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Andrew has been receiving questions about how Nomad Capitalist ranked their recent publication entitled, “Nomad Quality of Life Index.”

This Index featured 100 cities and how friendly they are to the Nomad lifestyle. Some of these cities like London and Dubai are lumped in with Lisbon and Malta Island, which to some, doesn’t make sense. Andrew explains the logic behind each of these rankings and how nomads can use this guide to pick and choose their cities based on the kind of mood they’re in.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[3:00] Andrew and his team recently released the Nomad Quality of Life Index on his website.

[4:15] How did Andrew calculate and rate each of these 100 cities?

[9:55] Why are London and Portugal on the top of the list when they’re such high-tax countries?

[14:40] You always do a ‘pick and match’ kind of lifestyle where you hang out in a high-tax country for a couple of months and then move to a low-tax country.

[15:20] Check out the list of cities on the Nomad Quality of Life Index. It might surprise you!


[15:50] What kinds of changes is Andrew seeing in the Nomad movement?

[16:45] Why did Daniel leave the UK at 22 years old?

[21:30] After receiving numerous job offers when moving to Singapore and Tokyo, what did that tell Daniel about the job market? How does it compare to the UK?

[25:10] Don’t let yourself talk you out of moving/traveling to another country. You can’t research everything.

[29:40] Companies are having a hard time retaining talent because people realize they can travel, work, and be done with all the extra stress.

[33:15] The 4-hour workweek really inspired Daniel to take action and improve his family’s quality of life.

[37:35] What was it about moving away from Singapore that convinced Daniel’s wife to pack up and change the kid’s schools?

[42:00] Once you move to a new country, the fear of the unknown now becomes exciting.

[45:15] Daniel discusses how he makes the nomad lifestyle work with a family.

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