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Three of the Most Stable Currencies to Hold During a Recession

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Whether you believe the vultures are currently circling or it’s a case that the evidence is overblown, at some point, there will be another recession. 

How it will impact us as individuals is hard to predict, but one surefire way to negate the worst effects of a sustained economic downturn is to protect yourself by diversifying your portfolio. 

Traditional investments like currencies may not get the headlines that other higher-risk, more adventurous forms do, but they are a steady way to limit your exposure. 

In this article, Reid Kirchenbauer of InvestAsian shares his thoughts on the global currencies he considers to be some of the most stable to hold. It’s not professional investment advice; it’s intended to help you research the best options.

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Investing in the Stable Currencies

If you decide that investing in currencies is a good idea, it’s important to do your homework.  

To understand how to use these currencies as a hedge against recession, you need to be smart, but most importantly, you need to be practical.

Here at Nomad Capitalist, we’re a firm believer in our five magic words. We always encourage our readers to go where you’re treated best.

So, investing in stable currencies is a step in the right direction.

Most Stable Currencies – Thai Baht 

When you look at the world’s most stable currencies, there’s a certain stigma associated with the Thai Baht. Frankly, most people wouldn’t even consider this currency. 

However, Thailand, Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy is performing better than some analysts expected this year. Despite a global slowdown, Thailand’s economy is in positive growth – in the first half of 2023, GDP stood at 2.2% year-on-year. 

With private consumption and tourism key drivers, Inflation there has returned to stable levels, from 5.02% in January 2023, to a current rate of 0.88%, the lowest in the region. 

Government-backed policies to increase overseas investment are also appealing. The real estate market in Bangkok has attracted significant recent foreign investment. The capital’s strategic location, tourist appeal, and growing economy, have made it a promising location for property investment. 

Truthfully, this currency was one of the lowest-performing currencies during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. This has led people to believe that Thailand’s currency is basically “useless.” However, Thailand has learned its lessons and has performed much better than most of its counterparts in the region of late.   

Plus, the country’s booming tourism industry has helped its currency skyrocket. This is all thanks to the tourists from legacy brand countries who bring in their currencies like GBP, USD, EUR, in favor of the Baht.

We might even go as far as to say that the Thai Baht is performing better than the Singapore Dollar. So that’s saying a lot.  

Investing in Korean Won 

The Korean Won is a widely-traded and stable currency. It’s supported by Korea’s large, advanced economy, which has a technology and manufacturing base. A high income country, Korea is one of the globe’s biggest automobile and ship producers. 

South Korea’s education system is another reason for its technology boom and fast economic development. With one of the most developed, and rapidly growing economies in the 2020’s, the Korean Won is a currency that tends to be strong. 

For this reason, now is a great time to invest in Korea. The Won has maintained its place as one of the emerging market currencies. This makes it an ultimately beneficial investment when it comes to diversifying your currency portfolio.

Most Stable Currencies – The Singapore Dollar 

Undoubtedly, one of the world’s most stable currencies is none other than the Singapore Dollar.

A lot of people, even those from the west, have increasingly invested in this country’s currency. Maybe it’s because Singapore is Asia’s financial center, or maybe simply due to its currency standing.

The Singapore Dollar is one of the most powerful currencies, not only in the region but globally. Plus, it’s one of the reasons that make Singapore great.

Over the years, more and more entrepreneurs and investors have moved to Singapore. It’s one of the most popular places in Asia where you can learn more about finance and do business. In Singapore, you can open a bank or maybe a brokerage account if you want to trade stocks around the region.

There are so many great things about this country. Plus, the Singapore Dollars have increasingly appreciated over the United States Dollar by 20% to 30% in the last decade or so. This makes this currency one of the most stable currencies that you can hold during a recession.

Singapore vs. Hong Kong: Battle of Asia's Financial Hubs #InvestAsian

Choosing the Most Stable Currencies

Choosing the most stable currencies to invest in should not be done on a whim. There’s so much to consider. But these three currencies can help you make steady returns when it comes to diversifying your currency and investment portfolio.

To discover more about these currencies, watch Reid Kirchenbauer’s interview. It’s a great way to learn more about the investment possibilities in Asian currencies.


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