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As someone who was setting up their marketing consultancy so it could operate anywhere in the world, I can’t say how happy I am that I found the Nomad Capitalist team. I was looking to set things up so I could have a legitimate business structure that allowed me to travel and work from the road, without having to be tied down with a whole bunch of reporting or paying taxes in a bunch of different countries each year. From day 1, Andrew and the team were all about understanding about what I needed and were very clear about what had to be setup. They made sure that my biggest concerns (being able to access my money whenever I needed it!) were all taken care of and offered some great services on getting my plans and paperwork sorted! Can’t recommend enough. Top pros!

Ross O'Lochlainn

Conversion Engineering

Thanks to his set up with Nomad Capitalist, he can now legally operate in Europe and the United States, without being subject to the tax laws there. He is also saving thousands in Australian taxes — all money that he can now reinvest in his company as it continues to grow and expand.

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Andrew Brown

Amazon FBA

Andrew and his team did a great job of guiding us through the complex process of setting up our offshore strategy. Making sure this was set up 100% legal was a priority for us and we were very pleased with our experience. Andrew and team exceeded our expectations because they assisted with setting up our company in Hong Kong and establishing a residency in a foreign country in a swift and efficient manor. We are extremely happy to have chosen to work with Andrew and his team and would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about legally setting up their offshore strategy.
Steve and Patty Kilberg

Website Investors

As people take on more transient lifestyles, not wanting to be bound by traditional walls, structural questions always lurk… Have I done this the best way? Have I explored all options? Is this defendable? Am I missing something? Have I dotted all “i”s and crossed all “t”s? When doubt is present; there’s consistent worry. The most valuable thing I got from Andrew and his team was trust and confidence. Trust that the lifestyle I want to live was backed up with a robust, flexible and scalable framework. Confidence that the plan we laid out was tailored specifically to me and could be quickly executed. Confidence that what I executed was the right thing for me as I continue to grow and diversify projects. I’m completely stoked with the service. Sincerely Andrew, it’s an absolute pleasure working with you and the team.
Joshua Rea

I couldn’t be more pleased with the crew at Nomad Capitalist. Forming my Company in Hong Kong was an essential part of my offshore strategy, and their team made the whole process quite a breeze. I’m certain that I’ll be using more of their services over the next decade!
Conner Hogan

Lion House Games

What makes Nomad Capitalist special is definitely its community. I entered as a client and am now privileged to help other clients thanks to my creating relationships with successful businessmen from their network. The contacts to be made are life-changing for the right kind of person. Andrew and his team are filled with useful information, and they have helped me not only expand my business by joining their network, but also with banking and residency services.
Reid Kirchenbauer

Real Estate Investor

Andrew is an authority in the space, and finds the very best offshoring opportunities from all over the world. I look forward to working with him again in the future.
Nathan Rose

Assemble Advisory

The amount of real world knowledge that they presented give beginner to advanced [clients] better education around realistic opportunities and how to make them work for you… I would recommend working with the Nomad Capitalist team if your goals are to better yourself and your future and prepare for events you cannot predict.
James Lucas

I had an honor to meet Andrew and other members in Nomad Capitalist masterminds. Andrew has special skills of recognizing global trends and putting puzzles together. He has a lot of practical tips to share about how to prosper in the world. Members I met are all action-takers and supportive of each other’s efforts. Nomad Capitalist is a fantastic group of people.
Jiah Kim, Esq.

Jiah Kim & Associates

I have been having a great time with the Nomad Capitalist team. It has been a very enlightening experience here in Georgia. Being here has given me the chance to not only see this side of the world, but the [Nomad Capitalist team has] also given me the ability to come up with an executional plan for the future. . . We will definitely be working together in the near future.

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Cameron Timberlake

I am often asked about the real life practicalities of being a nomad in this modern changing world. Since meeting Andrew and the Nomad Capitalist team I now wholeheartedly send people to speak directly to them. They are straight talking, unbelievably knowledgeable, and always available to help.

Louise Croft

Lifestyle Coach

I have been reading and listening to Nomad Capitalist for over a year and I finally made the splurge on the Offshore Banks Nomad Guide and I’ve already set up an offshore account and I am working on the second! This book along with reading articles on Nomad Capitalist has been a phenomenal resource to begin internationalizing myself. I can’t thank Andrew and Nomad Capitalist enough for what they do!
Brad Bonsack

My wife and I worked with Andrew Henderson and his team for several months to complete our restructuring and have had nothing but good experiences.
Highly recommended.

At the request of the client, we have used a stock photo in place of their photo to protect their privacy.

Max Zoulek

I have been looking for this sort of service for years. I have tried to do a lot of this work and research myself and its just not easy.

Nomad Capitalist is a one stop shop for international tax strategy spear headed but someone who has been in my shoes and walked the path them selves.
So the advice and approach gets the job done, not just part of the job done.
They do all the heavy lifting for you with research, filing, appointments and so on so all you have to do is show up.

They are connected in countries and with organizations that would take me for ever to get my foot in the door with so my plan has been easy and quick for me to institute.
They have connected dots for me that I have been trying to do for myself for years.

If you want to make some big moves and get away from the normal less easy and more expensive way of living your life and structuring your business I highly recommend Nomad Capitalist as a stepping stone to getting your foundation for ease instituted.

At the request of the client, we have used a stock photo in place of their photo to protect their privacy.

Shannon O'Hara

I have only positive things to say about Nomad Capitalist. In working with Andrew Henderson and his team, I have been afforded top quality service in the formation and execution of my customized, personal plan. In addition, I have been blown away by the immediate responsiveness of the members of Andrew’s team, all of whom have catered to my every whim and question, of which I have had many. Andrew personally has offered a degree of patience and personal consideration to me that has extended far beyond what was outlined in our contractual agreement, and which has deeply impressed and humbled me.

I am only grateful that this service exists. In the passport acquisition and citizenship management space, the internet is over-saturated with scams, misinformation, and –
perhaps worst of all – superficial click-bait. In this sense, Andrew Henderson and his team are a diamond in the rough, and they are absolutely unmatched in this space. Their promise sounds almost too good to be true, and still they manage to impress and over-deliver with great consistency. All other clients with whom I have spoken have only echoed my sentiments, and it does not at all surprise me.

The service offered by this company is beyond professional and reliable; it is sincere.

Tip for consumers:

For potential clients who are unsure of themselves or unprepared to make pivotal, life-changing decisions, this service should be avoided. Nomad Capitalist delivers; as such, people with commitment issue should not engage Nomad Capitalist.

Alexander Shipp

I have used the services of Nomad Capitalist for my residency in Georgia. They provide a great customer experience. Their local partner also provides a smooth experience. Highly recommended, especially if you are not yet sure as to where you’ll be treated best and need guidance.
Olivier Wagner

1040 Abroad