Nomad Capitalist Podcast


Episode 1 – Corey Coates, living in Costa Rica, is offshore legal?

It’s no accident that today, April 15th, the Nomad’s choice of first guest on the new show is an international entrepreneur who has successfully cherry picked the best economics out of every country he does business in. He is a border security nightmare as he travels from country to country with monitor and recording equipment in hand. He peers inside the North American culture with an outsiders view and his one pair of jeans.

Episode 8 – Reid Kirchenbauer, living in Thailand, Asian investments

The entrepreneur lifestyle is more than living in a gated community in a foreign country. Make a conscious decision to be different from the rest and know your top 3 business objectives. Don’t get scammed by doing business with the lowest cost provider in every situation. In this weeks interview, Reid Kirchenbauer shares the story of his strange attraction to finance from a young age and how the university girls in Thailand are attracted to finance majors. And in your questions answered, Darnell wants to know if Andrew has ever been scammed.

Episode 34 – Keith Perhac – Investing in Yourself, Investing in Somaliland

Andrew shares a story of a man who wanted to obtain a new citizenship in 2012, but due to inaction, he wasted three additional years before starting the process. This year, aspire to be someone of action and do not let the ‘do it later’ mentality get the best of you. Andrew also talks on the law of scarcity vs. the law of abundance and why you should almost always invest in yourself.

Episode 35 – Kathleen Peddicord, Having an Abundance Mindset, Paying Less Taxes

On last week’s podcast, Andrew talked about practicing the law of abundance. He recently wrote a blog post on the subject entitled, “10 ways to use the Law of Abundance with Flag Theory”, which hopes to help others live a live of abundance and not a life of scarcity. Today’s guest is Kathleen Peddicord, the founder of Live and Invest Overseas. She shares her story and why she moved from Paris to Panama City.


Not sure where to start? I can help you develop a plan to legally slash your tax bill so you have more money to invest overseas, get a second passport, or just hang out on the beach.


081: Corey Coates, Reasons are BS

Andrew is currently listening to an audio book by Bernard Roth called Achievement Habit. In the book, they talk about why your ‘reasons are BS’. Andrew agrees. Whatever might be holding you back right now to live the life of your dreams is BS! Don’t get sucked up in...

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079: Drew Binsky, Solve the Conflict First

Lots of crazy things happening with President Trump. As people looking for alternative options, Andrew cautions that you never want to try and hide your money from the government. That’s NOT the way you want to approach things. You want to solve the conflict you have,...

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078: Nick Messina, Get Your Own Questions Answered by Traveling

Andrew continues the Nomad Capitalist’s theme of finding and discovering your ‘home,’ in this week’s introduction. He says if you’re stuck in the same routine every day, you’re never going to get your own questions answered about whether the nomad lifestyle is for...

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077: Aaron Marz, The Nomad Tax Trap

In Andrew’s introduction, he discusses the true meaning of a nomad. A nomad is someone who goes where they're treated best, but this does not mean that they leave their tax woes behind them. Governments are becoming more and more connected, and are going after nomads...

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076: Jenna Robbins, The Fake Teachers and Coaches

There are a lot of coaches out there that claim they’re making 6-figures, but those numbers can lie. In this week’s introduction, Andrew warns others to be bit wary of those ‘gurus’ out there, claiming quick financial success. Anybody can be a coach, so it’s important...

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Not sure where to start? I can help you develop a plan to legally slash your tax bill so you have more money to invest overseas, get a second passport, or just hang out on the beach.