How to Get Second Residency and Citizenship in Mexico

Last updated: September 16, 2020
Dateline: Warsaw, Poland

Cast your mind back to the last US election of 2016. Do you remember all the talk of moving to Canada in the face of a Trump presidency

Well, in the face of yet another US election and with huge internal turmoil that’s taking place in the country, the topic of moving away from the United States has never been more relevant. 

Perhaps it’s our contrarian inclination, or perhaps it’s our appetite for greater personal freedom, but we would recommend looking past Canada. 

For years, we’ve been talking about the many positives of living in Mexico, whether you are an American looking to comfortably relocate or an individual from any country looking to enjoy a vibrant culture and greater freedom.

What we haven’t discussed, however, is how to become a resident or citizen of Mexico.

The good news is that the process is relatively straightforward and allows you to obtain a second passport in as little as five years. 

Mexico’s passport is the 26th most powerful passport in the world (2020) and allows visa-free access to 158 different countries, including all of Europe’s Schengen Area.

While the process is simple, we wouldn’t recommend going at it alone.

It can be a real headache dealing with all of the contradicting messages that are out there. 

And that’s not to mention the overall inefficiencies in the different governmental institutions. 

For example, you will often find that the quality of service varies greatly from one Mexican consulate or immigration office to another.

If you’re a high net worth individual who values time over money, you can work with us to put together a holistic financial plan that’s tailored specifically for you. Or, you can get our help to obtain your Mexican passport if you have connections to the country. 

That being said, here’s what you need to know about traveling to, residing in, and becoming a citizen of Mexico.

The most common ways to enter Mexico as a foreigner

There are many different ways a foreigner can enter Mexico, depending on his or her circumstances and the reason for visiting. 

The first option is to visit as a tourist. Citizens of the United States, most of Western Europe, and parts of Latin America can visit visa-free for up to 180 days. 

Citizens from non-visa-free countries can obtain a visa for 332 pesos, approximately $15 USD.

If you have a location independent business or other online work, you can stay in Mexico the allotted six months without needing any other procedures or permissions. 

If, however, you wish to work in Mexico for a Mexican corporation during the 180 day period, you must apply for a different visa that allows you to engage in lucrative activities. 

To obtain the “permission to work” visa you must provide proof of a job offer and pay a $155 fee. Another catch is that you cannot be paid in Mexico for your services. You can, however, apply for permission to work after arriving in Mexico.

Less common visas include the adoption visa and the student visa.

For those seeking a way to move to Mexico on a more permanent basis, you will most likely need either the temporary or permanent resident visa. 

In the past, you could apply for either visa while in Mexico as a tourist. 

Recent immigration reforms now dictate that you apply for your temporary or permanent resident visa at a Mexican Consulate outside of Mexico before traveling to the country.

Once you have provided the proper paperwork to the Mexican Consulate, you will be given a temporary visa (which costs roughly $40 USD) that will be valid for 180 days. 

Upon arrival in Mexico, you will have 30 calendar days to exchange the visa document in your passport for the official temporary or permanent residency visa card.

If you fail to exchange your temporary visa within 30 days, you will be restricted from leaving the country and must go through a process of regularization that includes extra fees and an additional interview.

How to qualify for the temporary resident visa

Mexico’s temporary resident visa is designed for foreigners who plan to reside in the country for more than 180 days and up to 4 years.

It is important to note that having a temporary residence doesn’t automatically grant the visa holder permission to work in Mexico. 

Temporary residents must apply for the same “permission to work” as those wishing to work within the 180 day period mentioned above. 

The offer letter and a $155 fee are required, as well.

That being said, there are various ways you can qualify for temporary residency

If you can prove that you have sufficient economic resources to provide for yourself without working in Mexico, including housing and meal costs, you can qualify for the visa. 

You can also qualify if you have an invitation to work (i.e. volunteer) from an organization or institution from which you will receive no income OR you are related to a citizen or temporary/permanent resident of Mexico.

If you are married to a Mexican citizen, you should apply for a two-year temporary resident card before applying for permanent residency or citizenship.

Temporary residency through a real estate purchase

If you are interested in purchasing real estate in Mexico, you may be able to automatically qualify for temporary residency. 

