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How To Make Any Business a Location-Independent Business

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Nomad Capitalist has grown to become successful masters in international mobility. Our team has crossed 100 countries, creating truly global strategies for our clients. 

We have lived it and made mistakes, so you don’t have to. 

Something that might surprise many is that we have always preferred to think that business doesn’t have “online” and “offline” components.

In a sense, we’re still an “online business” as well as a location-independent business. Our team is spread out across the globe, collaborating and fulfilling clients’ needs both remotely and in person.  

We are not internet business gurus; quite frankly, we wouldn’t want to be, as it’s an incredibly crowded market. However, as a successful offshore business, we want to share our tips on how to make any business a location-independent business successfully.  

Would you like to take your business offshore? 

We have been telling you for over ten years about all of the wide open business opportunities both in frontier and emerging jurisdictions. Don’t hesitate to contact our team and take the first step towards broadening your business opportunities.

Don’t Limit Yourself To E-Commerce

A generation of well-meaning nomads eager to escape the rat race has often set up what we consider false distinctions between online and offline businesses.

So much so that many people now think that starting a location-independent business that can be managed from anywhere in the world or nowhere, in particular, must have some kind of e-commerce shopping cart attached to it.

If you’re going to start a location-independent business, you often need to tweak an offline need to work online. In essence, it works well to run an “online business” merely to generate leads for an offline business.

An internet business could be extended to any business that allows you to work remotely using the latest technologies. Blogs, Vlogs, podcasts, and other online tools can be used as a cheap and targeted way to generate leads for a business that has no other ties to the online world. 

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I could be doing this from anywhere in the world”?

The Rules Of Business Haven’t Changed

For some reason, entrepreneurs often think that when an online business is involved, the rules of business have to change.

In any offline business, the rules are simple: charge the highest price possible to attract the greatest number of your target customers. 

Do you frequently charge a premium for your services because you added more value than anyone else? If you have something of value, don’t think the model has to change just because you’re doing business online.

The end goal is the same: to have a profitable business. 

However, all the website traffic in the world doesn’t necessarily equal sales, and while 112,000 people may view a blog, it may ultimately generate very little revenue.

At Nomad Capitalist, we charge what many would consider a high price for our products. However, as your holistic strategy’s architects and general contractors, we provide honest advice for a flat fee. Apply to become a client and start your own bespoke global diversification plan.

Unless you run a non-proprietary business like The New York Times, the fact that something can be distributed online does not mean it should be cheaper.

Now, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when lowering prices isn’t the best strategy. 

Real-world examples of this include the likes of Ryanair, which competes purely on cost. However, that generally isn’t the best strategy when building an online business.

Be Smart About Your Online Business 

Are you attempting to provide a great lifestyle for yourself and practice flag theory with a location-independent business? 

As a disciplined, investment-minded entrepreneur, our founder, Andrew Henderson, has started numerous businesses with minimal capital and proven the Nomad Capitalist concepts. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to do this by using the latest online technologies to test what people want and what they don’t.

Your goal with any online business is to be as profitable as possible. 

Mr. Henderson has spent his entire life building businesses from zero. The important thing to remember when starting a business you can run from anywhere is that the mechanisms of how you sell are unimportant.

Sending a direct mail campaign doesn’t require you to be physically present in one location and can be accomplished with similar ease as sending an email campaign. Yet many online business owners have burned the bridge back to anything outside the digital realm, as if out of spite.

What is the best business to start if you go overseas? Do you have a business you can’t move? Can you hire in management? Or is this the moment to start your own location-independent business?

Depending on your personality type, some people are better investors than entrepreneurs and vice versa. No matter where you go in the world, you are going to find gaps in the markets and existing businesses that you can improve; there are endless ideas and opportunities, virtual business, franchises, real estate opportunities, affiliate marketing, and dropshipping. 

Nomad Capitalist is a boutique consultancy firm that helps you determine what path is best for you to help you create your bespoke plan. Sign up for our Weekly Rundown for exclusive access to hand-picked insights on global business opportunities, investments, citizenship and residency, real estate, tax strategies, and diversified living.


Sign up for our Weekly Rundown packed with hand-picked insights on global citizenship, offshore tax planning, and new places to diversify.


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