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Living a Nomadic Lifestyle with Children and Family

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This article discusses how to live a nomadic lifestyle with children and family. 

Some nomads love a spontaneous lifestyle – just pack up your bags and book yourself a flight to your next destination.

Others, however, may need to plan more – especially the nomads with children and families.

With added people come added responsibilities. You have to consider if the next destination is family-friendly, how will the traveling look like, etc.

If you want to lead a nomadic lifestyle, but are hesitant because of your family, don’t be. Many people around the globe are leading a successful nomadic life with their tribe alongside them – you can do it too.To figure out the best way to incorporate nomadism into your family life, set up a call with us today. We’ll curate a holistic offshore strategy for you that handles all your issues while you plan your next move with the people you love.

How to Be a Nomad with a Spouse

Living a Nomad Lifestyle with Children

Here are some thoughts on raising your family as a Nomad Capitalist, whatever that nomadic lifestyle looks like for you. 


If you’re going to have a family, the first thing you will want to put in place is a certain level of boundaries so that there’s some stability. 

Part of setting up a nomadic lifestyle is establishing your plan well in advance. Work with your partner to come up with a plan for how you are going to raise a family. 

If you establish great communication and boundaries, you can continue to live a nomadic lifestyle with children. 

Start School Later

Kids that are born today seem to be in school almost when they’re eight weeks old. People have two-year-olds that are going to school. If you’re a nomadic family, you should consider alternative ways to teach your children until they’re six.

The pandemic introduced remote learning, and that is an excellent tool for nomads to not compromise on their kids’ education while being on the road or in a foreign country. 

Moreover, travel itself is a great teacher. No amount of traditional schooling will grant you the insights that can be acquired from traveling.

If you’re living in a couple of different places, they can not only learn to read and speak your language, but they can learn to potentially read, write, and speak the language of some other country where you are. 

For example, if you’re living in Panama, your kids can learn Spanish. Learning about different cultures and interacting with people from all over the world can be life-changing for your children – in all the good ways.

How to be a Nomad with Kids

Schooling Options: Consider a Tutor

The second question you have to address is, what do you do after they’re six? 

The best thing would be to hire a private tutor. In the US, that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

However, when you leave the United States, you find that there are a lot of countries with really smart and well-educated people willing to teach your kids at a fraction of the price in the US. 

If you were traveling, you could find quite a lot of well-educated people who would jump at the chance to travel the world, see different places, and earn an above-average salary. For the price of a private school in some parts of the US, Australia, or an international school overseas, you could hire a private tutor who has experience in teaching your child, and they could travel with you. 

They could live with you. They could go through a formal curriculum. This way, your child is in school, but they would also have the time to explore the world around them and live in different environments. 

Traditional schooling is a paradigm that needs to change.

Friends Throughout the World

There are plenty of ways for your child to socialize. 

Maybe you want to live in one home base. That way, your kids will have more stability. Or you move every once in a while. Whatever the case may be, there are so many different permutations you can use with this. 

When we talk to parents who do this, they say kids are adaptable. They love having different sets of friends in different places. They love going and seeing and experiencing different things.

This is an opportunity for them to become world nomads at a young age. Traveling the world, meeting new people, and learning new languages are going to give your kids endless opportunities. 

Preparing for University

Let’s say you do want your children to have some form of conventional schooling. You could compromise and have your children spend their first years of school with a tutor and then settle somewhere for a few years so they can attend high school and prepare for university. 

Maybe you sell the business and move to London, for example. For those last four years of a kid’s education, you’ll settle in one place so your children can attend a fantastic high school and prepare for the university experience – if that’s what they even want to do. 

However, there are other benefits if you do decide to settle for a while. You could use this as your chance to get a high-level residence permit and citizenship that you’ve been wanting for a while but haven’t been able to put the time in just one place. 

Caring for Parents

Take Care of Your Parents or Be a Nomad? #NomadDad

Many people feel the need to care for their parents in their old age. If this is something that is preventing you from living the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle, you need to have a heart-to-heart with your parents. 

Communicate with them to figure out how a nomadic lifestyle might impact them. 

It’s possible that they don’t need you permanently caring for them right now. It might work out that another family member or friend is there to take care of them. 

If it gets to a point where it’s critical, you can take a break and go to take care of your parents if you need to. Just because you are living offshore currently doesn’t mean you always have to. 

You don’t have to make a hard and fast decision now. Things change. 

At the same time, it’s not possible for everyone – whether due to finances or health – one perk to your lifestyle that your parents may enjoy is the opportunity for them to travel as well. 

If you are living overseas, they can travel to see you. It gives them an opportunity to travel the world. 

You Choose Your Nomadic Lifestyle

Your time as a nomad does not have to be permanent. You can have an escape switch. You can go back to whatever life you want. A lot of people do it this way.

The best thing about leading a nomadic lifestyle is that you have power over your life – no one else.

By having a second residency or citizenship, an offshore bank account, or a foreign real estate, you’re escaping the autonomy of any one government or bank over your finances and life. That’s what it’s all about. Going where you’re treated best and acquiring peace of mind.

If that’s what you want, set up a call with us today, and we’ll make it possible for you.


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