If you can prove that you have made an investment in real estate in Mexico equal to the value of 40,000 days of the general minimum wage in Mexico City (123.33 MXN in 2020) – which is approximately $233,473 at the current exchange rate – you can obtain a temporary resident visa.

For that price, you can get a modern two-to-three-bedroom apartment in Mexico City, or a luxury home with three to five bedrooms and a swimming pool in most other parts of the country, including the suburban zones of Mexico City in the state of Mexico.

Temporary residency through investment

Your other option to obtain residence in Mexico is to have a number of different investments in the country, including real estate, stocks, and a business. 

Altogether, you should have at least $123,330 (at the current exchange rate, or 20,000 days of general minimum wage) invested in real estate and another $86,000 invested in shares in a Mexican corporation.

You must also provide sufficient documents to prove the development of economic activity, such as invoices, receipts, contracts, business plans, permits, and your registry with the Mexican Social Security department showing that you are employing at least 3 people.

In any of these cases, temporary residence is only granted for a 1 year period to begin, after which you can apply for renewal for an additional 1-3 years.

There is no “time on the ground” requirement to maintain your temporary residence card. You can also exit and enter the country as many times as you wish.

However, if you plan to apply for Mexican citizenship in the future, you should reside in Mexico for most of the year.

How to qualify for the permanent resident visa

Up until now, we’ve been talking about temporary residence. But what should you do if you want to relocate to Mexico for an indefinite period of time?

Then permanent residence would be the best choice. 

It’s granted to individuals who intend to reside in Mexico on a long term basis and who meet at least one of several qualifications. 

One handy thing to keep in mind is that a permanent residence must not necessarily be preceded by a temporary residence. 

In other words, if you qualify for a permanent residence from the beginning of your time in Mexico, you don’t have to apply for a temporary visa first. 

And when does one automatically qualify for permanent residence? There are four instances:

  • If you are related to a permanent resident to the second level (i.e. grandparent, parent, daughter, son or grandchildren)
  • If you are pensioned or retired and are able to provide adequate monthly income through investments, savings or pensions
  • If you are seeking political asylum
  • If you have a Mexican father or mother (if you are an unmarried minor)
  • If you have given birth to or are the sibling of a Mexican citizen

Otherwise, you must first seek temporary residency and then apply for permanent residency after 4 consecutive years that you’d spend in the country. 

And, if you are married to a Mexican citizen, that time period is reduced to 2 years.

How to obtain dual citizenship in Mexico

How would you like to add a Mexican passport to your passport portfolio?

Luckily, Mexico is among the many nations that allow dual citizenship. It does not, however, allow multiple nationalities beyond the initial two. 

Once you have your permanent residency, it is fairly easy to obtain Mexican citizenship.

While there are options to become a Mexican citizen through birth abroad to Mexican parents, through marriage, or by having Mexican children, most foreigners will qualify for citizenship through naturalization.

Naturalization in Mexico requires 5 years of residency prior to the application date, which can include all years of residency, whether temporary or permanent.

Are you originally from a Latin American country or from the Iberian Peninsula? Then you can become a citizen in as little as 2 years of legal residency.

And if you don’t want to wait to become a naturalized citizen, we recently started offering a service that helps people claim their Mexican citizenship by descent. 

We help you confirm eligibility, collect documents (from your country and from Mexico), deal with the bureaucracy, and file for citizenship alongside our trusted lawyers and agents on the ground. You can learn more about our premium citizenship by descent service here.

Just keep in mind that obtaining citizenship in Mexico is not the right answer for everyone – just like with any country.

But it is one of the best options for someone with, say, a manufacturing business that markets to US customers or someone who has a location independent business that wants to get out of the US, but still stay close to family.

There are a number of situations that could make Mexico the right choice for you. 

If you are ready to get serious about going offshore and want to take a closer look at Mexico, or any other country for that matter, apply for a consultation and we can begin designing your financial and personal future.

Andrew Henderson
Last updated: Sep 19, 2020 at 2:55PM

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  1. Sofia de la Garza

    As far as i know, Mexico is very restrictive about dual nationalities. I’m mexican, my husband is from Guatemala and became a mexican 5 years after we married in 2006. Supposedly, he cant use his guatemalan passport anymore, at least thats what they told him

    • Realtor-Cinthya R. Anglin

      I only know the Mexican-american dual citizenship it’s accepted, not sure about any other ones 🙁

      • chikita

        it works if the both countries law accept dual citizenship, the problem is not all country accept dual citizenship.

