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Must Have Nomad Gadgets

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At Nomad Capitalist, we’re always looking for ways to increase our freedoms. One way to improve your entrepreneurial life is to use the best technology and gadgets for nomads.

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These are the must-have “nomad gadgets” that will make the life of every expat entrepreneur more dynamic and hassle-free.

Portable All-in-One Printer

Do you need to produce documentation for opening bank accounts, applying for residence or business deals? 

Saving you endless hassle trying to find print shops abroad, investing in a portable all-in-one printer is a great addition. 

The Cannon PIXMA portable printer can easily be stored in your backpack and is able to print, copy, and scan in color. It essentially has all of your printer’s features at home, except you can carry it with you and connect it to your laptop and mobile devices.

Portable Solar Panel

For a consistent and reliable energy source, we recommend that every digital nomad and international entrepreneur carry a portable solar panel. 

The 100W Oupes Portable Solar Panel is a solar panel that is able to rapidly charge your iPad, computer, or other devices, even in low light conditions. Best of all, it is lightweight at 8 pounds and easily carried.  

Premium Headphones

As anyone who travels for business knows, one of the least pleasurable aspects of taking a phone call on the road is the background noise that makes it difficult for both parties on the call to hear each other. This headset is the solution to that problem.

The Bose Noise Canceling Headphones allow you to answer phone calls hands-free with a built-in microphone.

Travel Adaptor

An electric adaptor is essential for any international traveler, but a good one is even more so. No one wants to be caught with a dead laptop at a conference or important business meeting because you didn’t have a suitable adaptor.

The Epicka Universal Travel Adapter fits four kinds of outlets, has plenty of USB ports, is compact, and includes an extra cable.  

Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you need audio for a meeting or simply to enjoy some tunes in your downtime, you will want to take along a good Bluetooth speaker. 

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speakers give you full, natural sound with dramatically deeper bass than you’d expect anywhere you go. Choose a fairly hardy speaker, but most importantly, one with clear sound. 


Tag or miniature trackers are a lifesaver for any traveler who knows what it’s like to leave something behind accidentally while traveling or, worse yet, have something taken.

Attach an AirTag to your belongings, and it will alert you when you are about to leave them behind. If you still do end up losing them, you can use the Tag app to locate your belongings. 

Laptop/Tablet Stand

All digital nomads will appreciate being able to set up the ideal mobile station wherever they are working, whether in a conference room or at the pool. 

TwelveSouth Compass is a tablet stand for your iPad. It is small and portable, yet durably made with heavy gauge steel.

Quality Camera

Whether it’s travel pictures you’re taking for pleasure, or you need professional pictures for your work, choose a high-quality camera.

Sony’s cameras are specially designed for those who want to capture images and vlogging. You can add a top-mounted mic for stereo audio. 

Wireless Keyboard

Another essential portable device for entrepreneurs and digital nomads is a comfortable wireless keyboard; Bluetooth-enabled devices are a great option.

The ZAGG Keyboards are wireless and the best solution for on-the-go smartphone typing.


Whether you are a YouTuber or podcaster or need to host high-quality online meetings, you will want a suitable sound quality. 

Anyone who wants to record high-quality audio will need a podcast microphone, like the Yeti Pro, which can capture digital audio that is rich and clear. 

Podcast Headphones

Along with a great microphone for high-quality vlogging or recording, you will also need suitable headphones.

The Sony MDR-7506 makes voices clear, precise, and comfortable enough for hours of recording.


And to carry all your must-have gadgets, you are going to need a reliable and comfortable bag.

The Bolt Briefcase straddles the casual and professional life. It’s a small, useful bag that will hold all your travel gear but is professional enough to carry into a meeting.

If you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur or investor, all decisions matter, from small choices, such as selecting the right gadgets, to choosing the right real estate markets and the best investment. 

At Nomad Capitalist, we create holistic strategies for high-net-worth individuals to safeguard their assets. Check out our YouTube channels, Nomad Capitalist and Nomad Capitalist R&D


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