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Why Citizenship Doesn’t Matter Anymore

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The global pandemic we’ve all been facing for the better part of 2019 and until today has changed so many things in our world. Not only has travel stopped, but there were also many travel restrictions enforced. It also made a lot of people question things like citizenship.

COVID-19 has made it extremely difficult for people to go to different countries even though their motives aren’t for leisure.

Sure, the spread of the virus is an excellent reason for a country to close its borders. However, would you also close your borders to your citizens who simply want to return home?

This has been such a widely debated topic, and it’s a well-known topic, especially in Australia.

A while back, we saw the news that Australia has temporarily shut its borders to Australian citizens and non-citizens alike. So if you have Australian citizenship and you’re caught in the middle of your travels, then that pretty much is your problem now.

The Problem of Those Who Hold Australian Citizenship

We’ve asked people worldwide what they thought of this move by the Australian Government.

As usual, many good comments came in, making me question the country’s direction. Then again, we all know that Australia’s going in the direction of being a fascist police state. They’ve been going at it for quite some time now.

If you’re living in Australia and disagree with what we’re saying, that’s fine. Although, it might be high time for people to open their eyes and see what’s happening around them.

Here at Nomad Capitalist, we talk to many people living in western countries, calling them “legacy brand country” since they once stood for something great.

These countries made it so easy to do business back then, and maybe some of them still have good things about them. We have to remember that no place is perfect, and no place is simply barren wastelands. However, the reality is so much different than that, and citizenship from these countries doesn’t matter anymore.

Although, we get why people come here and why they fall in love with the place. If you like beaches and the ubiquitous “avo” toast, then go. That’s something that we’re all for. After all, we believe in our five magic words to go where you’re treated best.

However, we stopped looking at those things. What we look at now is how the perspective of Australian citizens being locked out of their own country is predominant these days. In that case, what’s the value of citizenship, and is it true that citizenship doesn’t matter anymore?

The World Has Spoken on Citizenship

One person named Demi replied, “You missed the reason.”

Well, here’s what we do understand.

We’ve been lifelong entrepreneurs, and from time to time, we’ve had to work with various people who are freelancers. Although we generally try to avoid hiring freelancers nowadays, we try to bring everything in-house.

We’ve had to work with people with a more corporate background. Then again, we’ve also had to work with corporate hotels run by people who take six weeks to send you a PDF menu!

These people, they all have so much red tape. Do you know what we’ve learned?

People like these don’t get anything done. These people have nearly twenty team members, and they take six weeks to send one PDF that we could send in three minutes! This is a job that I can do from my phone while having dinner, or I could excuse myself while I’m having a conversation with someone.

It’s an easy task, yet people like these take so much time!

These are also the kind of people who like to claim how we don’t get what’s happening or how we have no proper understanding of the reason.

So no, we didn’t miss the reason. We understand that there’s a pandemic, and we’re not going to the deep end and claim that there’s no such thing as COVID-19.

All we’re saying is that if you’re going to suspend the basic concept of citizenship, defined by the United Nations, there should be some sort of benefit.

The Benefits of Having A Citizenship

Naturally, having a claim to citizenship means that you’ve got some kind of benefit, right?

The benefit could be that you can leave your country whenever you want, and you can come back whenever you want. This is the premise of what having citizenship is all about. It’s technically as simple as that.

If you obtained your Australian citizenship by being born in Australia or if you’re a naturalized Australian, it’s your right to go in and out as you please. That’s your right. You own a passport, and you can come and go as you please. As we always say, go where you’re treated best.

They’ve said that everything’s going great down under but that they’re still going on lockdown, and then they’re going to close their borders. That’s fair, and the government can do that.

Although, why would you stop someone from returning whose right is to reside in the country and who’s been paying all the ridiculously high taxes for all their lives?

People would argue that there’s a reason. Yes, politicians always have excuses. Although, there’s something that’s not quite right with that statement. It’s not like politicians can’t do anything terrible. It’s not like we haven’t seen that in our lifetime.

If you watch the comedian Bill Burr, you’d see that he makes some excellent points. Sometimes, his jokes are too dark, but he makes some solid arguments.

He would say that people would sit there at the club whenever he told jokes, and they’d laugh the whole time. However, when the jokes are directed towards their group, they’re suddenly up in arms and are offended.

How come, though? They didn’t mind it when all the other groups were being offended, right? So the government is basically like this.

Can the Government Temporarily “Cancel” Your Citizenship?

Another guy named John said, “Andrew, you don’t understand. This is only temporary.”

Do you mean like the temporary security measures after the attack on 9/11? That was 20 years ago! These “temporary” security measures have only gotten worse!

A guy named Dan commented, “I’ve been stuck in India since March 2020, and it’s almost June 2021.”

To us, we think that there’s no form of government in Australia.

What they have is just a transactional authority, and it’s so hard to believe that this is happening. It’s still hard to believe there’s a guy that theoretically, up until a year and three months ago, was living in this country and was paying a ridiculous amount of tax like most high tax countries out there.

Today, it’s as if he isn’t even considered a citizen anymore.

Now, what that government does is they just hang them out to ride it as transactional. They think that as long as the public agrees, that it’s right.

It is a tyranny of the majority because as long as the people inside the country are bathing in the waters off their coast and riding their surfboards while eating their avo toasts, then life is good? They don’t care about people like Dan, who are stuck abroad.

They don’t care about the others who have the same status as a citizen. So, therefore, it’s okay.

Do Countries Still Rescue Their Citizens?