      • Yolanda

        How and where can you apply for a Mexican residency …?

        • Laura Larios

          Hi. I’m hoping to get some concrete answers here. I am married to a Mexican. He has dual citizenship . We went back & forth to the consulate in Downtown LOs Angeles so he could get his Mex. passport/ Courp. And were told by them that I do nothing there in the US. We moved to Cozumel Mx., Dec 11,2017. We moved in our home here. They said I would be granted dual citizenship here as his wife. I was thinking more like permanent resedency.. but which is the best route ? I really do not want to go back to the states & start paperwork there if I can avoid it .???

        • Lolina Alicea Escobedo

          I’m a US Citizen who has great grandparents both born in Mexico. I recently moved to Mexico City and want to obtain Dual citizenship is it possible to obtain naturalization through Mexican descent and become a Mexican citizen?

          • Domingo

            I have the same question. My grandfather was born in Mexico and came to America

      • diego

        Mexican and British works too or any EU passport with Mexican !

    • Jennifer McEwen

      Guatemala does not recognize dual citizenship. You must renounce when you become any other country’s citizen.

  2. Gabriella Stupakoff Morrison

    Thank you for this in depth article. Being new property owners in Loreto, BCS, we weren’t sure where to begin the process of obtaining temporary residency visa. I have a Brasilian and American passport but it sounds like it couldn’t get a third with Mexico from this article. Too bad!

  3. Nomad Capitalist

    Yes it does, although it may not be the full ten days. One of my team members had to push her wedding back a full week in order to stick around while the Mexican embassy finished the paperwork for her visa after her interview.

  4. Rose

    Hello, You said “If you can prove that you have sufficient economic resources to provide for yourself without working in Mexico, including housing and meal costs, you can qualify for the visa.” My question is what amount of funds would I need to be able to show in my account. I have a free place to live, so only need food and other personal expenses. I am only looking to apply for a temporary visa. Thank you!

    • Tonei Glavinic

      Are you looking for a tourist visa or a temporary resident visa? The first doesn’t generally require proof of income; for the temporary resident visa, the Mexican Embassy website says you need proof of monthly income of $1,560 or an investment or bank statement showing a balance of at least $25,890 in the past twelve months.

    • Muhammad ashraf

      Hello I’m Muhammad ashraf from Pakistan I ask about Mexico visit visa can anyone tell me about it which procedure I get Mexico Visa because in my country no Mexico embassy in Pakistan

      • Nomore

        What is the reason you want to go to Mexico? Pakistan is also a nice country.

        • xyzamber

          If Pakistan is a nice country, then Syria is a super nice country!

    • Jeff

      Over $15,000.00 annually. It is the first question they ask at the consulate. You also need proof of that.

      • Ambujakshi Nagarakatti

        Hi Andrew,

        I have been a resident of Mexico in the past from 2005 until 2008 and then again in 2009/2010.

        Does it count now to apply for a passport?

        I am planning to live with a Mexican in Italy/UK and apply for citizenship.

        Will it be possible and how long does it take to get my passport?

        I am a resident of Italy now.

        Will I be able to apply for a dual citizenship?

        I am an Indian National with a son living in the UK as a citizen.



    I just visited the Consulate General of Mexico’s Website, but they do not have any information about the point based permanent residency application that you mentioned. Can you please provide a link to the application for that program?

    • Nomad Capitalist

      The Points System is still relatively new and not completely implemented. There are certain INM offices throughout Mexico that apply their own version of it (which you can only learn about by going in to those offices in Mexico), but a nationwide systematic approach is still not fully up and running. That’s why you can’t find it on the government website. It’s still too new.

      • Sohail

        Dear i am married to mexican girl since two years. I came here in 2013 on workpermit, then i renew it for two years, now when again wanted to renew it so immigration told me that may be i have an alert. Now why, how, by whom no one knows. During that time i havenot been abroad so its impossible to have anything like this. What are the possible solutions for my extension?

      • Hema Doppalapudi

        I want to apply for permanent residency, I have some question’s in before to apply. Please e-mail me I will ask my questions there. Thank you..

