An interview with Tereson Dupuy, founder of Fuzzibunz

An interview with Tereson Dupuy, founder of Fuzzibunz

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Nomad Business Show – Episode #2

Guest: Tereson Dupuy
Company: Fuzzibunz

Andrew interviews Tereson Dupuy, founder of cloth diaper company Fuzzibunz which appeared on Shark Tank. Fuzzibunz re-built the old cloth diaper business into a multi-million dollar company, but also

Andrew and Tereson talk about:

  • How and why show founded Fuzzibunz
  • The value of innovating a new business in an old model
  • The challenge of acquiring customers for a product with a transient market such as baby products
  • How to capitalize on customers leaving a transient market by offering other products, without drowning in opportunity
  • The issues with converting disposal diaper users to a cloth diaper product that needs to be washed, and how this translates to other businesses
  • Fuzzibunz’ challenges with intellectual property (IP) issues
  • Why Tereson doesn’t believe in outsourcing manufacturing to China
  • Why she left Fuzzibunz to start a business helping other entrepreneurs
  • … and more!

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Last updated: Jan 18, 2022 at 10:00AM