Meet OUR team

From R&D to tax strategy to marketing, our dynamic team was built to serve you.




Managing Partner
Andrew is a lifelong entrepreneur and the world’s most sought-after expert on offshore strategies and global citizenship. He coordinates Nomad Capitalist’s global strategy, R&D, and media efforts as part of his mission to help millions of people go where they’re treated best.

Andrew was inspired by his father’s suggestion to consider all of his options. After dropping out of university, he started and exited several successful businesses in the United States. He has spent the last twelve years personally studying and applying the principles of Nomad Capitalist.

Andrew speaks: English, Spanish



Chief Financial Offer
Dan, CPA, CA, handles all aspects of our finances including payments, bookkeeping, bank management and KYC, and global tax and audit for our network of companies around the world.

Dan is an entrepreneur at heart and has a love for numbers and finance. He is an immigrant himself, having been raised in Canada before relocating to Australia.

Dan speaks: English, Quebecois French


Business Manager
Nina manages our Sales, Operations, Research, and Strategy Teams with one mission: ensuring maximum efficiency and clear communication in our client work. She manages client expectations, solve problems as they arise, and works directly to Andrew to enforce our mission and our values to the team.

Nina has an extensive background in sales with both US and Canadian companies. She started on our Sales team working with referrals, and demonstrated solid leadership and an ability to provide prompt, professional service without excuses.

Nina speaks: English, Macedonian, Bulgarian


Client Relationship Manager
Jovana helps new clients get started with Nomad Capitalist. She manages outreach of our brand to partners worldwide and handles the day-to-day client intake process to ensure we work with people who truly want and need our help.

Jovana spent three years studying medicine at the University of Belgrade before deciding to pursue her dream of traveling and exploring the world. She was a sought-after chemistry tutor and enjoys swimming and playing tennis.
Jovana speaks: English, Serbian


Executive Assistant
Bojana is the secret weapon of the Nomad Capitalist team, serving not only as our administrative assistant, but as project manager “making it happen” for unique tasks from coordinating live events to creating the process for publishing an audiobook.

Bojana has a Bachelors Degree in Geography and has spent substantial time in the tourism industry as a project manager. She has also worked with the Serbian Olympic Committee.

Bojana speaks: English, Serbian, Spanish



Onboarding Associate
Aaron helps people who want to work with Nomad Capitalist get started. He works directly with Andrew to make sure that we take on only the most suitable clients that we can be of service to, and to uphold our boutique approach.

Aaron grew up in western Australia, where we graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business from Curtin University. He currently resides in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Aaron speaks: English





Research Manager
Jovana manages our R&D efforts, staying up-to-date with ever-changing opportunities from banking to immigration. She is constantly discovering and developing new options for our clients, and maintains close connections with our network of vendors around the world.

Jovana graduated with a Bachelors degree in International Relations, and a masters degree in International Security. She specialized in peace studies, and has spoken at conferences on EU-Balkans cooperation.

Jovana speaks: English, Serbian, French, Spanish




Research Associate
Sadife works in our R&D department evaluating immigration laws around the world. She is particularly focused on citizenship by descent, high-net worth residence programs, and private banking programs.

Sadife graduated with a Law degree from Saints Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. In addition to work as a legal clerk, she has also served as a project manager for UNICEF. 

Sadife speaks: English, Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish



Research Associate
Anja works on our R&D Team, identifying new opportunities in the financial sector. She actively works with bankers, brokerages, a insurance companies, accountants, and trust attorneys to create new opportunities for our clients and stay abreast of changing banking laws around the world.

Anja earned a United Nations scholarship, with which she earned a Bachelors degree in International Relations. She specialized in peace studies and human rights, and has presented to government leaders and NGOs on these topics.

Anja speaks: English, Serbian

Jelena Sivčev

Strategy Associate
Jelena works alongside Andrew as part of our strategy team to help create holistic Plans. Jelena’s primary focuses are issues of personal taxation and immigration planning and coordinating them to work together.

Jelena has a Bachelors Degree in Japanese Language from the University of Belgrade. Prior to working with Nomad Capitalist, she handled data analysis with Microsoft.

Jelena speaks: English, Serbian, Japanese



Operations Manager
Sanja manages our Operations Team, coordinating the execution of each client’s case efficiently and on budget. She liaises with subcontractors to ensure each piece of their holistic Plan is implemented properly, from managing relationships with bankers to handling citizenship cases.

Sanja has a Bachelors Degree in Operational Management. She has visited 32 countries, and spent three years working at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain, where she learned how to effectively work with HNWIs and UHWNIs.

Sanja speaks: English, Serbian


Operations Associate
Jovana works on our Operations Team executing clients’ cases by coordinating all on-the-ground efforts. She is the point person for clients’ real estate needs; she also handles high-level immigration and company formation work.

Jovana graduated with a Bachelors degree in Hospitality Management, and has worked in both the United States, Europe, and China, where she gained an ability to cooperate both with HWNIs and across cultures.

Jovana speaks: English, Serbian, Spanish


Operations Assistant
Jasmina handles day-to-day operations work, from scheduling bank account opening appointments to arranging couriers for documents. She also serves as a concierge for specific client needs, from obtaining a pet passport to purchasing health insurance in Costa Rica.

Jasmina has experience in both the banking and legal industry. She earned both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Law from Saints Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, and actively practiced as a paralegal for nearly a decade.

Jasmina speaks: English, Macedonian



Media Manager
Blake leads our Media team, coordinating work between editing, web development, content marketing, production, and social media. His role is to ensure that Nomad Capitalist’s message and mission are present in all of the content that we create, and that our brand is available across all platforms.

Blake has a degree in Communications from the University of Arkansas, where he also met his wife. He has experience in both the tourism and home services markets, where has had managed teams on a daily basis.

Blake speaks: English


Content Marketing Associate
Staša helps spread our message by promoting our 2,000+ pieces of content with bloggers and influencers. She is responsible for analyzing web traffic and social shares to determine which content is most useful to readers.

Staša obtained a Bachelors Degree in Tourism Management and spent several years managing an international travel agency and developing digital marketing skills.

Staša speaks: English, Serbian, Italian


Mladena is the producer for Nomad Capitalist’s video content, which serves as the starting point for blogs, audios, and social media. She coordinates production of videos and develops new content ideas that will educate and entertain.

Mladena was previously a television host in Serbia. She has a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Science and extensive digital marketing and public relations experience working for the German government.

Mladena speaks: English, Serbian, French, Spanish

Where We Work

From our global headquarters in Hong Kong to a growing number of hubs, the Nomad Capitalist Team is distributed between Europe (Belgrade and Skopje), Africa (Cairo), and Asia (Kuala Lumpur), in addition to frequently traveling for assisting clients, vetting new vendors, and ongoing R&D.