  6. Nana Qhuarmie

    what happens to my citizenship when l acquire Mexican citizenship? I am an American and the United States will recognize both my American and Mexican citizenship if l acquire a Mexican citizenship. But will the Mexican government recognize my American citizenship once l acquire a Mexican citizenship or do l lose my American citizenship in the eyes of the Mexican government?

    Thank you.


    • Ashley Dymock

      Mexico allows dual citizenship so you can be both a Mexican and a US citizen in the eyes of both governments.

    • Lee Chanley-Garcia

      You retain your Stateside citizenship, you are not required to give it up.

    • Lee Chanley-Garcia

      When you travel to the states you have to do so on your USA passport, you cannot travel to the states as a Mexican. When you enter Mexico you do so as a Mexican citizen. This was information I got from the American Consulate in Nayurit.

  7. Hugh G. Scroats

    I want to make bank in San Diego and live in Rosarito Beach! ? like a boss!

  8. jobrow

    How can a Jamaican get temporary residence, requirements and amount of
    bank statement to show, They will stay with a mate who work in San Diego
    but commute to MX., sort of border living…would be interested in parttime work
    if one csn be found

  9. elliefrost

    I think this is probably a silly question, but I can become a permanent resident of MX and still keep my US citizenship, right? I’m only asking because a relative told me I’d have to give up my US citizenship, but I’m pretty sure that’s not right.

    • Realtor-Cinthya R. Anglin

      If you are married to a Mexican citizen or if you are the child of a Mexican citizen you could obtain dual citizenship.. talk to an immigration attorney.

      • elliefrost

        I am not interested in becoming a Mexican citizen. Only a permanent resident and the question is: Can I still be a US citizen and do this?

        • Realtor-Cinthya R. Anglin

          Not sure, I’m not an immigration attorney, I will recommend you check with one. ?

        • Lee Chanley-Garcia

          Yes, I am a permanent resident, married to a Mexican citizen and I have retained my USA citizenship. Even if you decided to pursue Mexican Citizenship, you still keep your American citizenship, you then have dual citizenship. You have to live in Mexico for 5 years to get your Permanent Residency.

          • elliefrost

            I was thinking about buying a home in MX and a realtor told me that to get a good loan (I have the lion’s share in cash) I needed to be a permanent resident. He said to apply here, then there with the consulate and agree to live there for at least four years. Thanks for the citizenship info. I thought that must be right.

            • Lee Chanley-Garcia

              Try not to take a loan. It’s not that easy to get in the first place, mortgages are still pretty new here. We paid cash and there are some pretty good cash deals here if you look. Good luck.

        • Lis

          You can become a permanent resident without giving up your US citizenship

      • Realtor-Cinthya R. Anglin

        I don’t know how long, I’m actually trying to give my husband the Mexican citizenship but I have not started the process, I did got info from the Mexican consulate but I have not gone through it yet. Google, Mexican consulate and it has all the info you need.

    • Jungle Cat

      Yes and Yes

    • Ca

      The US allows you to keep US citizenship if gaining dual citizenship in another country. Some other countries may force you to give up US citizenship to become their citizen. Always check both country’s policies.

  10. Beth Anne Boyd

    I’m trying to get information on whether I can open a business in Mexico as a temp resident or only permanent???

    • Lee Chanley-Garcia

      Only as a permanent resident can you open a business.

      • Lee Chanley-Garcia

        That was my understanding, but I bypassed a lot of red tape, I’m married to a Mexican citizen. If you can do it as a temp resident that’s great. Mexico is much more advanced than the States, just my opinion.

  11. Lee Chanley-Garcia

    In a 2 year period you cannot be absent more than 180 days from Mexico.

  12. Kathleen Markle

    Mike – I would like to move to Puerto Penasco. Are you saying that if I show bank statements for a year of 2200.00 or more, I can retire there? Even th
    ough my retirement money would not be as much as being employed in the states?

  13. Anthony Jackson

    Saudi Arabia is a good place for Muslim, they have sharia law and everything. You wont like Mexico, mostly Catholics.

  14. Gypsy Soul

    I have lived in Mexico for 8 1/2 years. I stay 6 months then leave and return for another 6 months. I receive a small pension from the U.S. My pareja died a few months ago and I’m thinking I want permanent Mexican residency. How do I get it?

