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Andrew Henderson wrote the #1 best-selling book that redefines life as a diversified,
global citizen in the 21st century… and how you can join the movement.


Free Yourself: Invest and Live in More Than One Country

Dateline: Blackpool, England

Freedom is cheap.  At least the word freedom is.

People in every corner of the world are told they live in freedom. It’s always the truth, as long as a loose-enough definition is applied. Or no definition.

If being allowed to vote on which of two political parties gets to rule every aspect of your life is the definition of freedom, then billions of people are free. Free to do what they are told.

If the team you voted for wins, you might be able to convince yourself that you’re free by your own definition. If your team loses, maybe you’ll just feel like one of the 49 percent living under the dictates of the 51 percent.

Either way, it’s a lifetime of having other people carve up your life, income, and assets while telling you how free you are.

The definition of freedom I like to use is “the condition of completely controlling one’s own life and property.”

So an individual is free when he has 100 percent control over his life and property without interference from anyone, including any state. An entire society could be declared to be living in freedom when everyone in that society also has 100 percent control over his or her life and property.

Do you know anywhere where people live like that? I don’t. I don’t know one country on Earth where people live in freedom, by that crystal clear definition.

Not as free as you think you are

Think you own your body? Try openly selling a kidney. Watch how fast you’re told you can’t do that. Watch how fast you end up in a cage if you ignore your official warning.

Think you have the freedom to live the way you want? Try marrying three women and two men simultaneously. Watch how fast somebody says you can’t. Somebody with a gun and badge.

Every Western country tells its people that they live in freedom. But is there anything those people completely control?

We all know the recent economic statistics but here’s the giant trend that will continue to hammer the US economy.

Debt is making you less free

In 1945 the major manufacturing countries of the world were all smoking craters with ruined economies. Except America. Who is the world going to buy a car from when the UK, Germany, and Japan are all closed for business? America was the best game in town for decades because so many other countries were playing catch up.

Guess what? They caught up. Now it’s much harder for America to be competitive in a global labor market. So the easy-living days of unfair advantage are over.

To make matters worse, US politicians lie to everyone and insist that by printing more money nobody needs to feel the pain of competitive economic reality. So debt piles into the hundreds of trillions. Debt you are expected to pay interest on.

It gets worse. The baby boom started in 1946. All those millions of people born in 1946 had to wait 67 years to stop paying into Social Security and start pulling money out. Do you know when those 67 years were up? In 2013.

Now the single biggest economic force in our economy, the millions of baby boomers, are starting to quit paying into the Ponzi scheme and starting to take out of it. This will accelerate for about 20 years.

At the very time when major global competitors are coming into their own boom years, the US is facing astronomic expenses from retiring workers who want their long-ago-spent pension money and their free medical care.

Who wants to be one of the worker bees saddled with paying for all that while grinding away at an unsatisfying and underpaid job somebody else can jerk away from you? Does that sound like a definition of freedom to you?

And the same goes for all the major Western countries who had a baby boom after World War II and who have since wildly spent themselves into astronomic debt.

How you can be more free

Here’s my point. People have been endlessly propagandized and brainwashed into thinking that they live in the condition of freedom and that their own country is the very best among all free countries.

At the same time, these people have been systematically maneuvered into thinking they have a financial responsibility to assume their “fair share” of uncounted trillions in public debt. That they are legally obliged to work until these debts are paid off.

That’s enslavement, not freedom. And, because the debt stretches to Mars, it’s generational enslavement.

Even worse, this is happening at a time when employment conditions and general lifestyle are being eroded by the crumbling economy.

Little guys like us can’t fix all of this. But what we can do is proactively engineer our own, personal freedom by arranging our affairs so we have more control of our lives and property. More real freedom.

The reality is, no matter how much you love your country, having everything you own, love and care about inside that one jurisdiction makes it impossible to have freedom by any meaningful or measurable definition.

At this time in human history, for those of us who care about our freedom and our exposure to the whims and decrees of others, the only alternative available to the little guy is to distribute his assets and divide his time amongst multiple countries simultaneously.


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