment Program per se.

This won’t lead to citizenship, but it can be a great program if you want that connection to the UAE.

Those who hold a passport from the United Arab Emirates are given 30-day access to China: A great visa opportunity since these two regions are some of the best emerging markets today.

Plus, basing yourself in the UAE while doing business in China doesn’t seem like a bad business move.

Lower Level of Visa-Free Access to China

While we’ve covered some passports with a high level of visa-free access to China, some of China’s visa-free countries are only allowed to stay in China for 15 days. Still a good deal compared to having to go through the visa process if you ask us.

Brunei | China’s Visa-Free Countries

Brunei China’s visa free countries

This gem in Southeast Asia has one of the passports that has visa-free access to China.

Brunei has one of the best economies in the Southeast Asian region. Brunei has also made its way to becoming one of the richest countries in the world, making it one of the countries where it is not so easy to get a second citizenship.

Singapore | China’s Visa-Free Countries

Singapore China’s visa free countries

Another passport that has 15-day visa-free access to China is Singapore.

While getting a second residence permit in Singapore is possible, it’s still very hard to get naturalized citizenship.

Plus, Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most expensive countries in the world to date.

Sure, Singapore is a great country, but it’s not one of the best countries to invest in a second passport in.

Japan | China’s Visa-Free Countries

Japan China’s visa free countries

Japan has dominated the passport rankings in the last few years. The country is also one of China’s visa-free countries.

Although, it’s also relatively difficult to obtain either a second residence permit or a second passport in Japan. So it’s not a country that we’d recommend when it comes to diversifying your second passport portfolio.

However, it doesn’t lessen the fact that Japan has one of the greatest economies in the world. Plus, they have 15-day visa-free access to China.

The Best Passport of China’s Visa-Free Countries

One of the first steps that you can take to start your Nomad Capitalist journey is to invest in a second passport. There is no a best or worst passport, rather a passport that matches your needs.

So if having lenient travel perks to China is one of your passport goals, then one of China’s visa-free countries on this list will help you do that.

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