  15. Luke

    If you are a US citizen and you own a location independent business, if you became a permanent resident of Mexico, would you be taxed in Mexico? I would like to move to Mexico and use the FEIE to reduce my tax bill to near zero, but I don’t want to end up paying income tax to Mexico.

    • Adri

      Yes, you will pay maxi an taxes.

  16. David Marianne

    my girlfriend is mexicans and she want me to settle in mexico and we are in weeding procession to get her nationality is it possible.?

  17. Pat Cordes

    My husband applied for Mexican citizenship and they told him it would take 6 months or less. It has now been 6 months. We are planning a trip to Europe in September. When his papers get approved, will he have to go get them right away, Can he have a lawyer pick them up instead?

    • tika

      Hi, did your husband apply for Mexican citizenship after 2 years of residence or 5 years? And did he have Temporary or Permanent Residence?

      Thank you

  18. bob

    I’m Canadian. If i marry a Mexican woman can I live and work there?

    • Maria Lazareno

      Yes you can, but you will need to obtain your temporary residency and after that you will need to get a work permit from immigration office in México.

  19. Rosa

    I am married to a Mexican Citizen. May I get Mexican citizenship without go to Mexico?

  20. Nathan

    I have a question I have been trying to get correct and accurate information on. I am and have been married to my wife for 9 years going on 10 with a 9 year old daughter. I want dual citizenship so that I could come and go when we want to visit family members in Monterrey. How can I get it without having to live in Mexico for long periods of time. I would live and stay with my in laws.

  21. tika


    I’m married to a Mexican citizen. To get Mexican citizenship, do I need to stay 2 years in Mexico or 5 years? And can I apply with Temporary residence or does it need to be with the Permanent residence?

    Trying to find out how long the process should take.

    Thank you


    To whom it may concern
    We are starting up a shuttle service in phoenix AZ to rocky point Mexico.Was told I need a duel citizen ship to work in Mexico. Please inform me on what to do next. Im a USA citizen BORN and raised here.

  23. Deb A

    My mother has dual citizenship with Mexico and U.S. She was born in Mexico, her mother was born in the U.S., and returned with her to the U.S. I am an adult, can I become a dual citizen with Mexico, or do I have to live there for x amount of years first? I would like to buy property in Mexico to retire.

  24. Val

    Are there limits to the number of days we can be outside of Mexico on the Residente Temporal visa? Is it correct that with the Residente Permanente you cannot be outside of Mexico for more then 180 days in the past 2 years?

  25. Bunmi Ainnah

    Married to a Mexican can I get Mexican citizenship without going to mexico and how long does it take

  26. Beth Cruz

    Ok i been married to may husband ( who is a mexican) for over 10 years and i been a housewife for the first 4 years and i started working with my husband for the past 7 years, but every check comes in his name. I want a permanent residency for me and my children, how do I go by doing that if I haven’t really had a job in my name in over 10 years?

  27. Kim

    My sons girlfriend was born in the USA but have non USA citizens parents Mexican. The dad was deported and moved back to Mexico and had a house with his mother. He recently passed and wanted to leave the house to the girls however, they have been told they need Mexican citizenship to get the house. Her relatives there are trying to take the house from them so they need to get this citizenship asap. Any suggestions.

    • DAndrea Pratt

      Go to nearness Mexican consulate in your area and they can lookup the parents name….need place and date of birth. Also bring the kids birth certificate which would say the parents name. Thats the starting process

  28. Zaheerkhan

    Hi i am zaheer khan i am from pakistan i want to Mexican citizenship what should i do can any one help me.



    My husband is mexican citizen, for my husband to obtain a dual citizen for my child since he is US citizen would i have to authorize or given consent for him to do that?

  30. Brenda klassen

    Can a Canadian guy marry a Mexican in Canada , go to Mexico get a temp residency card , meanwhile his Canadian
    Passport is denied due non child support payments . Can he get a perm red card and citizenship with his passport denied by his own country ?

  31. Isabel

    My mother was born and raised in Mexico, but she now lives in the United States and has a dual citizenship. Is there a way that I can acquire a dual citizenship ( I was born in the United States and I am a citizen)? My father was born in the United States and is also a citizen. When I was younger my grandfather tried to help my sister and I acquire dual citizenships, but unfortunately got sick and died before we could start the process. I don’t know much about the process and I am trying to obtain a dual citizenship so I can go to college in Mexico and move there permanently if I so chose.

