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Citizenship by Descent: Slovenia

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This article looks at how to get Slovenian citizenship by descent, what the criteria are to qualify and what you need to follow the application process. 

By claiming citizenship by descent in Slovenia, you gain all the advantages of EU membership, including the right to travel, live and work anywhere in Europe. 

Claiming citizenship in this way can be cost-effective but complicated, which is why we created our special citizenship by descent service, to help you trace your ancestry, locate the necessary paperwork and navigate the process hassle-free. 

Why Slovenia? 

Having gained its independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1991, the Republic of Slovenia joined the European Union in 2004, 

With a population of just over 2.1 million, the country uses the euro as currency and borders Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. 

A Slovenian passport gives you visa-free access to 170 countries, including free travel throughout Europe. 

This means that, although Slovenia is an attractive country country full of natural beauty and a rich culture, once you have obtained your European citizenship, you are free to live anywhere you like in Europe, just take your pick. 

Is it Easy to Get Slovenian Citizenship by Descent?

Obtaining Slovenian citizenship can be a straightforward process if you have Slovenian parents. 

Here are the three ways to acquire citizenship in Slovenia by descent:

1. Automatically acquire Slovenian citizenship by descent by:

a. Being born into a family with Slovenian ancestry where your father and mother are citizens of Slovenia
b. Being born in Slovenia into a family where at least one parent is a citizen of Slovenia
c. Being born abroad into a family where at least one parent is a Slovenian citizen, and the other parent is unknown, of unknown nationality, or without nationality.

2. Apply to acquire Slovenian citizenship by descent by:

a. Proving that you are over 18 years of age and under 36 with a birth certificate

b. Showing that you have Slovenian ethnicity by including birth and marriage certificates for a parent, grandparent (going back to the second generation in direct descent), who is the origin of your Slovenian ethnicity. Other evidence demonstrating the Slovenian heritage of your parents or grandparents may include a school report, employment booklet, or other documentary evidence containing ethnic data.

c. Provide evidence that you have not been given a prison sentence of more than three months without conditions or a conditional sentence of imprisonment with probation for more than a year due to criminal proceedings or prosecution for criminal offenses. Your criminal record needs to be issued by the competent authority of the country of your citizenship to prove it is clean and does not include you having a criminal offense prosecuted.

d. Guarantee that you are not a member of a foreign intelligence service that could promote international and other interests above that of Slovenia.

e. Include a resume comprising:

  • Date and place of birth
  • Education and details of when an organization engaged your employment
  • Marital status
  • Place of residence of your family, including your spouse and where your child lives

f. Provide proof of citizenship, either a certificate issued by the relevant authority of your country or a valid passport.

g. Supply a certified translation in the Slovene language of the official documents written in a foreign language (except for those issued in international form in compliance with the Paris Convention and the Vienna Convention).

h. Authorize a person to represent you in acquiring Slovenian citizenship if you live abroad, especially a Slovenian expatriate or a native of the Slovene language, except in those parts of the process where you as a party must give statements by yourself.

3. Get Slovenian citizenship by descent by:

a.Adoption by at least one Slovenian citizen.

b. At the request of a Slovenian guardian, if you do not have parents or they have lost their parental rights, if the ministry responsible for family and social affairs consents to your acquisition of Slovenian citizenship.

How Much Does Slovenian Citizenship by Descent Cost?

The costs to obtaining Slovenian citizenship by descent are negligible (under €25), though the time costs may be considerable. 

That’s why we recommend getting expert assistance throughout citizenship by descent service, to help you prepare the necessary paperwork and provide assistance throughout the application process. 

Slovenia requires you to pass a language test. You must show that you know at least a basic level of the Slovenian language to hold day-to-day conversations. Also, you’ll need to learn general knowledge about the country.

To acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for Slovenian citizenship, you can choose from various adult learning centers that cater to individuals with foreign citizenship, or as a Nomad Capitalist client, we can help you find a tutor who can help you learn the language easily. 

You can register for the Fit for Citizenship program for free, but keep in mind that you will be responsible for covering the costs of travel, learning materials, and other related expenses.

When you are ready to take the exam, you must submit a request to an administrative unit in Slovenia that administers the exam.

Once you pass the exam, you receive a certificate of completion. Then you need to pay €22.60 to apply and receive your certificate to gain citizenship.

Does Slovenia Allow Dual Citizenship?

Does Slovenia Allow Dual Citizenship

Yes, Slovenia permits dual citizenship.

However, the Slovenian government requires approval if the individual’s life or livelihood would be at risk due to the conditions set by their country of origin for the termination of citizenship. 

They also require approval if the termination of the original citizenship would result in the loss of immovable property or the right to own immovable property.

Slovenian citizens are not required to provide proof of release from previous citizenship if they have applied for Slovenian citizenship based on Article 12 of the Citizenship Act and:

  • They are a Slovenian expatriate or a descendant of someone of Slovenian origin in a direct lineup to the fourth degree.
  • They have lost Slovenian citizenship as a result of release or renunciation.
  • They can prove that the voluntary acquisition of foreign citizenship is considered disloyal by the regulations of their home state.
  • They were born within the territory of Slovenia and have lived in Slovenia continuously since birth. This permanent residence ensures their current citizenship.
  • They have refugee status in Slovenia.
  • They are a stateless person.
  • They were born abroad but are married to a Slovenian citizen.

Foreign nationals who are naturalized as Slovenian citizens through extraordinary naturalization may keep their previous citizenship. This citizenship does not automatically become a former nationality.

If a child is born into a marriage between a Slovenian citizen and a citizen of another country, dual citizenship may be granted through birth acquisition. 

The child born to a marriage involving a Slovenian citizen and a citizen of another country can acquire Slovenian citizenship through the Slovenian parent and may also acquire foreign citizenship of the other parent’s country, provided the country’s rules allow for it.

Slovenia does not legislate for automatic loss of Slovenian citizenship when a Slovenian citizen acquires citizenship of another country. 

As no country is permitted to interfere in the sovereignty of another country, Slovenia cannot recognize its own nationals’ citizenship of another country (it is up to the administrative unit of the government authority of the other country to decide whether to ask the applicant to renounce foreign citizenship to acquire citizenship of that country).

If a person refuses to fulfill their duty as a citizen prescribed by the Constitution and the Law, they can lose their citizenship. 

Likewise, they risk losing their citizenship if they are a member of any organization engaged in activities to overthrow Slovenia’s constitutional order.

Slovenian citizenship may also be terminated through release or renunciation, provided that there are no obstacles arising from the obligation to participate in military service.


If you have a family connection to Slovenia then obtaining Slovenian citizenship becomes a no-brainer, as you can apply for citizenship, gain a strong passport, retain dual citizenship and gain the rights and privileges of EU membership at the same time. 

Not only is this a cost-effective way to become an EU citizen, it’s generally straightforward, though often times the preparation part can be time consuming. This may involve tracking down paperwork, some perhaps dating back to the former Yugoslavia and gathering it all together prior to your application. 

Our citizenship by descent service was created to make all of that much simpler. We can help you trace your ancestry, hunt down the documentation you need then walk you through every step of the process. Talk to us today to learn more. 


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