Politicians are nuts. They want all of your money, investments and transfers to be trackable. They want to find a way to take what you have. Gold confiscation, De Facto confiscation is a reality and possibly the wave of the future. You must diversify, whether it’s in gold, precious metals or real estate. And Andrew’s advice to a listener question, going to a company’s store is the best way to get a SIM card, just don’t forget your passport.  


Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

1:46 Politicians can decide how the world works

2:32 Residency in Spain

4:32 Buying and storing gold offshore

7:00 Governments are getting smarter

8:02 A war on cash in Europe

9:14 Gold, Silver or precious metals

11:10 De Facto confiscation

12:36 A fan of Singapore for gold storage

13:18 Byzantium in the Cayman Islands

16:30 Asian real estate markets


Interview: Expat Dad in Bangkok, Mike Darnell

20:23 Mike’s journey

22:16 Can I deal with the worst case scenario?

23:44 The startup scene in Israel

26:10 Mike’s big a-ha moment

27:45 A company brought me to Thailand

28:42 Social Commerce for entrepreneurs

30:05 Thailand is a booming economy

32:00 You need patience to get a Thai corp set up

36:11 Tips for expat families

37:10 A hurdle of cross cultural communication


The Lightning Round:

39:19 One business – An Israeli omelette

39:53 One country – Thailand

40:13 One book – Thinking Fast and Slow

40:48 One tool – Base CRM 


Listener Question:

42:52 Wayan wants Andrew’s advice on SIM cards

44:30 Your passport info just for a SIM card

45:25 Go to the brick and mortar store

46:35 A home base and a phone with 2 SIM card slots




The Nomad Guide to Offshore Gold

Bullion Star



Base CRM

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