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Why the US election doesn’t matter (as much as you think)

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Dateline: Letterkenny, Ireland

I’m writing this in mid-November 2016. If you’ve walked past a TV anywhere in the world or graced social media any time over the last year and a half you’ve seen highlights from the clown show known as a US federal election. From the primaries to the campaigns to election day to the endless post-game analysis and conjecture, it’s a massive exercise in manipulation of the masses.

One of the results of all this exposure is the widespread belief that these people can improve your life in direct and measurable ways and that if the right person gets elected it means you and your family will have a better life.

That might be true if you’re among the elite who can feed at the public trough in a way that directly benefits your life right after the inauguration, but the rest of us just pay for the failed ideas, the broken promises, and the expansion of the national debt.

Politicians want everyone to believe that they are essential to the quality of your life. Many of us believe the greatest thing they could do to improve our lives would be to leave us alone and go get productive jobs for themselves instead of being professional parasites and coercers. But they aren’t going to do that anytime soon.

In the meantime, we can take a sober look at how to improve important elements of our lives, effective immediately and without anyone’s permission.

Who Can Reduce the Surveillance Of Your Life?

How soon do you think the Patriot Act will be repealed and your full First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments will be restored to full effect? Feel like devoting a few decades of your life to getting that done? Or would you prefer to immediately use off the shelf technologies to safeguard your documents and say what you want from a server in Iceland that is not cowed by the FBI, RCMP, and GCHQ?

Maybe you’d enjoy spending some of your time in countries that don’t track your every move on CCTV and don’t have the resources for constant financial monitoring? Those are readily achievable for you, but not through imminent legislation.

Who Can Improve the Quality of the Food You Eat?

When Connie and I were spending time in Romania we were astonished at the taste of strawberries and even bread. It was like we’d been eating fake substitutes all our lives. It was also a novelty to see both of them turning bad within 48 hours of buying them. That’s a good tradeoff in my view. I’d be happy to buy fruit and bread on the day I wanted them if it meant they tasted better than any I’d ever tasted in my life.

Want to fight for food labeling regulations, greater control of big agriculture and their GMO products, and resist the efforts of huge political donors? Or do you want to earn more income so you can afford the very best food available? Or maybe live in a place that still produces food the old fashioned way that nature intended and that delivers flavor that makes you feel like you’ve been a fraud victim all your life?

Who Can Increase the Return On Your Investments?

Want to wait for politicians to improve the economy so the Dow or NASDAQ shows sustained improvement, less volatility, and share prices in line with earnings?

Or would you prefer to have brokerage accounts outside the US where you have access to investments not available to the US masses?

Or invest in real estate and income property in places with prospects of huge growth in the coming years because of implacable demographic circumstances rather than transient legislative favor?

Who Can Double Your Take-Home Pay?

Want to wait for (or fight for) politicians to increase your income and reduce your tax burden? Or do you want to work with people like me who can help you create your own online business?

Or Andrew who can help you move your income, assets, and tax liabilities into more favorable jurisdictions?

Do you want one passport or three of them? Do you want more options or fewer? Because politicians are in the business of giving everyone fewer options, not more.

Uncounted numbers of people are quietly and effectively increasing their net income through a variety of methods and technologies every day. Politicians will never tell you about those options. But the help is at immediate hand for those who want it and will take action.

Who Can Increase Your Travel Opportunities?

Speaking of passports, the path to spending more time traveling and living where you want is to have income and/or investments that don’t rely on a nine to five job in a particular location.

There are opportunities and technologies that put these options into the hands of the little guy for the first time in human history. Your local politicians are not working to increase your awareness and ability to do that. They want you in a well-defined box. Their box.

Who Can Help You Live Life On Your Own Terms?

In every election in every major country, about 75% of eligible voters do NOT vote for the person who ultimately wins. Yet 100% of us have to live under the new, yet-to-be-written terms and conditions and to pay for all of it. Nobody will give you explicit permission to opt out or to pursue your own priorities. You have to just do it by the strength of your own volition and without asking, hat in hand, if it’s OK with your government for you to improve your life outside of its grasp.

Whatever rights you have in whatever country you live in, your politicians want you to have fewer, more restricted rights. That’s what they work on every day. It’s why 50 years ago always looks like the Wild West.

Red Team. Blue Team. Makes zero difference.

It’s only a matter of whether they mainly focus on reducing your social rights or your financial rights. In either case, they want you, your money, your assets, and your ongoing income right where they can grab it when they declare the next emergency. They don’t want you thinking or living globally. That’s why they always tell you that right where you are is the best place in the world to be.

In every example above, it’s YOU who has the power and desire to massively improve your individual life with immediate effect. Hoping the new regime will do it for you is for the young and naive, and for the old fools who never read a word of history.


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