Frank said, “I’m from the generation that remembers when the United States did rescue its citizens from many countries.”

When we said that when the value of citizenship has been declining, it’s not only that they’re not going to let you back in. It’s that they also won’t come and help you.

That’s the perception that many people have. 

They think that if they get stuck in a warzone or the middle of a typhoon, the government will rescue them. That’s what people think.

Well, sorry to break it to you, but they don’t do that! Well, maybe some do, but definitely not the United States of America.

When I renounced my US citizenship, there was an older gentleman who asked me, “What happens when you get stuck in the Vietnam War, and they’re not going to send the helicopter for you anymore?”

I hated to break it to him, but I told him that they never do that anymore.

Although, Frank did have a great experience when it came to that.

He said, “I’m from the generation that remembers. I was personally airlifted from Pakistan during the Indo-Pakistani War.”

Well, everything has changed, and it’s continually evolving.

The Role That the Government Plays When It Comes to Citizenship

A guy called Kevin said, “I love your content, and I’ll get hate for this, but if we (Australians) don’t close our borders, we’ll end up like the USA and the UK. There’ll be death everywhere, and we’ll be locked up by our government. We had less than a thousand deaths due to COVID-19 due to the government stepping in.”

Kevin, if you believe that the government has helped in anything, I’m not sure if we can agree on much.

Well, anything else comes up, you could just shut everything down because the government will save you, right?

A guy called Benjamin said, “When the government breaks the law during an emergency, it’ll create an emergency to break the law. Living in Australia for more than 40 years, I can honestly say they’re the most two-faced country I’ve ever lived in. Aussies have such a short memory these days.”

Everybody has such short memories these days, and that’s the problem. That’s why we always encourage people to go where they’re treated best.

So when people ask, what if they go somewhere then years from now, they realize that the place sucks. We just ask them a question. Would you want to go sit somewhere and be miserable?

Going Where You’re Treated Best

If you’re living with somebody who’s about to beat you with a baseball bat, would you stick with that person and bleed to death? No! You’re going to find someone else, or you’re going to live alone.

You move, and you go somewhere else. It’s definitely the same logic if you really think about it.

The government needs to pander to the majority, but the majority, by definition, is below average.

The government has to pander to the average people, the ones who aren’t successful. These are the ones who are coasting through life. Perhaps they’re working hard at their jobs, but they’re simply drifting through life with a tidal wave washing over them.

They’re not traveling the world, and they’re not paying attention to what’s happening in some other country. That’s the kind of people that the government tries to pander to.

So are you one of those people?

The Privilege of Paying Taxes in Australia

A guy named Stefan said, “When paying taxes, citizens should receive shares in the infrastructures of the country. Then they should be able to sell those shares if they leave.”

Now, that’s an interesting point, but what we’re saying here is that you’ve been paying all these taxes.

There’s an argument in a book called “The Geography of Bliss,” and it’s when the guy went to Qatar since he’s been studying people’s happiness in countries all around the world. Then he went to Qatar and commented on how they didn’t pay income tax, so they can’t poke a public servant nor a government worker and say, “I pay your salary, buddy.”

No, not here, you don’t!

However, in Australia or all these legacy brand countries, you can say that their taxes are so high! They’re legacy brand countries since they were once something. They once didn’t have high taxes.

The government isn’t concerned about its citizens. They don’t care about you, but they want you to think that they do so they can manipulate you into playing your part in their overall operation.

What to Do When Your Citizenship Doesn’t Seem to Be Working?

So when you say that this isn’t working for you, don’t you deserve to get something for that?

Don’t you deserve something when you’re paying so much money in your lifetime in taxes to a country that’s basically abandoning you?

The government can always make an excuse to deprive people of their fundamental human rights. You can look throughout history and see when politicians made excuses to deny people or groups of these rights.

This is why there’s been such a difference in the last year and a half. There’s been such a great interest in the work that we do here at Nomad Capitalist.

Why did our clients quadruple in the last year? It’s because people finally realize that living in a legacy brand country means nothing now. We look at passports, citizenships by investment, immigration, international investment, and so much more!

Today, most westerners realize that we’re not that much better. The government has never cared about us, and now it’s more apparent than ever.

This is happening all around the world, not just in Australia. It’s happening in most of the legacy brand countries.

The Role That “Luck” Plays When It Comes to Citizenship

Liliana said, “You’ve recently inspired us to start looking for options to escape the legacy brand countries and go where we’re treated best. We’re hoping to complete the process in the next six months. I listen to your channel daily, as most people in my life are still so ignorant or in denial. They think that being Australian is the luckiest thing that could ever happen to a human being.”

It’s so amazing how all these people are so lucky in their own opinion, and isn’t it amazing how you know that these Australians only make up about 0.33% of the world’s total population?

Maybe the issue is that we went to school, and they asked us to take a pledge of allegiance to our particular country. The patriotism might’ve started there.

It could be that we all just have our voices and opinions. Although, we would guess that most people, no matter what nationality they may possess, are pretty lucky to be born where they are.

This is the problem with the people from most legacy brand countries. They’re in denial and don’t understand that there are other alternatives – much better alternatives!

Frankly, these people would tell you that their country is the best in the world. If you ask them which is the worst and how they know it’s the worst, they won’t answer that. They just know that they’re the best.

These are the kinds of people that we’re dealing with. The people who make the rules because the politicians speak to them. That’s fine because we’re all entitled to that. However, they’re dictating that you can’t even come back to your own country. The most frightening thing about all this is that most people in Australia are happy with that.


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