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Will Obama declare martial law in America?

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Dateline: An undisclosed location in the USSA

Historically, martial law has been implemented by governments on a temporary basis, in periods of war or civil unrest, or chaos. Rights are suspended and the military can essentially turn the region into a gigantic prison.

In the Land of the Free, martial law has only been implemented once at the national level, with Honest Abe Lincoln’s tyrannical power grab at the start of the Civil War in 1861.

Congress ratified most of the measures of the law, allowing the military to arrest people and conduct trials. Apparently the congress of the 1860s, however, wasn’t interested in allowing the president total dictatorship, and fought back on Lincoln’s desire to suspend the writ habeas corpus (which allows people who are unlawfully imprisoned to gain freedom through a court proceeding).

But eventually, even habeas corpus was suspended, with some provisions.

In 2014, Barack Obama has been given full authority by the Supreme Court to enact martial law.

And your rights as an American have dwindled at a faster pace now then under George W Bush.

Is there a reason why the Department of Homeland Security has been buying up huge amounts of ammunition (1.6 billion) – enough for 20 years of war?

Is there a reason why the US government has set up militarized checkpoints all along its border?

I’m not in the prediction market, but considering what has already transpired in America, martial law is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities.

Based on the history of the US government, a sudden declaration of anything isn’t as likely as a slow boil- or the practice of gradualism. As the police become more militarized, and are called in to situations to invade homes and take guns away from people like they did in the “Boston bombing” last year, this will soon be seen as “normal” by obedient citizens, and reinforced by the propagandist media.

If Obama declares martial law, the feds would have to set off too many alarm bells among Americans. Militias will have a reason to organize, and in the end, the government will be weakened in the eyes of nearly everyone.

So the incentive of making a declaration like this isn’t there.

But the same thing can be accomplished by the current pace of government expansion, and militarizing the country. It can be done at a local level, starting in just one or two places, and branching out from there.

We already have checkpoints, the NSA listening to your phone calls and reading your emails, the TSA molesting you at the airport, and the IRS setting out on witch hunts to go after groups that are unfavorable to the government.

Do you really need Obama to make an official declaration of martial law to consider your situation and start preparing?

Since fighting back with violence is not an answer to a police state, other measures must be taken to ensure your freedom and your wealth. Political action is a losing game, when it is completely controlled by people who have no interest in protecting you or your money. Putting trust in your fellow Americans to resist tyranny is a bad bet.

So what can you do, whether there martial law in America… or if things simply continue to go down the path they are going? Here are the important things to keep in mind:

1. You will need an escape plan. This means a second passport, some extra cash, some extra food, and an actual exit plan. What happens if you can’t use your credit cards? What if air travel is not an option? These are real considerations to make, and you don’t have to be a nutty conspiracy theorist to prepare.

2. You will need to be able to safely access your assets. This could be the most important step in your preparation. Are your bank accounts all US-based? Is your business also headquartered in the Land of the Free?

Governments stealing life savings from people is nothing new. “It can’t happen here” is not going to cut it. This is the time to take the necessary steps to prepare for rough times, instead of simply complaining about things or ending up losing everything and being forced to live in a big prison camp.

3. You will need to diversify out of dollars and into safety. If martial law is declared or not, the value of the dollar will eventually plummet. It would be insane to bet on the long term survival of the dollar. Precious metals investments with overseas storage is essential today. Acquiring digital currencies, and opening up a bank account in a more favorable jurisdiction are other examples of fleeing to safety.

There is no reason to start panicking. Many websites will have you living in fear and paralysis because of the current situation in the new USSA. But this isn’t helpful. At Nomad Capitalist, we don’t want to fear monger- we give you the facts, the historical references and the likelihood of crises happening that might affect you and your wealth, and give you some actual solutions that you can start taking action with.

Instead of trying to do everything at one to protect yourself, just do one thing for now. As in business, the best thing you can often do to protect yourself personally is to focus.

I’m just as much “capitalist” as “nomad”, but the implications of martial law in decreasingly “free” states like the US, UK, and other western countries are quite serious.

And ultimately, even if this situation of martial law or something similar never happens, being able to sleep soundly at night is going to do more for your health than anything.

Obama declaring martial law? It doesn’t matter; the seeds have already been sown.


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