  32. Claude

    Hi, I am Canadian and so is my wife but she also possesses a permanent Mexican resident card. Am I eligible to receive one based on the fact that she has one and we are married?

  33. Rajesh Kumar

    Hi I am Indian i am going to get married maxican girl in March in india. What docoument she required while she is coming to india in March for marriage in India.after marriage which visa I will apply for Mexico and how long it will take process to get my Mexico visa help me please

  34. Ge0ffrey

    Good Lord, why drag Trump into it? He’s a capitalist par excellence, and the small business opportunities will greatly increase under his leadership, which can only have a positive effect on Mexican AND Canada. In fact, if I were an entrepreneur, I’d flee Canada under the Castro-loving Trudeau and head south ASAP, to either the US or Mexico.

    I’m in Mexico as a permanent resident. I love Mexico and I love Donald Trump! MAGA, lock her up, and drain the swamp!

  35. chikita

    im married to a mexican and and i’ve been living in mexico since may 2016. i have temporary resident card for 2 years and will expired on may 2018. my question is when that temporary card expired on may 2018 can i apply permanent resident or i still have to renew my temporary card for 2 years more?

    • Andrijana Maletic

      Greetings! The best thing to do is check with the embassy to be certain, this kind of decision may vary from one case to another.

    • Dandrea Pratt

      You can apply for permanent. Then immediately after receiving permanent status, you can apply for citizen and get mx passport.

  36. Corina

    Hello, I am 39 and my father was born in Mexico. What would be the best way to go about getting my dual citizenship?

  37. Jet-trash

    I’m a US citizen, and my wife is Mexican (she was born & raised there, so she has dual US/Mex citizenship).

    We currently live in US, but are thinking of moving there (MTY, or QRO). I work as an airline pilot, so I can very easily ‘commute’ from MTY/QRO to my crew base in Houston (2 hours max). In other words, I’d LIVE in MX and WORK in US.

    I’d eventually like to get either perm residency, or a Mexican Passport (dual US/Mex). My question is twofold:
    1) It’s my understanding that my marriage to a Mexican Citizen, would cut the 5 year temp residency requirement down to 2 years? Is this correct?

    2) During my temp residency period leading up to this, is there a MINIMUM number of days per year that I need to physically be in Mexico? I believe I read “180 days” from another poster, but I don’t know if that’s in relation to tourist visas, or something.

    The only official info I’ve found so far, from the MX immigration website, says that I must have sufficient means of income, AND have resided there for X years (depending on Mexican relatives, wife, ect).

    Apologies for long post..just wanna convey my situation accurately. Thanks in advance.

  38. PG

    Hello, I am going to apply for permanent residency based on income,If I am denied permanent residency and received only temporary for one year would I be able to get an extension easily only based on funds in my account?? Could you please advise

  39. Jupiter

    Hi, My mother was born in Mexico but died when I was 3 years old. My father was Born in the U it’s States. He and my mother married many years before her death. I am trying to get Mexican residency through my mother, what documents do I need to provide to the local consulate? I have:
    1: My parents Marriage license with a real Seal from the U.S. State/County they were married in.

    2: My Mothers Baptism certificate that states she was born in Mexico and it also has an ifficicial Mexican Seal/Stamp.

    3: My Birth Certificate with Authentic Seal from the U.S State I was born in.

    4: My United States Identification card.

    5: My proof of U.S Adress of where I currently live

    6: My mother’s death certificate.

    What ELSE do I need to prove that My Mother was a Mexican by birth, so that I can get permanent Mexican residency or just Mexican Residency at the least??

  40. James

    Hi, I am an American man married to a Mexican woman for 23 years living in the us .
    My mother was also born in Mexico . How can I get dual citizenship and can I get a Mexican passport. We want to move to Mexico City I am able to prove I can support myself without working but would like to work or invest in Mexico sometime to keep busy. Would I loose my American benefits? Any advice

  41. Rahul H

    Thanks for the Article.

    I have been in Mexico for 3.7 continuous years on temporary resident visa and want to know if I can apply for Permanent resident visa.
    My question is I went back to India on 7th Oct’17 and my 4th year as temporary resident is expiring on 26th Feb’18. Can I apply for permanent resident visa since the gap between leaving the country and expiry date is more than 4 months ?

