Andrew predicts things are going to get harder for non-U.S citizens located in many Western countries. It’s a fact that’s not being talked about a lot, but many Western countries are going broke and that tends to mean more taxation on their citizens. So if you’re not a U.S. citizen, and think you might be in the clear, you may want to think again, and work towards getting that backup plan.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:00] Do I really need a second passport?

[3:20] Not a U.S. citizen, do I still need another passport?

[3:50] As U.S. citizens have FACTA, the rest of the world has information sharing between 101 countries.

[5:45] Other countries may be working to adopt more stricter tax policies like the U.S.

[7:35] Andrew believes countries will be making it difficult for you to leave.

[8:35] Not a U.S. citizen? High taxation won’t happen to you? You’d be surprised.

[9:00] Western governments are broke! They want your money!

[9:45] Tune in next week to find out which are the fastest growing passports out there!


[11:10] How did Jack become a poker player?

[13:25] What was Jack’s goal for getting into business?

[20:00] The probability of being a successful poker player can be pretty low — what made Jack decide to keep pushing through?

[21:55] Are there a lot of people out there trying to get into the game, but just don’t have ‘it’?

[25:00] The UK is much more open to gambling than the U.S. is.

[26:35] The UK still considers you unemployed if you’re a ‘gambler.’

[27:35] Jack is located in Malta because it helps keep him focused.

[32:30] We often build up a mental block on ‘what it’ll be like,’ and it can freeze us right in our tracks.

[37:05] How does setting up a base and then traveling a bit outside of Malta work out for Jack?

[43:30] How does Jack go into ‘work mode’ when exploring a new country?

[44:50] Start with the end in mind.

[48:25] Will Jack ever be the next Dan Bilzerian of the poker world?

[54:10] How does going from a bigger island (UK) to a smaller island (Malta) feel?

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Jack’s Skype: Hot-Pepper-Sinclair

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