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Andrew Henderson wrote the #1 best-selling book that redefines life as a diversified,
global citizen in the 21st century… and how you can join the movement.


Why you’ll never regret living, working and investing overseas

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Dateline: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As one year comes to an end and another approaches, there is a healthy tendency to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

That instinct to reflect on life was increased ten-fold for me today as I was admitted to the hospital with some frightening and unusual symptoms. Though the test results show that my situation is not as grave as the doctors initially thought (they were worried I could have died), the whole scare has given me a lot to think about.

As I was lying on the hospital bed, hooked up to a whole bunch of machines, I had to ask myself …

Did I live the life that I wanted?

Did I do something that matters?

Do I have regrets?

These questions may sound cliché, but only until you’re forced to honestly and sincerely ask and answer them. So, instead of waiting for a near-death experience to ask them, I’d suggest you do so now.

Many of us live the life we believe others want us to live. We’re also prone to limiting ourselves with the fear of the “what if”. Or, we simply delay decisions with no firm timeline, watching time go by as we promise ourselves “some day”.

They say that you regret the things you didn’t do, not the things you did. And when it comes to living, doing business, or investing overseas, I think a lot of us tend to procrastinate.

We tell ourselves that “someday” we’ll make an effort to live the dream of traveling the world and running a successful international business, but we always find reasons to stay and do things the same way we always have. Day in and day out.

The thing is, “someday” will never happen unless we actively choose to change today.

Perhaps you’re an employee or a small business owner who feels trapped. You want to leave the grind, but you worry that other countries are dangerous; or maybe you just don’t know how to start a business overseas.

Perhaps you’re an investor who is worried about the guys on Wall Street playing roulette with your 401(k) or RSP, but you’re too fearful to figure out which emerging market you can invest in for 20% or even 30% annual returns.

Chances are that you have any number of “some day” plans that you could start working toward today and achieve in this new year.

For me, life is a constant work in progress. I’m taking on an investment in Turkey right now, as well as seeking out a new project in Cambodia.

I’m actively seeking out citizenships, setting up residency in Europe, and starting businesses in the Middle East and around the world.

I’m always looking for more… for the next thing, the next opportunity… but I can honestly say that if I had died today, I would have been at peace with the way I lived my life and the experiences I have had around the world.

If that’s you, then you are living a life that 99.9% of the world can’t even imagine.

But if you’re still delaying the decision to move your business offshore, make an emerging market investment, or maybe just move to a new, opportunity-rich country…

…then now — with just a few days to go until the New Year — is your time to take action and make a resolution to live the life you will never regret.

How Nomad Capitalist can help jumpstart your life overseas

When I made the decision to begin working overseas, I forced myself to take a few trips and meet a few people. I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone.

As a result, I’ve met incredible individuals — experts in their fields — who have guided me to a life of total freedom at home and offshore. Now, after all these years, I not only have the tools to live, work, and invest on a global scale, but I am also in a position to share those tools with other people.

  • If you want to know WHERE to move so you can pay zero tax and live a life of freedom…
  • If you need to get that elusive second passport, but haven’t found the right fit…
  • If you are trying to move your company to an offshore jurisdiction, but don’t trust the lawyers in monkey suits on some Caribbean rock…
  • If you are trying to build your own offshore blueprint for wealth creation and asset protection …

Nomad Capitalist can give you the tools to ensure the success of your offshore business and aid you in achieving the abundant life you have always envisioned for yourself, starting now.

That’s not marketing hype. It’s my promise to you.

Whether you’re a grizzled veteran of the offshore world or totally new to all of this, with a consultation you can begin to map out your plan.

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars jetting around the world, putting my boots on the ground and building an incredible rolodex. As such, not only can I offer you my own expertise, but I can also connect you to the world’s best asset protection, offshore investment, offshore business, banking, and wealth creation experts.

When it comes to setting resolutions you actually plan on achieving, it’s common sense to create a solid plan and to surround yourself with the best of the best — individuals who can maximize your ability to attain the life of freedom and abundance that you want.

In this New Year, take advantage of all that Nomad Capitalist has to offer as you set new goals for the future. Take action today to build the life you will not regret.


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