    Please let me know.
    Thanks in Advance.

  42. Jim B

    I am a US citizen who has permanent residency status in Mexico. I seek to purchase land in the restricted zone of Baja California. Can I buy this in my name or do I need to use the fideicomiso?

  43. Julia Gudino

    Hello, I was born in Mexico and became a naturalized US citizen. Does that mean I revoked my Mexican citizenship or I am automatically a dual citizen?

  44. Ron

    Just remember that when you travel to Mexico as a dual citizen you must present your Mexican passport. This might not be beneficial since your other country’s consulate may not assist you in case of an emergency or if you need other assistance.

  45. C Albert

    I have been told it is possible to get a 90-day temporary naturalized Mexican citizenship to sell Mexican property as a Mexican citizen. But I can find no data on this. Is this real? It seems a little strange to me.

  46. C Albert

    I have been told it is possible to get a 90-day temporary naturalized citizenship in Mexico for a fee to complete a real estate sale. This seems a bit strange. Is it real?

  47. D.C.

    Isn’t it rather ironic how much praise this author gives Mexico for being so much better and “free” that the US?

    You HAVE to apply for a visa and the citizenship process takes about as long as the US. Why no anger for not just letting you come in and be a citizen because you want?

    Why the lengthy LEGAL process? Talk about unreasonable. How dare they have a strict method that the US is being chastised for implementing already in place.

    Plus I love these people who sit there and talk about how much better it is, but stays here and complains. I smell a hypocrat.

  48. Asraf

    I’m asraf.from Bangladesh. my question is if I visit in Mexico as a tourist visa.and stay 180 days. or stay more then that.can I work in Mexico? and if I get marry a Mexican girl, so can I live in Mexico and get the permanent presidency?

  49. Carol

    Hello I am a us citizen married to a Mexican who has dual citizenship , how would I apply for Mexican citizenship to be dual as well we are planning to buy a property in Mexico and build a home ? Any advice

  50. jasmine

    Hi, my great-grandmother was born in Mexico…I was baptized here. How can I verify this comment/rumor: “While there are options to become a Mexican citizen through birth abroad to Mexican parents, Mexican descent back two generations (although there has been talk of extending it to three generations).” ?!


  51. mike schuth

    I am retired and have over $100,000 in CD’s in the bank. Am I eligible for permanent residency?

    • Dandrea Pratt

      Yes. Need to show proof of retirement alsi

  52. Roland vanhoudt

    I live 22 years in mexico. FM3 FM2 and now permanente for 5 years. Can I get now a Mexican PASSPORT ?

  53. Harris

    My wife and myself are US citizens but lived in Mexico for more than 10 years and both of our children were born there and are dual citizens. We are anxious to return to Mexico but the old FM3 visas we were so easily able to get in the mid 90’s up until we left in 2006 are no longer available. The FM3 no longer exists and the prerequisites for FM2’s are much more burdensome than they were at that time. Our children are now 13 and 15. Do we qualify for residente permanente status or citizenship through our children without having to meet the financial burdens otherwise required? Thanks for any insight you might have.

  54. meo

    I have married to a Mexican for 7 years and we have 2 kids. I already have the permanent resident. Do I need to take any test to get the citizenship?. I am from Vietnam

  55. Andrew Nieto

    I have the same question asked above. My wife and I are natural-born USA citizens and current USA residents with no ties whatsoever to Mexico. If we were to give birth while visiting Mexico, our child would automatically be a natural-born citizen of Mexico AND a natural-born citizen of the USA. Under both USA and Mexico law, our child would never have to renounce either citizenship. 1.) Does this scenario mean my wife and I could apply directly for permanent residency as parents of a Mexican citizen, without first obtaining a temporary visa? 2.) As parents of a Mexican citizen, would my wife and I have to show financial sustainability such as wages or investments to qualify for permanent residency?

  56. john mc dermott

    I’m 70 years old permanent resident for 3 years-I want to get citizenship in Mx.
    I have no Mx. family and don’t work in Mx. How can I get citizenship?
    Thanks John
    Oh!I own property in Baja Ca.

  57. Lizbeth

    I was born in the U.S to Mexican American migrants. I am currently working on getting my Mexican citizenship. I would like to know if my daughter can have dual citizenship as well. I am not my daughter’s biological parent but I have all Legal right . She is of Mexican decent but neither I or my coparent where born in Mexico. What could I do?

