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Digital Nomads’ Best Coworking Spaces in Europe

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Europe has always been a prime location for a lot of travellers and digital nomads. Whether it’s for its charming cities, the inclusive and diverse cultures, or the entrepreneur-welcoming hotspots, Europe is always a go-to for digital nomads. 

Remote working culture has been on the rise and will stay this way. Numerous digital nomads and entrepreneurs want to make use of the remote working culture to enhance their quality of day-to-day life. Working from a beach in Europe in one of its many reliable cities that have a great value for their cost of living perfects your work-life balance.

Best Coworking Spaces in Europe

No need to add your workspace to your list of your pricy expenses when staying in Europe. There’s no need to purchase commercial real estate to maintain your business, so if you’re an entrepreneur, freelance or another digital nomad, we’ve got you covered on how to create your ideal work environment in Europe’s hotspots with a minimal bill. Europe has been overflowing with co-working spaces that gather prime business-minded entrepreneurs, creatives from all across the world. We have gathered the best coworking spaces in Europe from different cities in Europe that have a place for you. Let’s dive in.

Coworking Spaces in Amsterdam 

Amsterdam… The popular tourist destination is also the financial center of Europe. Driven by its stable business climate paired with its high quality of life, Amsterdam is the place to set up and grow your business. Here are four of not just the best  coworking spaces in Amsterdam but also the best coworking spaces in Europe.

1. MindSpace, Amsterdam

Image alt text: Coworking Spaces in Amsterdam

MINDSPACE is a boutique workspace that combines start-uppers, business-minded intellects, investors and creatives in a one coworking space that feels like home. You can become a member of the unique layout that drives inspiration with a cost that accommodates your budget.

2. TSH CollabHome, Amsterdam

Get work done with a view you can’t get at home. TSH CollabHome is a buzzing hub of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship that runs from the ground floor to a sky-high 13th floor building. The coworking space is close to bars, restaurants and the city’s canal ring so you can treat yourself right after a tough day of work.

3. Plant22

Plant22’s creative space in Amsterdam-West got you covered with workspaces that drive creativity, access to conference rooms and shelf-spaces with coffee that helps you run through the workdays with high level security cameras to feel safe for a small bill per month.

4. A-Lab Co-Working

The exclusive A-Lab Co-Working community of 300 creatives, innovators, and socialites members that crave collaboration with likeminded people. A-Lab Co-Working runs from the heart of Amsterdam across Central Station 

Top Co-Working Spaces Prague Has to Offer

Prague is known for its rich culture, low cost of living, and fast internet, making it one of the top European locations for business starters. Let’s jump into the first thing entrepreneurs think of when looking to work from Prague – their workplaces.

1. Impact Hub Praha

From the space to make it happen, Impact Hub Praha is the co-working space to be in Prague. With 10,000 m2 space in four locations in Czech, Impact Hub Praha is home to 1,700+ members with 100+ accelerated running projects that can definitely suit your business. Work immediately from the prime coworking space with no obligations but with all the benefits.

2. Opero Co-Working Space

Suiting sophisticated professionals, entrepreneurs, and professionals in every field, Opero Co-Working Space accommodates all your needs from the center of the city. It’s truly a place to be inspired, share information and ideas, and attend seminars by experts that peak your interest.

3. Node5 Co-Working Space

Find a full-on innovative work center where you can thrive with your business at Node5 Co-Working space. Whether joined or separate, the workspace that you need is at Node5, where you can also establish your business’ headquarters. 

4. HubHub

HubHub has all your needs, with fully-facilitated rooms of all shapes and sizes interiorly designed to unleash the full-potential of your business. HubHub is a place that feels like home to get productive and get work done. 

The Best Co-Working Spaces Split Croatia Has to Offer

Croatia is one of the most beautiful places to live in, but sadly one of the most unfavorable to invest in, and even kicked investors out in the past. Comfortably live there with as little $1,000 a month, but don’t buy commercial real estate. For the work spaces, here are the top two you can find in the country.

1. Amosfera Co-Working Space

An open co-working space with a sea view, a mix of local and foreign coworkers to feel like home. With as little as 75 KN per day, you can work from Amosfera Coworking space that’s located 10 minutes away from the beach, helping you unwind after a hard day’s work 

2. Impact Hub Zagreb

From the leading economic center in Croatia, Impact Hub Zagreb is located in Zagreb, the hub of the country. The high living standards of the city has derived economic activity where your business has great potential to thrive. With a space of 550m2 spread on two floors, Impact Hub Praha is one of the best co-working spaces in Croatia offering 100+ working stations with various coworking packages.

Now you’re all set. Go on your digital nomad life from anywhere in Europe without having to compromise your business. 


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