Should you worry if the EU were to split apart? What would that mean to the value of your EU passport? Andrew believes that if the EU were to break away completely, the good passports that are already good will still remain so. The British passport isn’t going to become dirt just because they’re no longer attached to the EU and the same applies to France, The Netherlands, etc. Andrew believes that you should continue to strive for a good EU passport and to keep doing things the right way.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:15] Andrew has set a personal goal to read 100 books in the 2nd half of 2016.

[3:40] Andrew writes in a gratitude journal every morning and night.

[4:15] One of Andrew’s clients recently saved about $400,000 in taxes.

[6:40] What’s going to be left of Europe in 5-10 years?

[9:45] Things are getting harder and harder.

[11:25] Remember, imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.

[13:15] Don’t read the tea leaves. A lot of news articles aren’t that relevant to you.

[13:45] Are you diversified? Yes? Then you don’t need to worry.

[14:45] Make sure you’re setup right to begin with.

[15:25] Focus on the end result that you want. Don’t make things more complicated for you.

[17:15] Once you have a full strategy in place, you are going to feel a lot better.


[21:05] Why did Yuri want to become an entrepreneur?

[24:35] You have more options when you learn a different language.

[30:15] Why did Yuri decide to go to China?

[32:10] How has Yuri planted flags in China?

[33:15] Accepting a foreign payment can take time in China.

[34:40] Is now a good time to find a job in China?

[36:00] Since China works on a global scale, they need skilled foreigners.

[36:25] What kind of benefits does China offer?

[37:15] It’s quicker to climb the ladder than it is in Yuri’s home country.

[37:40] Native English speakers have an advantage.

[39:10] No matter what you do, you can find your place in China.

[42:45] How easy is it to make friends in China?

The Lighting Round:

[44:20] One business – employment or social network.

[44:50] One country – China.

[45:40] One book – Think Like Chinese by Geoffrey Baker.

[46:00] One tool – Asana.

Listener Question:

[48:50] What’s going to happen post-Brexit?

[49:50] If you have a good passport, it’s probably going to remain a good passport.

[50:50] The British passport will not turn into a rag.

[52:00] Andrew still recommends working towards an EU passport. It’s still worth it if you can afford it.

[52:25] Even in the event of the EU falling apart, your post-EU passport will still have value.

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