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Andrew Henderson wrote the #1 best-selling book that redefines life as a diversified,
global citizen in the 21st century… and how you can join the movement.

Stephanie Murphy on NYC catcalling, Bitcoin, and xenophobia: Radio show #59

Nomad Capitalist Report November 1, 2014 In what may be his most controversial show ever, Andrew is joined by Let’s Talk Bitcoin‘s Stephanie Murphy for the full hour to discuss a recent Youtube sensation, the latest news in Bitcoin, the Free State Project, and more. 2:06 Andrew debates Stephanie Murphy on the recent video of a woman being catcalled as she walked around New York City. Andrew believes this is part of a greater problem that is the culture of victimhood in the United States… and another reason The Land of the Free is on the decline. 10:38 Stephane explains why not all Bitcoin fans are “basement dwellers”, and addresses whether or not she was hit on by the Winklevoss Twins at Bitcoin events. 12:02 Andrew explains why catcalling is part of a human issue, not a Gender Wars issue, and doesn’t require government intervention. 18:00 Andrew and Stephanie discuss the alleged need to regulate Bitcoin… and why it’s a farce. Stephanie explains why some Bitcoin companies actually want to be regulated as banks and why that’s a bad idea. She shares an example of what happened with Skype and how a lack of regulation helped internet telephony. 20:32 Andrew shares why HSBC in Hong Kong is a terrible bank and impossible to send wire transfers with. 21:57 Stephanie discusses how Bitcoin can help small business owners like the Mexican Restaurant owner in Illinois who had her wealth stolen by the IRS without ever being charged. 22:30 Bitcoin casinos and gambling companies are the latest to slam the door on US citizens. 23:25 Andrew says retirement accounts are the “biggest honey pot” left for the government to seize, the same way they did in Poland. 24:30 Stephanie speaks to why Bitcoin has dropped from $800 in January to $344 just ten months later. Should investors and newbies be scared to buy Bitcoin now despite such volatility? 26:37 How to hold Bitcoin without taking on the currency risk using services like Coinapult. (You can even use Bitcoins to book a private jet flight). 27:20 Is Bitcoin serving too many purposes as a currency, payment processor, and transfer mechanism? 27:48 Will Bitcoin exchanges be required to register with FinCEN? Will civil disobedience – as simple as using a VPN – be required? 28:55 Is Bitcoin anonymous? 29:43 Why burying gold in your backyard is a bad idea. (And how to get free offshore gold storage at 30:00 Andrew says why he believes a gold confiscation won’t be as easy to get around as you might think, because merchants will follow government directives to refuse payment in gold or silver. He says Americans will not practice as much civil disobedience as they like to think. 33:59 Andrew and Stephanie discuss xenophobia in the United States and question why “foreign born” individuals taking jobs in the United States is so bad. Andrew explains why he changed his opinion on the illegal immigration issue. 34:45 Are Free State Project members making their own clothing? 36:04 Why your own personal freedom plan should include WANTING to lose your job and become redundant. Unless you’re a government worker. 37:58 Should Jeff Berwick have suggested we should eagerly await the death of 195 world leaders? 39:10 Stephanie discusses the reaction to being a female anarchist, and defines “anarchy” in her words. 41:30 Andrew says he will get Stephanie to move out of New Hampshire and to a foreign country. He suggests that Mexico has a loose tourist visa policy she could take advantage of at Passport to Freedom in Cancun this January. 43:24 Why new offshore banks, including one in New Zealand, are shutting their doors to Americans thanks to FATCA.



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