  58. Scott

    A question about getting Mexican citizenship and passport. I am married for 7 years to a Mexicana, lived in Baja for 9 years with ,my visa for over 5, a premamente now. And we are having a son in about 1 month here in Mexico, and legally adopted 3 Mexican national children. So sounds like I have 3 ways to get it.

    The question is which is the quickest and easiest way, by years living here, by my wife or because of my son/ adopted children?

  59. Silas

    My grandmother was born and raised in Mexico. She moved to the states after marrying my grandfather who was born in Texas to Mexican parents. Can I be granted citizenship since my grandmother was a natural Mexican. I believe the article says it goes back 2 generations. Can somebody help me please. I have innumerable family that lives in Mexico that I want to live close too.

  60. amanda Dunlap


  61. Amanda

    Sorry I have no legal permission to live nor work in Mexico but i do want one

  62. Albert

    In your article, you mention that persons born in a Latin American country or Iberian Peninsula can shorten the time line to become a Mexican citizen to two years after permanent residency. I was told that this does not apply to persons born in Cuba. Also that Cubans had to meet other more stringent requirements. Is this a correct understanding. Thank!

  63. Sheryl

    I understand there are two options for businesses in Mexico…an SA de CV (incorporated company) and a Sole Proprietorship in your name. How does INM handle a request to hire yourself for your own company (money generated in Mexico) so you can get a temporary immigration status that allows you to work? In the past, it was a temporada lucrativa and you only submitted a letter with your application for temporary status.

    • Sheryl

      I should add that I am not planning on incorporating a company…

  64. gurdev singh

    i am willing for citizenship

  65. Anthony

    I’m a dual American-Italian citizen. I’m married to a Mexican citizen. Am I allowed to obtain Mexican citizenship in the eyes of the Mexican government? Does the two citizenship rule only applies to obtaining for their citizenship’s after the Mexican citizenship? I spoke to my wife’s cousin who is a lawyer in Mexico and he said that I could get Mexican citizenship even with my Italian and American citizenship but this article states otherwise. Does anyone have any experience with this?

  66. Hamza Hussain

    Hello everyone I hope you’re doing good I have a question to ask to you all people who can give me answer well to help me ok so my question is that that I am from Pakistan ?? but I got married with Mexican ?? Women and I have a baby also and I have temporary residence still now so now what is the process to do forward after my baby born now what should I have to do can I apply now for my Mexican citizenship yes or not if not so what I have to apply please I am waiting for your answer thank you so much ?

  67. Vincent

    Hello I have been living in Mexico on and off for the last few years and have a permanent resident card. What do I need to do to become a Mexican citizen?

    • Stasa Momcilovic

      Hello Vincent, thank you for your comment!
      If you are interested you can send us your application and we’ll see how we can help you.
      Here is the link

  68. Yasser

    What if someone lived in Mexico for 5 years rhen moved back to their original country. Can theu still get the citizenship?

  69. Khurram Patras

    Hi. I am from pakistan and have the pakistani Passport. Can i apply maxico permanent nationality after marriage with maxican lady, after reaching at Maxico.
    Looking for your kind reply.

  70. Luis

    Hello,am married to a Mexican,I have a temporary Resident which am about to renew,I already have a Mexican child from another woman,can I process my permanent resident with the child birth certificate?

  71. Rob

    Andrew, its great you provide this clear information that will help so many people. When people see good info offered freely they are much more likely to trust you with their money for more advanced consulting help later. Its a very smart business move that few other organizations ever bother to do. You stand apart.

    • Stasa Momcilovic

      Thank you very much, Rob!

  72. Voyageuse

    I’m a U.S citizen born of Mexican parents. They are U.S. citizens.

    I would like to get a dual Mexican/American citizenships because my family still owns land as far back as 1937 (I have the original deeds) in Jalisco, and I think it might be easier to sell if I’m a MX citizen.

    My mum thinks the land is worthless. Considering that at least one plot of land was purchased in 1937 for 30 pesos, I’d say it has appreciated over time. Does anyone know if it’s possible for me to do this if my parents renounced their MX citizenship? Thanks!

  73. Prince O

    Hi i am Prince o. i am from Turkey i want to Mexican citizenship what should i do can any one help me.




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